Holobank – Service Based Free-Access Economy

This world has been enslaved through Money for at least 6000 years.  We have come completely full circle from the Ancient Sumerian form of Money and Economy.  We have evolved through the Gold Standard, Barter and Trade and other such forms of Systems of Exchange, and today, we use pretty much the exact same system that was originally invented by the Sumerians 6000 years ago.  We call it Fiat Currency.  The only missing variable is that we don’t back it by anything of value, but that’s about to change along with some other things.

Now that we have crossed from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius, and are transitioning from the Iron Age of the Yuga Cycle back into the Golden Age of the Yuga, we are beginning to evolve from the 3rd Octave to the 4th Octave of Consciousness in the polarity of the Service-to-Others philosophy, or what I call Compassion, for short.

We have been subjected to the few Narcissists that have ruled over our Societies for Millennia, but their reign is coming to an end, and we are now beginning to create new Alternatives to the current Paradigm for Society.  We are beginning to realize that Money is a tool for slavery and not freedom, and we are beginning to create solutions to transition from a world enslaved by money to world of freedom in which money no longer exists.  Cryptocurrency is the beginning of this transition.

I am not alone in creating such Alternative Societies and Solutions.  Michael Tellinger is the founder of the Ubuntu Movement which is doing something very similar to what I am doing here, but in a different way.  Another one is The Infinite World Game that just recently launched into its BETA testing phase.  From what I can tell so far, it seems to be completely based on the Philosophies and Science of Buckminster Fuller.

There is also Jaque Fresco, the founder of The Venus Project, which is pioneering the idea of the Resource Based Economy which is, basically, the end goal.  The way to manage and distribute resources, products and services without the use of money whatsoever, that provides an absolute abundance of everything for everyone.

Aside from this, there are also many small groups creating small communities, such as Auroville and the Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty, to create a type of free Community on a smaller scale.  Although, from what I can tell, these small communities tend to be the most cultish and therefore exclusive of who they allow in.

Last, but not least, there are many new types of businesses being created nowadays with a focus on creating a better, more sustainable future for our world, like Holochain, Holoweb, and Brilliance in Commerce.

The point is, the world is clearly evolving.  The end of the Rulers is here.  Narcissistic Elitism will slowly begin to filter out of our world while Equal Sovereignty for all People slowly filters in.  And as this world evolves, steps will be taken to phase out the use of money.

Michael Tellinger’s Ubuntu Movement has their own plan for how they will phase money out of existence within their Networked Global Society of Small Towns.  The Alternative Society I present here will accomplish the same by creating its own Central Banking System that utilizes many of the same principles as the current Fractional Reserve System, but with an evolved perspective.  I also intend for other Alternative Societies to be able to use our Central Banking System if they see it as a more practical solution for themselves.

To determine how we ought to move forward, let us first take a look at how the current Fractional Reserve Banking System works:

First, a Government sends a Bond to their IMF owned Central Bank to take out a loan, which has to be paid back with Interest via the IRS, and that is where Federal Income Tax is derived.  You, as a “citizen” are pledged as Collateral on these loans via the concept of “Original Sin” making you responsible for paying it back.

Let’s say the Government takes out a $1 Million loan from their Central Bank.  They then turn around and spend that money on a business to say, spy on the American People in order to sell that information off to the highest bidder.  That Business then deposits that money into their bank, say Wells Fargo.  Wells Fargo now has $1 Million in reserves from that deposit that allows them, via the Fractional Reserve Fiat System, to create, out of thin air, another $9 Million.

So now, let’s say another guy walks into Wells Fargo to take out a $9 Million business loan.  Wells Fargo “creates” that money based on this person’s credit obtained by their signature on a Promissory Note signed along with all the other paperwork.  The Bank doesn’t create that money based on their credit, but based on the Loanee’s credit, via THEIR signature.

