The Origin of Law and Money

Prepare yourself now for what you are about to learn.  If you have never studied this kind of stuff before, you will be extremely surprised by what you find out here.  It is not uncommon for people to become extremely angry when they first learn this information.  I implore you to remember, however, that what comes after these revelations of truth is the solution to our problems.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?  The beginning of the written History of mankind, that is.  This History begins 6000 years ago on the soils of Mesopotamia in the Sumerian Empire.

Most people think that we used Barter and Trade for thousands of years and then, only later on, used Gold as money for trade.  This simply isn’t true.  In fact, Money was invented long before Barter and Trade, and barter and trade probably never would have been invented if money had never been invented.  In other words, the entire idea of Trade, is itself, an invention of mankind that doesn’t need to exist at all!  But who invented it, and how and why, is the mystery of how Slavery came to be and continues to exist.

The origin of Law and Money is simultaneously the History of Religion, Philosophy and Civilization itself.  You cannot study the history of money without studying the history of Law, and you cannot study the history of Law without studying the history of Religion, which is simultaneously the history of Philosophy, which is simultaneously the history of Civilization.  The Father and Mother of Law and Money are Religion and Philosophy.  Because of this, we need to look at the Origin of Society, Religion and Philosophy to understand the Origin of Law and Money.

The Sumerian Clay tablets that have been recovered tell a much different story of history than we are led to believe, and they tell a much more detailed creation story than any of the later Religions.  However, if we are to assume that writing was something only a few people in positions of power could do at the time, then that which was written must have been understood as a matter of fact by those who wrote it; or at the very least, it was intended to be viewed as a matter of fact by their population.  Thus, rather than these stories being passed off as mythical, mystical, esoteric and metaphorical, we shall assume them to be the closest thing we have to the truth, at least until something older comes along.

According to these clay tablets, an intelligent race of beings from the 12th planet (the Sun was the 1st planet according to the Sumerians), which they call Nibiru, needed to seek out a source of gold from beyond their own planet in order to rehabilitate the atmosphere of Nibiru.  Thus, the God ANU sent his sons ENKI and ENLIL to earth, along with many others to mine for gold to bring back to Nibiru.

Upon realizing the difficulty in mining for gold and having become familiar with the Homo Erectus early humans, they decided to create a race of beings intelligent enough to do the work for them, yet unintelligent enough not to question why.  ENKI, the great scientist among them, used Genetic Engineering to create a crossbreed between the Homo Erectus and the Annunaki.  What they created were Homo Sapiens.

Yes, this is all legitimately recorded in the ENUMA ELISH, the Sumerian Clay Tablet containing the story of the creation of mankind.  There is a long story about the process by which they created Human Beings.  At first, there were many failures where the result ended up being a human/horse hybrids, or human/fish hybrids, or other types of “Monsters.”

Eventually, they got it just right, but only made human’s with male genders.  Eventually, they created the female gender, talking about how they took of the “essence” of the ADAMU (their word for Homo Sapien) rib.  The rib is one of the most common bones to extract bone marrow from, as it is the most active in producing red blood cells for the human body.  Perhaps this area contains the purest traces of DNA?

At first, the new breed of humans were kept in a large garden called EDIN, where they could live in their natural habitat (same type of habitat as Homo Erectus).  However, ENKI would often visit the humans there and teach them the ways of the Annunaki.  The tablets even speak of the fact that it was typically the women (Eve) that he would talk to who would then take such teachings back to the men of the ADAMU.  ENKI always carried a staff of two serpents in the Caduceus Coil that resembles what we still use today as the Medical Symbol, hence the reason he was given the nickname “Serpent” in later religions.

Eventually, the humans began to clothe themselves using fig leaves from the garden to mimic the Annunaki.  This was how ENLIL found out that ENKI had been secretly teaching them.  ENLIL became enraged at this knowing that an intelligent human would not make a good slave.  So, ENLIL ended their time in the garden and sent them to the ABZU to mine for gold, and thus our slavery began.

