You’re Using the Law of Attraction Backwards!

You cannot stop using the Law of Attraction, but you can use it to stop attracting what you don't want so that you can start attracting more of what you do want.

The Social Organism

Can you think of any large and highly complex Society or Civilization that can or has existed without some type of Organizational System designed to help them manage, or administrate the ongoing affairs of all the Society’s inter-relations?

The Principle of Polarity

Vibration is the root function of polarity throughout all of existence.  Everything that exists vibrates, because everything that exists is both a polarized expression of Consciousness, as well as is made of further polarized expressions of itself.

Garden of Truth Foundation

Ending Pedophilia and making the world a better place, one Orphanage at a time.

As part of the vision to creating an Alternative Society, Kamiron Freeman has started a Non-Profit Foundation for the purpose of buying Orphanages of all types and kinds to serve 3 fundamental purposes:

1. Help End Child Trafficking
2. Help Educate Orphans
3. Help the world become a better place.

This last one involves the creation of the Peace Keeper Alliance, which the Orphans may choose to join if they feel called.

Fiat Currency & The Fractional Reserve Credit System

What we see happening here is we create a certain amount of currency, or purchasing power, and we then take that purchasing power, which is a debt, and give it to someone else for their product or service; so now we owe the bank the amount we just spent, plus interest, and on top of that, we just gave the grocery store pieces of paper that literally say, “I’ll pay for my bill later.”