Fiat Currency & The Fractional Reserve Credit System

If you read the previous article, then you know that “Money” is now, and always has been based upon the Time and Energy of the People.  Credit itself is derived from two sources, the Spiritual source that is “Faith,” namely, Faith in the Currency itself, and the physical source that is the potential Time and Energy (Labor) of the People in Service to Society.

Money itself, in any form, was created for the sole purpose of controlling the Time and Energy of the population.  Without Money – or more specifically, absent the concepts of ownership and trade – people can do whatever they want, whenever they want, and that is called Freedom.  So long as Direct and Immediate Exchange is the fundamental premise of our economics, we cannot truly be Free.

The current Fiat system that drives the Central Banking Cartel of the world today is merely the latest evolution of Slavery to exist in this world.  Your “Faith” gives the Fiat Currency value, and nothing else.  As the law itself states in HJR 192, 73rd Congress – March 9, 1933, “The money (Federal Reserve Notes) will be worth 100 cents on the dollar, because it is backed by the credit of the nation. It will represent a mortgage (Debt) on all the homes and other property of all the people in the nation. The money so issued will not have one penny of gold coverage behind it, because it is really not needed.” (Underline and (Parentheses) emphasis added.)

Fiat means, “by decree.”  So, Fiat Currency means, “Currency by decree.”  The decree, of course, is law.  So, there are only two things holding the Fiat Currency system in place, the law that decree’s it, and your Faith (credit) in it.  If either one of these was ever lost, the Fiat System would collapse.  What might cause your faith to falter?  One word: Hyper-inflation – when prices become so high that the Dollar has almost no purchasing power.  And we are quickly approaching that time.  If we are fortunate, NESARA/GESARA will be enacted before that time, and that will spell the end of the Global Central Banking system managed by the Rothschild’s.  But it, in and of itself, is not a solution, it’s just a temporary reset.  But from what I can tell, they only plan using NESARA/GESARA, if at all, only insomuch as to further their goals outlined in the UN’s Agenda 2030 Sustainability Acts.

The word “Credit” is derived from the Latin “Credere” which means “believe, trust.”  In other words, Money is based on Trust – Trust that you will pay back the Debt you’ve incurred.  That is why Federal Reserve Notes (Cash) is considered a “Promissory Note,” i.e. a “Promise to Pay” later – a glorified IOU.

So, while something like gold can be called real Money, Currency is just Credit (the power to spend based on faith in the value of the Currency) and Debt (the result of using Credit).  The created Debt is thus called Currency and simply cycles around within the system.  But since Currency has no real value, nothing is actually getting paid for, instead, more and more debt is being created all the time, and the debt keeps cycling through the system.

This is called “Deficit Spending.”  Basically, that is just a fancy word for spending money you don’t have, which, obviously incurs a debt.  And not once throughout the entire history of money has this ever worked out well for society.

The one and only thing that the Fiat System allows for, that no other system allows for, is the constant creation of more and more money – a potentially limitless supply of money.  All a government has to do to keep their wars running nowadays is sign a Bond and have the Federal Reserve print more money.  They don’t need the permission of the People to pay taxes to fund the war, they don’t need Gold, or Silver reserves, they don’t have to trade anything, the Bond itself creates new Fiat Currency out of nothing based upon the value given to it by the “credit of the nation,” that is, the Faith of the People that such Monopoly Money has any real value whatsoever; and the labor of the People is used as collateral on the bond and that is why they make you pay income tax.

The income tax is you paying for your supposedly fair share of the National Debt.  Of course, unless you work directly for the Government, you literally, and legally, do not partake of that fair share because by the time it reaches you, inflation has already caused it to lose value.  Thus, you do not owe income taxes, period, and this can be proven by the fact that the Internal Revenue Codes of the IRS state that income tax is “voluntary, except for Government Employees and Registered Companies.”

One of the primary problems with the continual printing of new money is that for each and every new dollar created, the value of each dollar decreases.  This is called “inflation.”  It’s based on the principle of limitation in the definition of money – that in order for something to qualify as money, it must have a limited existence.  While the Fiat Currency system has absolutely no limitation of existence, it therefore has a limitation of value in direct opposition to the amount of dollars in circulation.

The problem, however, is not necessarily the decreasing value of the dollar, but rather the non-increasing pay of worker compensation to make up the difference.  Today, the cost of production is decreasing while the costs of products and services are increasing, while the laborers are still getting paid the same.  Prices are going up and profits are going up, but worker compensation is stagnating.  The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer.

And that’s not even the biggest problem with the Fiat Currency system.  The biggest problem is that while Debts can be created using Fiat Currency, Debts cannot be “Paid Off” using Fiat Currency, because a Fiat Currency is not “real Money,” it is merely a “Promise to Pay” later – it is, itself, a debt, and a debt cannot be used to discharge a debt.