After some great amount of time, humans, who had been gradually becoming more and more intelligent thanks to ENKI who continued to secretly teach his creation, staged the first Revolution, claiming they had human rights.

In response to this, ENLIL decided to make some of the humans Representatives for the rest of the humans, in order to negotiate such rights and get everyone back to work.  This worked for a while.

However, over time, ENLIL had begun to believe that the humans were more trouble than they were worth, so when they knew the whole planet would be swept with a great flood, known historically as the Deluge, they decided to keep this information from the humans.

However, ENKI decided to warn one human and instructed him to build an Ark that would carry the seed of mankind to safety along with some of the animals, in order to ensure that mankind, his greatest creation, would continue to live into the future.

After boarding their space ships to remain in safety around the planet while the earth was flooded, the Annunaki cried out for the tremendous loss of life they had just allowed, suddenly coming to realize just how attached they had actually become to the humans.

So, when they came to find out that the humans had actually survived thanks to ENKI, they were quite glad.  Except, of course, for ENLIL, who slowly came around later with a new strategy on how to use us Human Beings.

Now, instead of outright forcing them into slavery, ENLIL connived to have a Representative as the go between for the Annunaki and the human slaves.  Rather than showing their presence, they would create Religions that depicted the Annunaki as gods to be worshiped, and they would put a Human Priest as the Head of the Religion.  This Priest would do the bidding of the gods, and select for them a King amongst the humans who would rule over the Empire to keep the slaves in line.

This way, the humans would feel more comfortable having one of their own as a leader without ever realizing they were still ruled by the gods.

The first among these Empires was Akkadia, followed shortly by Sumer, which then branched off into Egypt, India, Maya, Azteca, Babylon, and the Hebrew and Arabian (Aryan) tribes.  Each one of these ancient Empires, some of which still exist today, was founded by the Annunaki, given a Religion by the Annunaki, taught their politics, economics, farming, metal working, and everything else by the Annunaki.  Every Religion that exists was originally invented by the Annunaki.  This is where the invention of Money and Law comes into play.

At first, Religious Codes were the Law of the Empire.  The Religion was the Law; the Priest the Lawyer/Judge, or Magi, or Sorcerer, or Mage, or Sage, or Scribe.  It wasn’t until much later, after the separation of Church and State enacted by the Vatican that jurisdictions of law existed outside of a Religious context.

The invention of Religion was of utmost importance in controlling the human race.  Religion was used to establish the Hierarchy of Power and Authority that we today understand as the Pyramid Power Structure.  Since there are absolutely zero naturally occurring examples of a Hierarchy, Religion had to be invented in order to convince a large population of human beings that Hierarchy was natural.  Only once this perspective was established, would the human beings allow someone to rule over them.  Only from there could we invent such things as Money and Trade to further control people.

The Priests of the Sumerian Empire were the first Bankers who had created the first Fiat Currency on Clay Tablets.  Notice with great intent and care that the very first form of money to ever exist was a “Fiat Currency,” just like we have today.  The only difference between the first Fiat Currency from the Sumerian Empire and todays globalized market of Fiat Currencies is that the Sumerians based the value of their currency on what it literally represented – the Time and Energy of the People in Service to Society, aka “The Labor of the People.”

This goes an awfully long way to show you exactly why money and trade were invented.  Not to “free” the people, but to control the time and energy of the people.  To control what the vast majority of people do with their time.  After all, he who has the money to pay the people with gets to tell the people what to do to earn that money.  And even from the very beginning, most people were only given just barely enough money to survive.  Not much freedom in that, is there?

At one point through this history, shortly after the Deluge, some of the Annunaki decided to sleep with human women as they found them to be quite attractive.  This then spawned the Nephilim – half-breeds between the Homo Sapiens and the Annunaki, who maintained much of the power of the Annunaki, but lived in an enlarged human form.  These Nephilim were then given the positions of Priests and Kings.  Gigantic statues of these leaders still exist today showing their lifelike size.

