The Kingdoms of Heaven and Earth

“Reality erosion is the most serious mental disability of our time — the inability to distinguish between what is real and what is imagined.” – (Global Sovereignty Handbook 2004, Johnny Liberty, Pg. 23)

DISCLAIMER:  While the terminology of this article is taken from the Judeo-Christian religion, nothing in this article is construed to be religious, but rather to merely point out the reality we face within our societies at this time using a terminology that most people would be familiar with.

If you’ve read The Philosophy part of this blog, then you should already be familiar with the parallel realities of the Plane of Causes and the Plane of Effects.  Likewise, there have always been two parallel realities right here, on planet Earth:  The Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of Earth.

In The Divine Province – Birthing a New Earth by James McBride and Ed Rychkun, it states, “At the top of this pyramid of corporation PLANET EARTH are the “gods” bloodlines and families that root back to Sumeria and before. Through extensive research, there appear to be 13 key families who are the shareholders of PLANET EARTH, each having their representatives on the equivalent of the Board of Directors.”

They spell PLANET EARTH in all caps because that is the proper way to spell a Corporate name.  As such, James McBride and Ed Rychkun refer to this corporation as PLANET EARTH INC.  Here, I will refer to it as the Kingdom of Earth.

Also, if you’ve read The Philosophy section, then you should be familiar with the Spiritual Growth of people as traveling down one of two paths – the path of Narcissism, or Self-Love/Self-Service, and the path of Compassion, or Love-for-others/Service-to-others.

The Kingdom of Earth is the Service-to-Self society we inherited from Ancient Sumer that is currently controlled by the Trinity of Globalist Control, which consists of the Vatican, the Crown of England and Washington D.C.  In fact, from the top down, the hierarchy is as follows:

Furthermore, the bottom of that Pyramid is broken down into a Hierarchy of Business Owners, Managers, Supervisors and Employees.  Every step down on this pyramid comes with significantly less access to wealth, significantly less authority, and significantly more effort.

Historically this is known as Classism, and is based upon the Pyramid Power Structure that was given to us by our Religions for the sole purpose of perpetuating slavery.  We will learn more about the origin of this later on.

For now, what we need to understand is that this Pyramid Power Structure of Classism is the PRIMARY problem our Global Civilization faces.

Classism is the beginning of all divisions, it is the fundamental basis of the divide and conquer strategies of the Ruling Elite.  You see, the Ruling Elite are not, themselves, Racist, Sexist, Religionist, or any other ism, they are only Classist.  They only discriminate against those of lesser Class.  Meanwhile, they propagate Racism, Sexism and other ism’s to keep the people fighting amongst each other instead of fighting against the Ruling Elite.

It’s a very simple strategy.  If the people are focused on fighting each other, they will be too distracted to see what the Ruling Elite are doing, and how they are getting away with their atrocities.

As such, this is the number 1 problem we need to solve.  By solving the problem that is Classism, all other dividing ism’s will quickly fade away because they have no foundation upon which to stand.  And the best way to solve this problem is not by fighting against the Ruling Elite, but by simply creating and using our own system.

By creating our own Alternative Global Society, we can implement a newly discovered, but ancient and eternal Organizational System that is based on Nature and provides Automatic Equality, Freedom and Sovereignty to all.

– – –

The Kingdom of Earth utilizes the Pyramid Power Structure, man-made laws and religions, and the monetary system (together the “Matrix”) to enslave mankind.  The citizens of the Kingdom of Earth then, are the Children of Men as they exist under the law of man.

The Kingdom of Heaven is the Service-to-others society that exists throughout all of Creation, in which we have an inheritance by right of our very existence.  Only God is the Ruler of the Kingdom of Heaven, which is to say that everyone rules themselves, no one rules another (because we all are God both individually and collectively – the Creator creating Itself).

The Kingdom of Heaven operates only under the Laws of Nature, which are established by God.  Therefore, the citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven are known as the Children of God.

The Order of Creation, which is not to be confused as a Hierarchy, but rather as a chain of events, is:

  1. God
  2. People
  3. Businesses
  4. Governments

This is the Natural order of Creation.  First there is God.  God created people.  Therefore, people cannot rule over God, which is to say they cannot rule over each other.  People create businesses.  Therefore, businesses cannot rule over people.  Finally, businesses create governments.  Therefore, governments cannot rule over businesses, or people.  The Hierarchy we are currently following in society is entirely backwards to the Order of Creation.