Not only that, but the $9 Million was created TWICE.  Once for the Account Receivable that the business owner actually gets to spend, and the other for the Account Payable via double book keeping standards which offsets the Account Receivable for a $0 balance.  In other words, that loan is paid off the moment it is created and doesn’t actually need to be paid back.  But nonetheless, the bank will charge you not only the principle on the loan, but also interest just to add salt to the wound.

Don’t believe me?  Read Modern Money Mechanics written by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, or check out

Now, this business person who just took out a $9 Million Loan, takes $1 Million and spends that on another business for upstart materials and equipment.  That business now deposits that money into their bank, say Bank of America.  Bank of America now has another $1 Million in reserves on which it can create another $9 Million to other people.  And the system perpetuates itself.

Oh, and one more thing, every loan counts towards the National Debt, not just Government Bonds.

What makes this worse is that they not only expect you pay back the amount of money you created, but they expect you to pay it back with interest.  The problem?  The money for the interest was never created.  So the only way for you to pay back your loan plus all the interest they want is for you to indirectly disable other people from being able to pay off their loan.  For every loan that is paid off, two go into default.

Don’t yell at me.  I didn’t write the rules.  But I will declare that they are just that: arbitrary rules.  Rules that can be changed, re-written to create a new system that works under different principles that frees the people instead of enslaves them.

I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely ready for a New System.

So how does Holobank use a similar system with different rules to create Freedom instead of Slavery?

Holobank takes on the premise that the people can create money based on their Credit, just like they already do in the Fractional Reserve System, except rather than making this a hidden fact, it is made common knowledge.  However, Holobank also takes on the premise that Money exists by virtue of and is therefore backed by what it actually represents, which is the Time and Energy of the People in Service within Society.  In this way, Money created within Holobank has real intrinsic value, and potentially an infinite amount of it because the Time and Energy of the People is a renewable resource – it never runs out and continues to grow as the population increases (overpopulation is a myth, but that’s an article for another time).

Furthermore, Money created within Holobank is not considered a Debt.  All Fiat currency is considered a Debt and creates an overall negative net balance.  In other words, all fiat money created is “owed” to someone, its owed back to the banks.  However, Money created within Holobank is the opposite, it is considered Credit, which means that Holobank creates an overall positive net balance.  There is no such thing as Debt in Holobank, only Credit.  If everyone can create money, then no one owes money to anyone else.

Remember, Sin cannot exist in the Kingdom of Heaven, which means Debt cannot exist in Original Jurisdiction, but Faith can, and therefore so can Credit.  In this way, the Money we create can act in the same capacity as the Credit side, or Accounts Payable of the IMF’s Central Banking System, allowing us to transact business with other Nations, and allowing those Nations to pay down their National Debt, including their Interest.  It’s a win-win-win for everyone.

But how do we allow our people to create money?

There is only one way in which money needs to be created in Holobank.  Rather than people taking out loans and rather than money being “spent” on the exchange of goods and services, it is created-on-demand for the exchange of goods and services.

If this Holobank currency, called Holocoins, is used to purchase goods and services from a business within in our own Society, that money stays within our Society as Holocoins in the business’s bank account.  This money can then be used to pay its non-Member Employees, the Employees who don’t get a Holocard or HoloCheck book – the instruments used to create money – because they are not Members of our Society… yet.

But how do we determine the value of our currency, and what prevents it from decreasing in value as we create more and more of it?

Excellent question!  The one I’m sure everyone wants to know.

There are, ultimately, two things that determine the value of money and how it fluctuates.  1. The market rules; 2. The currency rules.

The currency rules outweigh the market rules because the market rules are ultimately determined by the collective of currency rules.  Most currencies, including cryptocurrencies today, derive their value by creating a set of rules that establish that value as being tied to the amount of currency in circulation and the relative volume of those trading the currency in the market.

This is the typical standard practice, but it doesn’t need to be that way.  Just like how the Fractional Reserve System created rules for how money could be created and must be paid back with interest, the rules for determining value and fluctuation are arbitrary.  They can be changed.