However, the Nephilim were violent and brutal in their rule, and the humans constantly complained in prayer to the gods.  The gods were beginning to lose their control over the humans because of their Nephilim.  As a result, the humans were given the authority to wage war against the Nephilim who were stripped of their powers, and eventually wiped them out.  But that did not stop the system the Annunaki had set in place.  Now it was all the more reinforced.  Humans were back in power as Priests and Kings, but the gods still ruled the Priests and Kings.

Now that is a very brief overview of the history.  I implore you to look further into this history yourself.  You can find a lot on Google about this topic.  All books written by Zechariah Sitchen on the Sumerian Clay tablets are a good start.  The book Slave Species of god by Michael Tellinger is a wonderful expose on this history.

So, the Origin of humanity is the Annunaki.  The origin of Civilization is also the Annunaki.  The origin of Religion is the Annunaki.  Religion is the first form of Law known to man.  Religion created the Class System based on the Hierarchy of the gods, or later, the hierarchy of God and the Angels.  This class system was then used to determine who does the hard labor, and who does the Administrative labor.  Then, money was invented by the Priests to control the time and energy of the people in the labor and middle classes.

Everything that has happened since the Deluge was intentionally fabricated to keep mankind enslaved without letting them realize they are enslaved.  And we humans, in our naivete and ignorance, have allowed this to happen, and allow it to perpetuate because we honestly believe what we are being told by those in positions of power.  We believe that they are helping us achieve more freedom, when in reality, they are doing everything they can to keep us enslaved to the gods.

Why do the gods still need us to be enslaved?  Are they still transporting gold back to their planet?  Could that be why gold is considered the most valuable commodity on this planet?  Could that be the original reason gold was chosen to represent value for money?

Unfortunately, these questions are not yet answerable.  What we do know is that Money was created to keep people enslaved in a prison of their own making – “a prison we cannot see, or smell, or taste, or touch – a prison for our minds.” – Morpheus

And we fell for it hook, line and sinker.  And unfortunately, we are still falling for it every day.  Thankfully, more and more people are becoming aware of these truths every day, which means every day, we are coming closer and closer to solving this problem.

But before we can get into how to solve it, we first need to understand what it is now, and how it came to be.  For evolution is always a forward progression from what already is.  So, let’s dig in, shall we?

What is important to understand here is how and why money were invented.  So again, Religion first invented the Pyramid Power Structure – the Class System.  The Pyramid Power Structure is a replication of the Hierarchy of the gods, or of God and the Angels.  In other words, the Pyramid Power Structure is a Theological Political Structure based on Automatic Inequality expressed as a Class Structure; no doubt fundamentally based on the Annunaki Social Structure.

This political structure is based on the assumption of “automatic inequality” because the hierarchy of the gods, or God, is based on “automatic inequality.”  Which is to say, none are equal to God, all serve the God at the top of the Pyramid, and there is a ranking system of power and authority underneath God.

This had to be invented before money could be invented.  And a Religion that depicts the inequality of people had to be invented before the Class System could be invented.

By creating a Religion in which there was a hierarchy of gods, or of God and the Angels, the people are thus indoctrinated that equality does not exist, that hierarchy is natural.  We all start out at the bottom and have to work our way up, except, of course, for the King and the Priests who are “ordained,” or “chosen,” by the gods, or by God.

This then sets the stage in which the Pyramid Power Structure can be implemented.  The people will, in fact, beg for a system based on inequality, because, as far as they have been taught, that is the way of God, or the gods.  AKA, the way of Nature.

Now that the people believe this, it is only natural to implement money as a way of organizing commerce and transacting business.  Except, that’s not what it is actually used for.  It is used for the sole purpose of controlling the time and energy of the people in service to society.  And that is exactly why the very first form of money invented by the Sumerian Priests was backed by the value of human labor.