The reason for this, however, is quite simple.  The people, in our ignorance throughout the times, demanded it.  In our previous lower state of Consciousness, that we are only just now beginning to rise above, it was impossible for us to understand how to organize and operate a complex society without a system of Rulership given to only a handful of people.  Communication was slower, decisions need to be made quickly for the survival of the people.  Long Democratic Deliberations would have taken too long.  And the people, in our ignorance, needed something to point at – someone else to be responsible, someone else to take the blame.

In the book of Acts, we see the whole difference between these two Kingdoms.  The consequences of creating an Authoritarian Government were clearly laid out by Samuel when his people demanded a King, rather than God.

In 1st Samuel 8, when Samuel prayed to the LORD, the LORD said, “Listen to everything the people say to you. You are not the one they have rejected; I am the one they have rejected as their king.  Ever since I brought them out of Egypt, they have turned away from me and worshiped other gods; and now they are doing to you what they have always done to me.  So then, listen to them, but give them strict warnings and explain how their kings will treat them.”

Samuel told the people who were asking him for a king everything that the LORD had said to him:  “This is how your king will treat you.  He will make soldiers of your sons; some of them will serve in his war chariots, others in his cavalry, and others will run before his chariots.  He will make some of them officers in charge of a thousand men, and others in charge of fifty men. Your sons will have to plow his fields, harvest his crops, and make his weapons and the equipment for his chariots.  Your daughters will have to make perfumes for him and work as his cooks and his bakers.  He will take your best fields, vineyards, and olive groves, and give them to his officials.  He will take a tenth of your grain and of your grapes for his court officers and other officials.  He will take your servants and your best cattle and donkeys, and make them work for him.  He will take a tenth of your flocks. And you yourselves will become his slaves.  When that time comes, you will complain bitterly because of your king, whom you yourselves chose, but the LORD will not listen to your complaints.”

Also, there is this quote by Theodore Roosevelt:

“Either they must govern themselves or they must submit to being governed by others.  If from lawlessness or fickleness, from folly or self-indulgence, they refuse to govern themselves then most assuredly in the end they will have to be governed from the outside.  They can prevent the need of government from without only by showing they possess the power of government from within.”

To choose Government from without is to choose subjugation over your relationship with the Divine Creator.  To choose your relationship with the Divine Creator is to choose Government from within.

What is absolutely ironic about this is that the Vatican Church is the largest culprit in the subjugation of humanity, forcing Government from without upon the people.  The entire Kingdom of Earth is under the control of the Vatican and has been for at least 700 years.  However, they also have given us a method for “salvation.”  And since the Bible is Law, the method is a Legal Process, and it actually works.  To learn more about that process, read the book “Occupation of Planet Earth – A Liberation Manual,” by Peter.

We ultimately have only two options left in the world today.  We can choose to continue subjugating ourselves to a system we don’t believe in and allow ourselves to be enslaved by it through debts and fleeced by it through taxation, and now limited by it with facemasks and controlled by it with vaccines and 5G; or, we can choose to create our own Alternative Society, and set up our own Social Administration that operates via Government from Within, making all people Sovereign and responsible for the management of our Society.  Either we Rule together as Equals, or we must be Ruled by others as unequal’s.  The choice is ours.

– – –

While there is no such thing as a Hierarchy in nature, because nature is holographic, it is important to understand the Order of Creation.  In other words, all things created by God are equal, for they are not created by something that is already created.  But when we human beings create businesses and governments, does it really make sense that our creations should wield power and authority over us?

No!  We should wield power and authority over our creations!  We determine the organizational structure, the policies, the rules.  And while these are meant to be followed, they are not meant to be so strict and rigid that it harms our very own humanity.  Only we humans have the power to change the organizational structure, the policies and the rules.  And when these things no longer serve us, or the greater good, it is our responsibility to change them.

The power to do that should not rest in the hands of a few people that are so far removed from the actual work being done that their decisions don’t affect themselves.  The power to do that should rest in the hands of the people doing the work, as they know best whether it’s a good or bad decision – they’ve experienced, first hand, the consequences of these policies and know best how they should be updated.