Look at any modern U.S. Dollar.  Right at the top it says “Federal Reserve Note.”  It is not a Dollar, it is not a “Gold Certificate” or a “Silver Note,” it’s not even a legitimate “Government Note” of any kind, it is a “Federal Reserve Note.” (If you are not in the United States, it could be called something else).  It is a “Promissory Note,” a glorified IOU.  It is not backed by Gold, or anything else “as it is really not needed,” as we have just seen above in 73rd Congress, so it has no real value except that given to it by the Faith of the People (“the credit of the nation”).

What we see happening here is we create a certain amount of currency, or purchasing power, and we then take that purchasing power, which is a debt, and give it to someone else for their product or service; so now we owe the bank the amount we just spent, plus interest, and on top of that, we just gave the grocery store pieces of paper that literally say, “I’ll pay for my bill later.”

But in truth, because it has no real value, it cannot be used to pay off a Debt.  That is, you cannot use the fake money that has been given to you by a bank from a loan, or any other in circulation which were also created by a bank loan, to discharge the loan.  They can, however, be used to “repay” a loan, which is defined in the Law Dictionaries as, “To pay over and over again.”  There is a vast difference between “paying off” and “repaying.”  To “pay off” a loan is to discharge the debt with real Money, or property.  To “repay” a loan, is to continue paying on that loan over and over again circulating debt for debt, or literally, accounting entries for accounting entries.

Technically speaking, this is the reason for interest rates, to make you pay over and over again as long as possible.  And this is where things get really interesting.  Because with interest rates, now more than the sum total of the loan must be repaid, except that only the sum total of the loan was created, meaning the only way to completely “repay” the loan with all its interest, is to take from the Principle of other people’s loans, disenabling them from “repaying” their loans.  Fact of the matter is, because the currency for the interest is never created, and because the fiat currency itself is not actually money backed by anything of value, and furthermore because it loses 3% of its value every year due to inflation, it is utterly impossible to repay all the debt in this world.

This leaves the banks with no other option but to eventually foreclose on all the property they own through their loans.  The only question is, when that happens, what happens to all the billions of people that no longer have any access to money, or their property anymore?  There is only one other solution, and that is to eventually forgive all the debt and create a new and different system.

Now, in reality, we are the one’s loaning the bank money, NOT the other way around, AND the loan is automatically discharged upon creation.  We’ve simply been barred from it by the Trading With The Enemy Act.  So, there are people at the upper echelons of this world who call themselves the White Knights and the White Hats, who are working tirelessly towards trying to pass NESARA/GESARA, which undoes all of that and discharges all debt throughout the world.  I used to doubt that it would actually happen, but President Donald Trump has already done two important things towards this end.

  1. He absorbed the Federal Reserve into the US Treasury Department, meaning the Fed Reserve is no longer a Private Business, but a Government Organization, and is currently being reorganized. Income Taxes are on their way out and NESARA is on its way in.
  2. Earlier, the President discharged $87 Trillion in debt to the Queen of England, freeing up those funds to be used for NESARA.

He’s done a number of other things to further along this goal, but he still hasn’t pulled the trigger on it.  I don’t know how much more would need to be done, but to be impartial, Trump has also done a number of questionable things as well, such as seizing control of the entire Electrical and Communications grid by executive order.  Furthermore, I am beginning to see talk of debt forgiveness and Universal Basic Income in things like the “Green New Deal” and similar things from around the world.  So, I wouldn’t be surprised if NESARA/GESARA ended up being used to further the goals of Agenda 2030, rather then help the people.

However, even if NESARA/GESARA is used for good, there still lies the problems of Artificial Scarcity and Time Control.  Throughout history we keep going back and forth between Gold and Fiat Currency.  Things are okay on Gold.  Then our leaders get greedy and move to Fiat Currency.  Things are prosperous for a while, but then reality sets in and the system collapses, so we go back to gold.

Every time we go back to gold we say, “Never again will we use Fiat Currency.”  But every time thereafter we say, “You know what, THIS time we’ll find a way to make it work.”  And we try again and again and again, only to repeat the same history over and over and over.

Perhaps, THIS time, we should consider trying something different.  Maybe this time, we should NOT go back to gold, but move forward to something new.  Cryptocurrency provides a possible alternative.  But ultimately, what we need to realize is that Money itself is the problem.

Money takes our Freedom away.  So, we need to find a step forward where Money actually gives us Freedom.  And then take another step forward after that to end the use of money altogether and use an entirely new and different form of economy.  We will discuss this process in more detail in the article on Holobank.

In the mean time, there are only two ways to “pay off,” or discharge a debt.  First and foremost is “Lawful Money” which is Gold, Silver, or other real property with real value.  The other is the “Account Payable” created right alongside the “Account Receivable” which is the side of the loan you get.  However, you can only access the Account Payable after removing yourself from the Trading With the Enemy Act by going through the legal process of Christ’s New Covenant.  Once you’ve done that, you can send any bill or debt to the IMF for discharge, and it will be “Paid Off.”