You see, in an advanced civilization, even as advanced as our ancient predecessors, slavery is not necessary, nor is money necessary to regulate Trade.  Without money, Trade simply becomes an accounting process – an accounting of products, services, materials and resources.  An account is necessary in order to track the supply vs. demand.  But money is not necessary for the exchange, nor is trade.

We have difficulty in seeing Trade and Money as irrelevant because we were born into a system that uses such principles.  However, there have been offshoots of people, mostly tribal type societies, that never invented money and never lived with it.  These tribes are proof that money never needed to exist, that there are, in fact, other ways.  Most tribes operated based on the idea that “the tribe serves those who serve the tribe.”  Typically, they also tried their best to take care of those who were incapable of serving, such as Children, the Elderly and the Handicapped.

Under the harsh situations associated with many of these tribes, survival of the tribe is always the biggest factor.  When you are limited in resources and technology, sometimes, you just have to let the weak links go.  However, with the technology and resources we have today as a Global Civilization, there is no reason we can’t live by the same principle, without money, and still be able to take care of everyone.

When I first begin to tell people that money doesn’t actually need to exist, I get a lot of irrational arguments in return.  “How will we pay for things?”  “Barter and Trade is worse!”  “How are we supposed to transact business?” This is totally expected, of course, because we are so heavily indoctrinated into the use of money.  I mean, it exists before we are born, so it is very difficult to see it for what it is: unnatural.

But it is completely unnatural.  The only legitimate question above is “How are we supposed to transact business?”  The answer, of course, is revealed throughout multiple articles under “The Solution” blog.  It’s really quite simple.

Now consider this: without money, in a system of free exchange, such as the tribes of the world use, and in an advanced civilization, everyone is free to do what they want when they want.  Want to start a business to solve a certain problem?  Go ahead.  Nothing to stop you.  Want to invent a piece of technology that improves society?  Go ahead.  Nothing to stop you.

But once you implement a Monetary System, you can’t do that anymore.  Now you have to save up the money to afford the upstart costs.  Or you have to get a rich person to invest the money for you.  Or you have to get a bank to give you a loan.

While you’re saving up the money, some richer person gets the same idea and now its theirs instead of yours.  This is easily likely to happen if you are going around looking for investors.  If you are trying to get a bank loan, well now the richest people in the world are aware of what you want to accomplish and they can decide to help you do it, help someone else do it, or crush you for having the idea, preventing society from ever realizing your dream.

Money does nothing but put the power of who does what and when in the hands of those that create it, and those that hoard it.

Have you ever thought about what money really is?  We will actually go over this in detail in the article What is Money???, but most people think money is something that has real value, or something that represents real value.  Today, what we call money is not money, because it has no real value, and does not represent real value.

However, what the ancient Sumerians used as money, which was essentially the same as today’s Fiat Currency, was backed by something of real value, just like our Currencies used to be backed by Gold.

What the Sumerians used as value to back their Clay Tablet Bills of Exchange was human labor.  That’s right, the very first money to ever exist was actually backed by what it actually represents, human time and energy.

That’s what money really equates to.  Why?  Because that is what it was invented to control.

Money was not invented to organize commerce and transact business as most people believe.  It was invented to control the time and energy of the masses.

Remember, without money, people are free to do what they want when they want.  As long as everyone is able to do what they want when they want, everything that needs to be done in this world will get done.  But money, the whole idea of Direct and Immediate Exchange, prevents that from happening, and puts us all under the direct control of a non-human and very inhumane system.

Direct and immediate exchange exists nowhere throughout nature.  The Tree does pay the soil for the nutrients it consumes when it consumes them.  The soil does not pay the tree for the nutrients it gives back, when it gives them back.  The animals to not pay the trees for the seeds they drop as food, or leaves, flowers and fruits they grow as food.  And the soil does not pay the animals for the fertilizer they leave behind after eating that food.  Everything in nature just does what it wants, when it wants, and everything that needs to be done gets done, and an abundance is produced for everyone and everything.  This is called Indirect and Transient Exchange.

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