And when someone decides to go against the policy, that shouldn’t be a call to action to arrest and punish or fire the person, it should be a wake-up call that the policies are ineffective and need to be updated.  But that won’t happen in an Authoritarian model of Society, that can ONLY happen in a system of Holographic Self-Governance such as the Metatocracy.

Today, it is quickly becoming obvious, especially to us Millennials now entering into the real world, that the current Organizational Structures, Policies and Rules of our businesses and governments are getting way out of line with Nature and Humanity.  It is definitely time for an overhaul on all of these things.

– – –

Most people think that the Kingdom of Earth is the real world, supported by reality, when in fact the opposite couldn’t be more true.  The Kingdom of Heaven is the real world to which all human beings naturally belong.  However, the Kingdom of Earth is very hard pressed to admit that.  The Kingdom of Earth cannot exist without veiling the existence of the Kingdom of Heaven.  That veil is none other than man-made laws, the monetary system, and thus man-made religions.

These are all fabrications meant to do one thing, to distract you from the Truth by providing you with lies that are laden with truth placed upside down and backwards from reality.  They mirror reality, but they distort reality until we don’t even know what reality is anymore.  We become so confused that we end up having no choice but to concede simply because we don’t know anything else.

– – –

The Kingdom of Heaven operates based on “Freedom via Service,” while the Kingdom of Earth operates based on “Service via Slavery.”

You see, Service is the number one requirement of any Society, Community, Tribe, or Civilization.  And well, there are only two ways to motivate everyone into service.  You can either enslave them and force them to work, either through chains and whips or a paycheck and debt, or you can give Absolute Freedom to anyone in exchange for providing any kind of service to society.  We will talk about this latter idea in more detail later on.  I call it the Service Based Free-Access Economy, and it’s just what we need in order to transition to a True Free Access Economy.

One very important thing people need to understand is that life is not meant to be earned.  Things do not have to serve a purpose in order to exist.  Things exist because they have a purpose to serve.  When everything is allowed to serve its purpose freely and voluntarily, as seen all throughout Nature, everything that needs to be done gets done and abundance is produced for everyone.  The entire concept of money/trade negates the processes of Nature.

– – –

In the Kingdom of Heaven, the Laws of Nature are all that are needed to maintain harmony and order.  But in the Kingdom of Earth, myriad webs of laws need to be created to allow for such a contradiction to good conscience as slavery.

James McBride and Ed Rychkun have this to say about the Kingdom of Earth, or what they call PLANET EARTH INC.:

“We will look closer at this corporation which we refer to as the Empire called PLANET EARTH. It is an invisible fiction; a privately owned corporation founded and orchestrated by those who humanity has looked up to as gods, kings and queens. We are calling these heads of the 13 bloodline Dynasties the founders and private shareholders of PLANET EARTH. They really don’t need shares; they have blood oaths. They direct the wishes of the gods which is a business plan because they have created, retained or conquered the power of money through special abilities, forces, bloodline, or whatever. These people have either been born into a dynasty or they have earned it, or they have taken it over. The only thing that has changed in the last 5,000 years is the name given to the gods and the dynasties and the type of slaves required. Those with the power and the ways and means require slaves (employees for corporations) to create and keep their dynasties. Humanity has evolved so the nature of conquest has also evolved. The process of creating, conquering, managing and retaining kingdoms changed to a now universal phenomenon as, money, Corporations and Trusts.”

The Kingdom of Earth on this planet is only 6000 years old (at least), but the Kingdom of Heaven is eternal.  When you are born on this planet, you are born into the Kingdom of Heaven.  When your parents sign your Birth Certificate, you are thus “berthed” into the Kingdom of Earth and when you apply for Social Security you are given a “Mark of the Beast,” a Social Security Number.  Had your parents never done this, and you never obtained a SSN, congratulations, you are not a citizen of the Kingdom of Earth.  However, even if you are, you are still a natural citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven by right of the fact that you exist.  But again, this is veiled by jurisdiction upon jurisdiction of man-made laws, all leading back to the Vatican Church.

If you have a SSN and Birth Certificate, you are now considered by the Powers That Be to be the property of the Government, the Vatican and the International Monetary Fund.  That is just the way their man-made laws work.

