Polarity – The Parallel Realities

In the last article I briefly mentioned the Mind/Body/Spirit complex.  The Mind and the Body represent two distinctly polarized realities that exist within the same Singularity of Consciousness.  We know them scientifically as Space and Time.

I also briefly mentioned in an earlier article that there are only 3 Dimensions of Space and 3 Dimensions of Time.  These separate sets of Dimensions are what are referred to as the Plane of Causes (Time/Mind) and the Plane of Effects (Space/Body).

In order to create your ideal reality as the Creator Creating Itself, you need to understand these parallel realities and how they relate to each other.

In order for Consciousness/Spirit to express itself, it needs to have a medium through which it may express.  That medium is known as the field.

It is a known fact throughout the scientific communities that all subatomic fields are constantly blipping in and out of existence every planck second.  What is not so well known yet, is that every field at every scale is doing this.  Scientists are puzzled always trying to figure out where they are when they are not here.

The common consensus is that the field becomes a wave without boundaries when it disappears, and then collapses into what they call a particle when it reappears.  Their terminology is somewhat skewed, however, because they are “fields,” not “particles.”  Fields are, themselves waveforms.  What we typically call “matter” is merely the nucleus of the field.

In reality, what is happening here is that when they disappear, they are existing within the imperceptible reality of the Mind in the 3 Dimensions of Time, and when they appear, they are existing within the perceptive reality of the Body in the 3 Dimensions of Space.

There is an important reason for this.  The Mind and the Body are distinct aspects of the same thing.  That which happens in the Mind causes that which happens in the Body, or in physical reality.  In turn, that which happens in physical reality affects that which happens in the Mind.  The only difference between the two is that you can only control what happens in the Mind, because what happens in physical reality was already determined by the Mind. The Mind is the only one that is beyond causality as it exists in the Past, Present and Future simultaneously (3 Dimensions of Time).

The constant blipping back and forth between these realities is what determines the ongoing evolution of your reality. You are what you think you are. You become what you say you are. What you believe to be true in your Mind determines what you are capable of perceiving in physical reality.

Furthermore, this constant blipping back and forth is what causes the seeming effect of motion in our reality.  In reality, nothing is actually “moving” as we understand the term.  Everything is perfectly still.  Instead, everything is constantly teleporting through space as it blips back and forth between Time and Space.  Just like pixels on a screen constantly blipping one image after another in rapid succession creates the seeming effect of motion, the same is true of reality.  Nothing is actually moving.  Everything is actually teleporting.

When we evolve to a high enough level of Consciousness, we will be able to teleport ourselves across the world without the use of technology.  In fact, we will be able to teleport to other planets, solar systems, even galaxies, if we so wish.  We may even be able to teleport through time.

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