Our banking system today follows what is called the “double accounting” method, where, when a loan is created, that becomes an asset on the account books, (Account Receivable) and right next to it the same amount goes on as a liability (Account Payable) bringing their books to a zero balance.  The debt is automatically discharged.

The Promissory Note has value in Fiat Currency by virtue of YOUR credit, NOT the Banks credit, and is deposited into your Checking Account (the Account Payable) for you to use to say, buy that house or vehicle.  Either that, or it is deposited directly into the Account of the third party receiving the money in exchange for the product or service.  Then, right next to that, Money is also created out of thin air and deposited into a Trust Account managed by the bank to “offset” the Debt on the Banks Account books (the Account Receivable).  Since they are creating the money out of thin air – based on your Credit – their Account books are automatically balanced, because they never actually gave anything away.  So, Money was created to be given to you, and Money was created to be used to offset the Money given to you.  Therefore, anything you “repay” on a loan, or even use to “pay off” a loan, is 100% Profit for the Bank.  (See –

As long as you remain subject to the Trading with the Enemy Act, the Account Receivable is OFF LIMITS to you.  This is the ONLY reason you are liable to “repay” your loans over and over again, with interest to boot, even though the Money was created out of thin air based on your own Credit, as noted by YOUR signature on the Promissory Note for the loan, and despite the fact that Money was also created to offset the original loan at the same time the loan was created in the first place.

Feeling good about that?  I bet not.  However, after all this, I am going to make a declaration that will rattle your chains a bit.  I hereby declare that the Fiat Currency system was, in a sense, a forward evolution.  I do believe that money, if it is to exist at all, should be based on something of real value, and not simply exist by decree.  But I also believe that money, if it is to exist at all, should not be constrained to a limitation of existence, but rather should, like everything else in nature, be a renewable resource.  In this sense, I believe that evolving money away from the Gold Standard was a good thing.

It is already well formed in the mass consciousness of humanity now, that money can simply be created again and again and again.  This now leaves us one step from enacting a true solution to help mankind achieve more Freedom than it has ever experienced before.

First of all, let us go back to NESARA which has since evolved to GESARA.  NESARA stands for “National Economic Security and Reformation Act.”  GESARA simply replaced “National” with “Global.”  The Act basically declares that all Debts should be Paid Off using the money in the Accounts Receivable to discharge all the Accounts Payable, and that all “interest” should be forgiven.  It also does a lot more, essentially resetting the global economy as well the United States Government.  This is a great idea, and many a great person in high positions in the U.S. Government and Military are working tirelessly to implement it.

In fact, NESARA actually got passed by the 15 de jure Members of Congress on March 9th, 2000.  All other Members of Congress have been deemed Unconstitutional as they are all in breach of the original Constitution’s Article XIII in that they all have ties to the Crown of England.

This wasn’t made public information, however, because there was still a lot of internal struggle between the polarities of those in power, there was still a lot to prepare and implement before the public could be informed.  Finally, on September 11, 2001, the White Knights of our Government and Military were prepared to inform the public at 11am EST.  It was finally time to enact NESARA.  However, as we all well know, shortly before this at 9am that same day, the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers computer floors were destroyed by airplanes, and later both towers, as well as Tower 7 were demolished with bombs planted by the CIA.  Finally, one last airplane, or bomb, or both were used to destroy the “White Knights” Headquarters in the Pentagon.

In one fell swoop the Sith Lords and their Global 1% Mastermind destroyed all the evidence of their crimes and killed off most of the Jedi, as well as any ability to enact NESARA whatsoever; and worse, through the manipulation of the truth and public opinion, forced us into a perpetual war status that can only lead eventually, and inevitably, to World War III and Martial Law.  And you can see that beginning now with COVID-19.

The years 2000 to 2001 in the United States is the story of Star Wars Episode 3.  The Twin Tower Terrorist Attack was Order 66.  My metaphor notwithstanding, for verification of this information see, “Change is on the Horizon – Dawn of the Golden Age” –  If 9/11 was Order 66, then I suppose you could say that COVID-19 is Order 666.

Since the failure of NESARA, however, the rest of the world got involved, and now there is talk of GESARA.  GESARA is the continuation of NESARA on the Global Scale.  And this will remain a necessary solution, but it can only be a temporary solution.  NESARA/GESARA is taking a step backwards, rather than a step forwards.  It is going back to the Gold Standard rather than full circle to the Labor Standard.  From the Labor Standard, we can potentially move beyond the use money altogether.  But if we go back to the Gold Standard we are locking ourselves into the system of control.  We are locking ourselves into a system that is inherently anti-freedom.