Each of these pieces of paper are used to determine who owns what about you: The State/Provincial and Federal/National Government own your work, and thus tax you on your income.  The Vatican owns your vessel (body).  The IMF owns your Corporate Name and invests these pieces of paper (the modern form of slave trading) throughout their system to turn a profit that should rightfully belong to you.

It was once considered that, if you file a UCC Finance Statement placing a lien on your Corporate name marking your flesh and blood body as the Sovereign Secured Party Creditor of your Corporate Strawman Debtor Tradename, you legally move all ownership associated with your Legal Alter Ego back over to yourself.  However, this has since come and gone.  It worked for a time, but new laws have made this solution obsolete.  The ONLY solution that can NEVER become obsolete is the solution provided by the law itself, by the Vatican’s Jurisdiction of Canon Law – The Holy Bible.  As Peter has discovered, Christ’s New Covenant is a Legal Process in Private Equity Law that undoes all of the Adhesion Contracts that bind us to the “Belligerent Occupant.”  Contracts such as the Birth Certificate and the Social Security Number..

Most jurisdictions of Law, such as Admiralty/Maritime, only have power over Corporations.  Meaning, they only have power over the Corporate Debtor Tradename that is written into your Birth Certificate, Social Security Card and Driver’s License, which is spelled in ALL CAPS.  All of these laws pertain to “victimless crimes,” crimes that harm no one but incur a monetary charge, such as traffic laws and tax laws.

The only jurisdictions of law that ever has and ever will have power over the Sovereign Flesh-and-blood human being are Natural Law and Private Equity Law, which is the direct extension of Natural Law in Human Affairs dealing with Private Contracts between Private People.

Natural Law, among other things, concerns “victimized crimes,” crimes in which someone, or their property, is harmed by another.  These crimes are all crimes associated with the First Distortion of the Law of One in Natural Law.  In other words, all of these crimes can be understood to be violations of the Free-Will of others.

Private Equity Law is the law that governs such things as Trusts, Contracts, Agreements, etc.  The Uniform Commercial Code is the International Standard of Private Equity Law today, also known as Merchant Law, or the Law Merchant.  All people that consider themselves “Private Persons” utilize only Private Equity Law, and the more enlightened ones also include Natural Law.

These jurisdictions of law are really the ONLY jurisdictions you need to study and appreciate.  They are how the world actually operates today, and unless you know how the world game operates, you cannot play the game well.

You do not need to understand much about any other jurisdictions, except to understand how they do not apply to you, and that you are not subject to them.  As such, let’s discuss that for a bit.

– – –

First of all, you have two identities: your real identity as a Sovereign Flesh-and-Blood human being, and your Corporate identity as a Straw-man Debtor Tradename.  This is all new “Color of Law” that was invented as a result of the establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank, the IRS and FDR’s New Deal.  For a very good and detailed history of how this happened, look for “The Redemption Manual 5.0

For now, you just need to know that only your real identity matters when it comes to the law.  Your real identity is not legally responsible for any charge made against your Corporate identity by any Commercial Jurisdiction.  However, the above jurisdictions do not concern your Corporate identity, they only concern your real and Sovereign identity.

Your Corporate Debtor Tradename is what is called a “Transmitting Utility” in legalese, which basically means that it acts as a mechanism for transmitting a utility service, like electricity, only in this case, it’s money (or more precisely, currency).  Your Sovereign flesh-and-blood body cannot lawfully use Debt created money (currency), but your Corporate Debtor Tradename can, and thus you, as the Representative of your Corporate name, can use money (currency) by using the Debtor Tradename.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to become responsible for the debts incurred by your Corporate Debtor Tradename.  It is, in fact, the same as defaulting on a business loan to a Company with Limited Liability.  Your Corporate Debtor Tradename is a Corporation with Limited Liability.  That means you are not personally liable for the debts incurred by your Corporation.

You can pause, if you wish, to think about that for a minute.  If you need more information to back up these claims, again, check out the book The Redemption Manual 5th Edition.  There are many sources for this information, of course, but I like this one the most because it is written with a “rise above the system” attitude, rather than a “fight the system” attitude.  Just keep in mind that their remedies are no longer as powerful as they used to be.  They still don’t help us get past the Trading With The Enemy Act.