I propose we create the rule that the value of our currency shall always be that 1 coin = the highest recorded value of 1 grain of gold.  Now, instead of us creating algorithms that tie the value to market fluctuations based on trading activity, we simply create algorithms to make it so that 1 Holocoin always equals the highest recorded value of 1 grain of gold.  Now, our currency may go up in value, but it may never come down in value, making it the most stable currency in the history of money.

It’s really that simple.  When you realize that the way things currently are, are simply based upon arbitrary rules, invented by the wealthy elite to serve only the wealthy elite, then you must make the realization that we can change these rules at will to serve the best interest of everyone.  And that is exactly what we will be doing with Holobank.

Any money created to purchase products or services from businesses in other societies, or money used to pay non-Member Employees, automatically exchanges into their currency and adds to their circulation of money.  This automatic exchange will be possible because Holocoins will be a Digital Currency, and all the Central Banks in the world right now, due to Coronavirus, are quickly shifting into the Digital Currency Blockchain technology where this becomes possible.  There are already companies offering Debit Cards that allow us to pay businesses using funds from our cryptocurrency wallets that automatically exchanges those payments into the nations fiat currency.  So, this is already a certain possibility.

How better can we create a mutually beneficial relationship between us and other societies than by providing products, services AND offsetting their increasing Debt?  The only enemy we stand to make would be from the IMF themselves, the Head of the Central Banking System that enslaves the world as they begin to lose control of their slaves.  But even they will happy for a long time as they rake in the biggest profits they’ve ever had due our host nations improving economies.  But should they decide to retaliate, we have three levels of protection against this:

  1. International Protected Person Status as Heirs to the One Global Estate – their One Global Estate, of which they are our Administrators. Or at least, they are supposed to be, but that will never happen. They may not be able to violate our Rights, but that doesn’t mean they are going to listen to our demands.  Better to leave them in peace and create our own Administration.
  2. Mutually Benefitting the Nations we inhabit makes them dependent upon us. When their Masters call for them to send their armies against us, they will have no incentive to as it would ensure their own destruction.
  3. Transcendental Meditation. The larger we grow, the more Peacekeepers we have practicing Transcendental Meditation, the higher the Coherence of the whole Human Collective Consciousness, the more evolved the Slaves become, the less power the Master’s have.

It would only be a matter of time before the whole world is on our side and the Narcissistic talking heads of the old-world banking system are forced to give up and either move on or move out.  Once Metagaiaes grows large enough where we no longer need to do business with other nations businesses to sustain ourselves, and our currency just begins to uselessly pile up, the people themselves will be clamoring to simply end the formality altogether, because it would be exactly the same as if we weren’t using the currency at all.  What is the point in assessing “value” when everything is exchanged freely?

That is when we can truly begin to stop using Money, period point blank.  That is when we can start to enact another type of system wherein money, and systems of Direct and Immediate Exchange are not used at all.  That is when we will be able to create the Venus Project’s idea of  a Resource Based Free-Access Economy.  An Economy based entirely on Indirect and Transient Exchange, like Nature.  Though, at this point, I’m not sure the Venus Project will actually be participating on this with us, as they seem to have teamed up with UN to become part of their NWO.  No doubt, they will only corrupt the idea of the Resource Based Economy to further enslave their people.

As for us, Taansen Fairmont says in his book, “Sovereignty Consciousness,” regarding our future:

“After this point of worldwide transformation, everyone and everything will have a beautiful inner illumination and music. Universal affluence and abundance for everyone will exist. Basic necessities such as food, clothing, and shelter will automatically be provided for every person without having to work for it. No one will be forced to work. Some will indeed not work, but will still contribute very tangible and valuable vibrations and communications.  Those who do work will do what they enjoy, and therefore it will have tremendous skill, talent, professionalism, and quality. It will be completely voluntary at all times for everyone. Real and complete freedom will finally exist universally.”

Welcome to the Future.

Our Transition to a True Free Access Economy

A True Free Access Economy is The Venus Project’s original idea of the Resource Based Economy, coupled with the fact that no person need to work anymore to partake of Society.  But in order to get there, we have to create a Transition.

