What New Age Is Supposed To Be – And What It’s Not

As you might have noticed, I use the term “New Age” a lot here.  But I have come to realize that this term means different things to different people.  And today, there are many of the judeo-christian faith who condemn anything that contains the term.  But is that warranted?

When the term first made its debut several decades ago, it was brought about by the understanding that we are soon to be shifting from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.  A literal shifting of the celestial ages.  Unfortunately, many people have since begun to use this term in association with new movements in philosophy and spirituality, undermining the truth of age old spiritual practices.  One thing we have to keep in mind is that our galaxy is like a clock, and the cycles it goes through are just as exact as any clock.  The Precession of the Equinox is one such cycle that deeply effects life on earth as we know it.

When Jesus Christ was born some 2000 years ago, we were shifting into the Age of Pisces.  Inasmuch, Christ single handedly helped usher along many of the social changes that would effect us for the next 2000 years.  Intentionally, or unintentionally, he created a New Religion, which created a brand new Jurisdiction of Law now known as the New Testament.  Previously, as per the Old Testament, all people were considered free to govern themselves.  Yet despite that, many people still subjected themselves to the authority of the state.  After Jesus, the New Testament, by legal definition, makes everyone born into slavery to the state, and the only way out was provided as what we call “Christ’s New Covenant.”

This is contradictory to what most people, especially Christians, believe.  Perhaps this excerpt from the book “Occupation of Planet Earth – A Liberation Manual,” by Peter, will help to clarify:

“Man’s right of dominion over all things was conveyed to Peter to be held and administrated in trust under Christ’s New Covenant. It is this New Covenant that separated us from our Divine Inheritance and dominion over all things.

“Peter received the keys of the kingdom of heaven, earth, as a servant, steward and Trustee. He was not given dominion over man, nor was ownership over the divine estate conveyed to him. Peter became a servant and steward over the Lord’s creation. Peter became the primary Trustee, a servant of the servants of God.

“When Christ gave Peter the keys to the kingdom, he conferred the authority of the Divine Creator, as a trustee. Peter had full authority, after the Divine Creator, to instill decisions that no one could revoke. “Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” Peter had full authority to govern, permit and prohibit on legal and religious matters. This authority has been passed from Peter to each successor in turn. Each successor became a servant of the servants of our Almighty Creator.

“What does to “have the keys” signify in the Old Testament? Fr. Gustavo Lopez states that ‘It signifies, to have authority, as conferred by the King.”

By going through the process of Christ’s New Covenant we could redeem our Sovereignty, also known as “Salvation.”  However, this little fact was hidden due to the fact that everyone reads the Bible in the common language.  But the Bible is not written in the common language.  The Bible is a legal document, and therefore it must be read in legalese.  In legalese, many words look and sound the same as the common language, but they have completely different definitions.

As such, when the Bible is read in the Common Language, it becomes the Broad Gate and the Wide Path to Destruction.  But when read in Legalese, it becomes the Narrow Gate and the Straight Path to Salvation.

As a result of this confusion, 2000 years have gone by without a single person properly fulfilling Christ’s New Covenant.  We have been duped to believe it is a process of accepting ourselves as a Sinner, born into Original Sin, asking God for Forgiveness and surrendering to Jesus Christ, and submerging ourselves under water to simulate merging with the Holy Spirit.  But this is not at all the process when read in Legalese.

In Legalese, the Sinner is the Debtor, and the Debtor is the Corporate Debtor Tradename that was “berthed” via the Certificate of Live Berth (which is a transactional receipt of ownership over your body).  In Legalese, “accepting” means to “perfect title to.”  So what Christ’s New Covenant is really saying is that we need to perfect title to our Certificate of Live Berth.  In Legalese, to “surrender” means to surrender in a time of war.  Doing so grants one a “Protected Status” from the belligerent occupant.  And “submerging” means to merge the lesser estate into the greater estate.

The lesser estate is your Corporate Debtor Tradename (your name in ALL CAPS – the Dead Version of your name).  The greater estate is the Vatican’s Divine Global Estate in which the entire planet is held in Trust.  By merging your lesser estate into the greater estate, you are upgrading your status in the estate from Beneficiary to Inheritor.  Remember that the Bible says we are meant to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  This is how we do it.  Not by dunking ourselves under water, but by going through a legal process in Trust Law whereby we become the Legal Heirs to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

This may seem like it puts you under the authority of the Vatican Church.  But in fact it does the opposite.  You are already under the authority of the Vatican Church, even if you are not Catholic or Christian.  Even if you are Muslim or Atheist.  Going through this process puts the Vatican Church under your Authority.

Many people have already gone through this legal process, including myself.  But what does this have to do with the New Age?

The New Age we are entering into is supposed to be a Golden Age of Freedom, Peace and Prosperity.  But as long as we are under the authority of a man-made legal system, we cannot experience such Freedom, Peace or Prosperity.  We all know that the Vatican Church is the Devil’s Playground.  To be under the authority of the Vatican Church is to be under the authority of Satan and not God.  Unless and until you go through this legal process, you are consenting to slavery via “acquiescence.” That’s a fancy word that means your not doing or saying anything, you are passively accepting your slavery.

Unfortunately, over the past few decades, the term New Age has come to be associated with a type of Spiritual Practice, many idea’s and beliefs of which are utterly ridiculous and have more to do with Moral Superiority and Moral Relativism than Spiritual Advancement.  As a result, many people today are calling out New Age for being Satanic in nature and the enemy of mankind.

In truth, Satan will use anything, including New Age and Christianity to confuse the masses.  As long as the masses are confused, it becomes that much more difficult to discern the truth.  So allow me to state emphatically, here, that the term New Age has NOTHING to do with spirituality at all.  New Age was never meant to refer to a type of spiritual practice.  Spirituality was always an age old practice, and if you wish to be truly spiritual then you need study spirituality in all its forms from past to present.  The term New Age was only ever meant to refer to shifting of the ages that is going on now.  For example, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, one of the most important spiritual influencers of the 20th and 21st century, was the one to coin the term “New Age of Enlightenment.”  NOT “New Age of Spirituality.”

We are shifting into a brand new Age in two different Celestial Cycles at the same time right now – The Precessional Equinox and the Yuga Cycle.  The Precessional Equinox shifts ages once every 2160 years.  The Yuga Cycle shifts ages approximately once every 3600 years.  Right now, they have lined up almost exactly at the same moment.  Not only are we shifting into the Age of Aquarius, but we are also shifting into a new Golden Age of the Yuga Cycle.  We are, in fact, finishing an entire 4.32 Million Year Yuga Cycle and beginning a brand new one.  That makes this particular shift the most powerful shift this planet has experienced since its creation.

This is why people are beginning to wake up and discover truths that have been hidden for the past 2000 years.  Truths such as the Bible is a Legal Document and not just a Spiritual Document.  Truths such as Christ’s New Covenant is a Legal Process, not just a Spiritual Process.  Truths such as Sovereignty, Freedom and Equality are Natural Rights that cannot be granted by any Government.

However, to combat these truths, the Devil, in its many human forms, is hell bent on providing legions of misinformation to confuse and confound us so that we do not make it outside of their legal Matrix of control.

If you are one of those people who believes that New Age is a type of practice, I implore you to please stop.  Please change this belief, because it just isn’t true.  Please understand, at the very least, that what I mean when I use the term, is simply the shifting of the celestial ages.

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