However, if you have bad debt that you cannot afford to pay off, you can use the Liberty Debt Elimination System from Brilliance in Commerce to outright cancel your debts, as they are fraudulent to begin with.  To learn more and to purchase this system visit:  Last I checked, it only costs $450.  Furthermore, if you have a Credit Card you plan on cancelling with this system, you can use it to make the purchase and get the system for FREE.  It’s 100% legal and you can see many success stories at the above linked website.

So, Commercial Jurisdictions of Law can only be enforced against Corporations, but you, as a flesh and blood human body, never need to act in the capacity of the Corporation.  You need to remember that you are the Representative of that Corporation, NOT the Corporation itself, and therefore, the Commercial Laws cannot be enforced against you.

When you are asked to state your name for the record in the Court of Law, for example, you are not being asked to state your name, but the name of your Corporation.  Doing so acts as consent to be brought under their Commercial Jurisdiction and allows them to enforce their laws against you.  They cannot enforce their laws against you until you give them your consent.  They must do this in order to avoid violating the First Distortion of the Law of One: Free-Will.

When a Police Officer asks you for your Driver’s License, as another example, he is asking you to supply him with your Corporate Debtor Tradename in order to initiate a Commercial Contract under the Commercial Jurisdiction of Law.  This is again, the same as giving your consent to be brought under his jurisdiction.

The only rights you have are the rights you know you have, and ignorance of the law is no excuse.  These are both ancient maxims of law.

In other words, you do not have to prove that you are Sovereign in order to prevent them from enforcing their laws against you.  They have to prove that you are their Subject before they can enforce their laws against you.  If they try to throw contempt at you, you can throw Habeus Corpus right back at them.

However, in the case of the Police Officer, failure to produce a License or Registration while driving a vehicle will force them to impound your vehicle.  You can, of course, get your vehicle back for free and even sue the Officer for doing so in the process, but the same thing will simply keep happening again and again.

What you can do instead is become an Internationally Protected Person through, and get your Certificate of ID which acts in the same capacity as a Passport.  You can then hand this over to the police officer instead of a license forcing them to acknowledge your protected status and leave you alone, even if you do not have a license and your vehicle is unregistered.  Of course, if you wish not to waste time getting pulled over all the time for not having a license plate on your car, then you will still need to stay licensed and registered.

Doing so will NOT rescind your protected status.  Pretending to be a “citizen” by getting a license and vehicle registration is just that – pretending for the sake of getting along with the world.  The ONLY thing that can rescind your protected status is any “Act of War,” which can be as simple as protesting against the government.

– – –

The 13 Zionist Families own the Vatican, the UN, the IMF and the IRS, which own England, which owns almost every other Nation including the United States, as well as all the Corporations of the world. including your Corporate Debtor Trade Name (until you go through the Legal Process known as Christ’s New Covenant).  This whole Pyramid Power Structure is what is known as the Kingdom of Earth.  Although, to be honest, I’m being really nice by calling it the Kingdom of Earth.  I could just as easily call it the Kingdom of Hell, and that would probably be more accurate considering it is a Kingdom founded upon slavery and debt (sin).

The Kingdom of Earth refuses to acknowledge the existence of the Kingdom of Heaven as here and now.  If they acknowledge it at all, they only acknowledge it as something attainable in the afterlife and use it as a mechanism of fear to maintain control over the masses.

But as we now know from The Philosophy, there is no afterlife, there is only life eternal and the evolution of Consciousness.  We are each responsible for our own evolution.  What we call “death” is merely a transition from one form of life to another.  Think about it – if matter/energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but merely transformed or changed, is it not the same for the soul?

– – –

The Corporate Debtor Tradename is given upon issuance of the Birth Certificate and is the name that goes on all legal documents, like your Social Security Card and Driver’s License.  It is also the name used in the collection of every debt, because only the Strawman Tradename may incur a debt, as the strawman is the Debtor (Sinner) and the real Flesh-and-Blood human is the Sovereign Creditor (Creator).

The Kingdom of Earth doesn’t want you to know about this because this is the one thing that ties you back to the Kingdom of Heaven and grants you power as a Sovereign in this world.  Your real name is your name in the Kingdom of Heaven as the Authorized Representative of God on Earth (the Creator creating Itself), while your Strawman Tradename is your slave name in the Kingdom of Earth.  It is spelled in all-capital letters because all corporations, and otherwise dead people (“Corporation” is derived from the word “corpse”), are spelled in all-capital letters.  According to the law, you are “Lost at Sea,” your name (Corporate name) written in the “Book of the Dead” making you a “Ward of the State.”