The pushers and movers of the “Laws of Success,” the “Law of Attraction,” “The Secret,” and so forth, including myself, speak of how success and freedom can be obtained within this system, because, indeed it can.  But not for everyone, especially if we go back to the Gold Standard, and that is the problem.  As long as there is a limitation of money, and there will be with a Precious Metal Standard, there will always be hoarding, and therefore, there will always be Artificial Scarcity in a Monetary based Economy.

The only way to prevent such corruption is to use a system in which corruption simply has no opportunity.  It is really that simple.  The Banking System I propose is just such a system.  We can use money to free all people, rather than enslave most of them, and believe it or not, the Fiat Currency System brings us closer to that than going back to the Gold Standard does.  So, I say we move forward, not backwards.

We should be taking on the approach quoted by Buckminster Fuller when he said “You cannot change something by fighting the existing reality.  If you want to change something, you must create a new system that renders the old one obsolete.”  Our only solution is to create our very own Central Banking System and our very own Social Administration for our very own Alternative Global Society.

As we have learned from The Philosophy part of this blog, the world is undergoing an evolution from the 3rd Octave of Consciousness to the 4th Octave of Consciousness, and as part of this evolution the whole of Society will be changing drastically over the next few decades.

The currently existing Governments may make the necessary changes, slowly over time, using NESARA/GESARA, going back to the Gold Standard, and that will help them immensely for some time.  However, in the end, nothing will have changed, corruption will breed again within the system, because the system itself hasn’t changed, and they will soon find themselves right back in the same problems, possibly worse problems.

Eventually, they will either have to concede that the new systems presented here, or perhaps other new systems from elsewhere are the solution, or they will have to face their eventual doom, just as every society before them.  The only difference is that, this time, we are talking about a Global Society.

The Declaration of Independence declares that all People around the world, not just of the United States of America, are created Equal and have inalienable Rights, including “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”  The Declaration of Independence also declares that all People around the world have the inalienable Right to expatriate from their Nation if they feel their Nation no longer serves them towards the end of these inalienable Rights, and may either join another Nation of their choice, or create their own.

“That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute a new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

This is what allowed the Founding Fathers of the U.S. to create the united states of America, and this is also what allows every single Enlightened Freedom Seeker on this planet to join together and create our very own Global Nation with our very own Social Administration and our very own Central Banking System.

Why do we need our own Central Banking System?  Because the rest of the world is not going to stop using money anytime soon, therefore, we need to be able to use money, and to use the existing Central Banking System would only serve to keep us enslaved to their system.  The Kingdom of Earth, as I call it, will continue to enslave their People using their Fiat Currency, or the Gold Standard, or some other form of Artificial Scarcity, for a long time yet; and until our own Global Society grows to a large enough size, we will inevitably need to do business with the Kingdom of Earth, and that, therefore, will require money.  But it’s also important that we create our Central Banking System insomuch that it provides Freedom for the People, not just for the Bankers.  How do we do that?

Well, we already know what Credit is, it is the “Faith” of the People.  That is the first prerequisite – the People of this new and evolved Global Society need to have Faith in the value of the currency we create for that Central Banking System.  This is easy enough.  If we can have Faith in the value of Fiat Currency and Crypto-currency, neither of which have intrinsic value, then it would be entirely easy to put our Faith into the value of a Currency that actually IS backed by something of value.  The second prerequisite is that we back the value of our own currency with something that has intrinsic, albeit limitless, value.  And I suggest that we use what Money literally represents to back the value of our own Currency – the Time and Energy of the People in service to Society; i.e. Human Labor.

It is interesting to note that the very first form of Money to exist in this world as created by the Sumerians about 6000 years ago was also backed by the “Labor” of the People.  As the saying goes, the First shall be Last and the Last shall be First, and this Central Banking System will most definitely be the Last Banking System to ever exist on this planet while backing that money by the same intrinsic value used by the First Ever Banking System to exist on this planet.

And this allows us to make one very small change to the current Fiat System that turns our Central Banking System into a Free Access Economy.  Rather than creating money through loans, bonds and other means, and transact business by moving debt from one account to another, we simply allow everyone to create money-on-demand for every transaction.  And rather than that money being created as Debt, having to be paid back, it will be created as Credit, requiring no discharge.  This helps create a mutually beneficial relationship between us and their Central Banking System, wherein our created money can be used to “Pay Off” the interest on their debts, thus helping to achieve balance between us both.

After all, according to the current Fiat System, everyone has the “right,” i.e. the Credit, to create money.  That is why we can take out loans and why Governments can create Bonds.  Why make Freedom so difficult a thing to achieve?  Why reserve Freedom for the few people who learn the secrets?  Evolution still requires one to know the Mysteries of Natural Law.  Freedom is a Natural Birthright!

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