As it currently stands, the world exists in Slavery.  We cannot change that about the rest of the world.  At first, we can only bring ourselves out of this slavery by fulfilling Christ’s New Covenant and co-creating our own Meta-Society as the Heirs to the One Global Estate and, at first, operating in the capacity of a Service Based Free-Access Economy.

Then we must grow our Meta-Society throughout the world.  Once the Majority of the Population become Members of our Meta-Society, or at the very least, once we the majority of Businesses in the world are domiciled in our Meta-Society, we will be able to begin the transition from the Service Based Economy to the Resource Based  Free-Access Economy.

Holobank will become our foundation for our first taste of experience of the Free-Access Economy, but it will at first require that people be serving in some capacity in our Society.  Any capacity, even if only as a Transcendental Meditator.

A True Free Access Economy does not use money at all, or any form of exchange, nor does it require that anyone “earn” any such Access.  Instead it is the realization that everyone may freely contribute to and partake of society as they see fit.  Period. Point. Blank.

I wish it were possible to just magically jump from point A to point B, but there are too many factors involved, not the least of which is the mass psychology of billions of people.  It psychologically easier to accept change when it still sticks to something familiar.  For most people, it will already be too difficult to accept the fact that we just create money as needed without that being dependent upon how much we work, or the so-called “value” of our results.  As such, they will need familiarity by not straying too far away from the norm by at least sticking to the idea that one has to “earn” their way in the world through service.

For those that are able to accept this change, they will eventually experience what it will be like when there is a overflow of useless money and a overabundance of products and services thanks to new advents in technology that they will be able to face the fact someday that money really is completely useless, along with the whole idea of Direct and Immediate Exchange.

Then the people will be able to make the decision themselves to stop using money and enact the Resource Based Free-Access Economy.

So how, exactly, does a Resource Based Economy work?  Well, this is in my own words, these are not the words of The Venus Project.  Honestly, I’m not entirely sure how their system would work.  But I know how it ought to work.  It ought to work in exactly the same way Mycelium works in forests.

Mycelium covers the entire surface of the planet.  Mycelium is, in my humble opinion, the 5th Density Physical Brain Counterpart of the Earth’s 5th Density Consciousness.  If you are not familiar with what Mycelium is, is the root structure of mushrooms.  And it resembles brain tissue very closely.  Not only that, but it is proven to a much more efficient neural network than our own brains.

Mycelium are absolutely aware of absolutely every minute little detail of everything that happens within and around their network.  Every plant’s root systems network with the mycelium beneath the soil.  Those with root systems that can’t reach it network with the root systems of other plants that can.

Every plant in the forest both consumes and produces nutrients.  Every plant is always communicating to the Mycelium Network what nutrients it is lacking and what nutrients is producing, and in what quantities/frequencies.  The Mycelium Network takes all that information and moves nutrients throughout the soil in order to ensure that every plant gets exactly the nutrients it needs when they need it.

How can we emulate that in human society?  Simple, we use computer software in which every business and every person puts in their needs/desires as well as their contribution of resources, products or services that others can partake of, and the system, which will likely require Artificial Intelligence, takes all that information to ensure that the Products, Resources and Services of each person and business go where they are needed with the most efficiency and least resistance.

In other words, at that time, you would no longer even have to shop around.  You literally just place an order on the server and it either tells you where you can go to pick it up, or it brings it right to you.  Viola!  Or if you just put in a contribution of recycled resources from your business, it can tell you where to send them.  Or maybe it just sends drones right to you to pick it up for you.

This is what it would be like to live in a Resource Based Free-Access Economy.  On demand access to everything you want and need when you want and need it.  You literally only have to ask.  No “earning” necessary.

Unfortunately, because of the complex nature of humanity, it will take a little while yet before we get there.  But with Metagaiaes, it should take no more than 2 or 3 generations.

Until then, we will have to transition through the Service Based Free-Access Economy, which is still WORLDS better than the Slave System the rest of the world uses.

If you liked what you read here, learn more in my new book The New Age Order – Part 03 – The Solution.

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