Small Commune or Global Society?

Many of todays Conspiracy Realists think that the best thing we can do is go back to forming small communities and living off of nature.  I disagree.

First of all, small communities are far easier to pick off than larger societies.  As for living off of nature, I completely agree, but with a caveat.

We are not meant to live in a state of survival.  By that, I mean that focusing our efforts and attention on nothing but growing food and maintaining buildings and making clothing and other “necessities” is only just the beginning of civilization.  Life is about so much more.

There is no reason we can’t create a technologically advanced global civilization that works in harmony with mother nature.  In fact, done right, technology itself operates in harmony with nature.  After all, it is based on and invented out of the stuff of nature.

Not to mention, small communities are based on land ownership and require borders and boundaries that limit the people to the commune.  But in Metagaiaes, the small community is the business or organization, which does not require land ownership, nor borders and territorial boundaries.  Instead, we operate through Private Property Ownership using Natural Law Trusts which do not limit us to any one particular location.  We can exist anywhere in the world, and travel as we see fit.

Furthermore, small communes have a tendency to require conformity to an extreme level.  Even worse than fascist communists.  So, a free thinker might wish to reconsider this idea.

Going back and devolving to small communes will only put us in the same precarious position the Native Americans were in when the British invaded this nation.  Amidst a growing Global Government under the New World Order, this is, perhaps, the most dangerous decision we could possibly make.  On the other hand, forming a large Global Society that operates in harmony with Nature is the safest path we can possibly take to creating a world of Freedom, Equality and Sovereignty for all.

The only reason all current societies are so clearly unsustainable is because they are entirely driven by Control and Profit.  A social system hell bent on controlling the lives of each individual is simply unsustainable.  The vast amount of resources needed for such a thing, especially considering how consumerism plays such a large role in the control system, can only mean the eventual destruction of nature.

That is why Metagaiaes does things differently.  In Metagaiaes, there is no control, and profit becomes a thing of the past.  No individual rules over our society.  Instead, each individual rules over themselves and collectively, we all rule society.  That allows us to create a Social Administration that is incorruptible.  And with such an Administration, it becomes possible for us, even as a Global Civilization, to return to the ways of nature.  This way, no matter how technologically advanced we become, we can always maintain harmony with nature.

Furthermore, the Sovereignty granted to each individual as an Internationally Protected Person, compounded by the Diplomatic Immunity afforded all National Sovereigns (of which all Members of Metagaiaes are), makes us entirely untouchable according to every single one of their rules and legal codes.  Not only are we safer in larger numbers, but also in the legal advantage of not just one, but two of the highest levels of Legal Sovereignty.

So which would you prefer?  The small commune, or the Global Technologically Advanced Alternative Society that makes everyone Free, Equal and Sovereign?

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