Technically speaking, you cannot have your rights taken from you until you volunteer to be the Tradename held accountable to the Kingdom of Earth via Original Sin.  You always have the right to consent, but only if you know you have that right.  An ancient Maxim of Law states, “The only rights you have are the rights you know you have.”  Until now, you probably never knew that you didn’t have to answer for your Corporate Debtor Tradename.  You probably didn’t even know that your ALL-CAPS name represented a completely different person than yourself.  But you can only get away with so much without legally obtaining your International Sovereignty by becoming an Heir to the Vatican’s Divine Global Estate, which, by the way, represents the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  The only way the Vatican will allow anyone to access the Kingdom of Heaven and live in Freedom as Sovereigns, is if they go through their legal process known as Christ’s New Covenant.

I have gone through this process myself.  I am now an International Sovereign with Internationally Protected Person Status.  I am proof for you that it is real and true.  I have been removed from subjugation and I am listed as Sovereign, and that Sovereignty is respected by all legal authorities.  Here is an excerpt from my Surrender Document written by Peter to me:

“As the keeper of the keys to the kingdom I am empowered with the full authority of the lord to rule over the kingdom, both the property, the people therein as well as the legal fictions of the world of commerce.

By your testimony, as witnessed, it has been established in fact that you are one of the Beneficiaries of the original grant by the Divine Creator of dominion over the divine estate and having all of the right, title and interest in the Holy Alliance 1213 as the true owner.

I hereby terminate the ward/guardian relationship as you are no longer dependent on the Holy See and instruct that you be removed from the registry of canonical juridical persons kept by the Governorate of the Vatican City State.

I hereby decree you a citizen of God’s Kingdom and friend of the Church, the Crown and the United States, et al, and release you from the burdens of the unlawful conversion of your status to that of ‘enemy combatant/enemy of the state.’

I further absolve you from all oaths of allegiance and citizenship to the Crown, The United States of America, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, et al, assumed and/or presumed by your past word and/or deed and release you from the obligations of homage, fealty and subjection to heretics and decree you are no more a stranger and foreigner, but a fellow citizen with the saints, and of the household of God. You are not of the bondswoman, but of the free. As Beneficial Owner, you are the sovereign authority under which the legal fiction world of commerce exists. The sovereign is not subject to the laws of his kingdom as he is the source of the law.

The status of Grantee and Beneficiary in Original Jurisdiction can never be altered, converted or diminished, nor can it be given, granted, gifted or alienated and remains intact in perpetuity as a Grant from the Creator. The Beneficial Owner in Original Jurisdiction shall enjoy an absolute divine right of use of the property known as the Divine Estate free from license, fees and/or taxes. As grantee and beneficiary of the original grant, you over stand and are hereby granted dominion over all legal fictions of the world of commerce.”

These same words are given to every person that successfully goes through this legal process to redeem their Sovereignty within God.

– – –

The Kingdom of Earth knows that the Kingdom of Heaven exists.  It is where the Royal’s draw upon for their rights as Sovereigns.  But they do not want you to know of these things lest you “become like them” – Free and Sovereign.

During the past few decades there has been what many call the Sovereign Movement, where a lot more people, every day, are going through the legal redemption process to reclaim their Sovereignty.  However, with the rise in successes has also been the rise in failures.  The Kingdom of Earth does not make it easy to escape their clutches; they have many different ways of luring you back into their system, and many booby traps to fall into.  After all my research, and after all of Peter’s research which itself is based upon the past few hundreds of years of research by many people, the one and ONLY solution to legally redeem one’s Sovereignty that will always actually be respected by ALL legal authorities is the Vatican’s Christ’s New Covenant.

It is ancient, there are no loop holes around it, and no new law can prevent anyone from accessing it.  The only way a person can possibly fail at this route is that they remain “at war” with the Belligerent Occupant, which includes even “Peaceful” protests.  Internationally Protected Person Status is only granted based upon the predication that you have “Surrendered” to the Belligerent Occupant.  Surrendering is the only Peaceful way to redeem your Sovereignty.

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