Regulation vs. Freedom

We only need to regulate everything in society because of our economic system. I’m not talking about capitalism or socialism, in all practical reality there is little difference between the two. We all use the same economic system throughout the entire world. A system of Direct Exchange, also known as a Pay it Back economy, or a Debt Economy, or a Trade Economy.

This type of economy creates artificial scarcity, because money can only have value at all if there is less of it than there is value in resources. This causes a few to hoard it and invest it in order to maintain control over the resources in order to make more profit from the resources, because that is the way the game is designed. It is designed to enable a few greedy people to live lavishly off the slave labor of others who live in abject poverty at their expense. They not only keep these people poor, but then they tax them for giving them the ability to create fiat money in the first place, in order to pay themselves back for creating money they already used.

It’s a truly fucked up system. The only reason it continues to work is because 99% of people have absolutely no fucking clue how it works. And worse, they are indoctrinated to believe that it actually works for their benefit. To make them free. This freedom is an illusion, however. They say, “money gives us freedom because we can spend it on whatever we want, whereas barter and trade limits our options.”

That’s true. Except 01: we can only spend as much as we make, and most people can barely afford to survive; and 02: barter and trade is not the only alternative. This is why I bring up the concept of the Direct Exchange Economy. Whether it be actual money, fiat money, or barter and trade, it is still Direct Exchange. Direct exchange is the problem.

In nature, all exchange is cyclical. Plants provide an abundance of food for all the animals who give nothing in return to the plants. But animals provide an abundance of food for bacteria and certain insects, who provide nothing in return to the animals. However, these bacteria and insects break down the animals droppings and carcasses into soil which feeds the plants. And the plants give nothing in return to the bacteria, but the cycle continues.

In nature, everything is always producing an abundance of everything and giving it freely, and taking freely of that which is given. Quite literally, one’s man’s shit is another man’s food. Animals don’t go around looking to serve a purpose to earn their existence. Their shit and left over dead body is all the payment they need for food, shelter and a happy life. Imagine that…

No. Really. Imagine that for a moment. What makes humans so different that we have to subject ourselves to unfair working conditions at low pay to just barely survive while the animals, which we see as inferior to us, get to live and thrive happily ever after just for leaving behind their shit and dead bodies? Do you think the “philosophers” who invented our social systems were really observing nature when they came up with these ideas? I’d say it’s obvious they never even considered it.

The very idea of the Credit/Debt system is based on the spiritual concept of Faith and Sin, whereas Faith equals Credit and Sin equal Debt. Another term for this all is Karma. Whereas when one person sin’s, they acrue a Karmic “Debt.” When they commit a virtue, they acrue a Karmic “Credit.” Money represents energy, which is why you are “charged” for a bill, which, as a debt, must now be “discharged,” the same as a Karmic “Debt.”

The only problem with these concepts, is that they are not entirely true. Not exactly as advertised in any case. There is a such thing as a Karmic “Debt.” But there is no such thing as a Karmic “Credit.” Also, Faith has nothing to do with Credit, but rather with Creating, and a Sin is still a debt. But remember, nature is not Direct with her exchanges. So your debt is never discharged through the same person you sinned against. The Karmic Cycle will keep having different people come to you to commit the same sin against you that you committed against another until you finally learn to forgive them, thereby forgiving yourself for the “original sin,” thereby ending the Karmic Debt Cycle. This is indirect, or cyclical exchange.

Other terms for Cyclical Exchange are Pay it Forward Economy, or Free Access Economy, or Open Access Economy. Ecology and Economy have the same root word, “Eco.” Economics is meant to mimic Ecology. Ecology is all about cyclical exchanges in nature. Our economics should reflect that.

If we had a Free Access Economy, everyone would be able to work less, because more people would be able to work, because nobody would have to earn a “livable wage” by wracking up enough hours. We can make things more efficient, meaning people can work even less. Technology can take over many things. In the end, we could all be down to working only about a few hours a week.

In exchange for a few short hours a week, we can go to any store at any time and take whatever we want, but still check it out at the register for inventory control purposes. We can claim any unoccupied property as our own and adorn it and use it as we see fit. We can hire any service company or person to complete any project for us, and we don’t have to pay them because like them, we don’t get paid either. We all just get Free Access to everything in exchange for helping to provide such things for others.

If we did this, we wouldn’t need to regulate everything, because there would be no foundation for greed or corruption to build upon, no nutrition for them to grow upon. A world of pure freedom is self regulated. Everyone is always living for the highest possible standards because we can. Of course, our ideas for highest possible standards will be as varied as our people. But there are certain things that we can all agree upon.

We all all wish to have clean air to breathe. We all wish to live truly healthy lives, to feel our best. We have just been deceived about what constitutes proper health. We all wish to have clean fresh water to drink. We all wish to have and use products that are built with quality to work well and last a long time. We all wish to see and express beauty. We all love entertainment. And most of all, we all love in varied measure, our free time and our social time. And I think we can all agree that most of us do not get enough free time or social time in today’s world.

You see, in a world like this, we don’t have to worry about businesses making shady decisions such as polluting rivers in order to keep waste elimination/recycling costs down to a minimum in order to achieve higher profits. Why? Because they don’t have to worry about profits. In fact, we can now afford to literally recycle every ounce of waste we produce, in order to perpetuate our resources. We can even afford to clean the oceans despite that we can’t make any money doing it. And the best part is, we don’t need regulations or regulatory agencies to make it happen.

Also, the argument that everyone will get too lazy and nothing will get done simply no longer applies. Because if we do this right, in mere decades after we only have to work a few hours per week, most people won’t have to work at all. Do you know what happens when people do not have to spend so much time working doing something they might not want to be doing? That’s right. They spend more time doing the things they want to do. You know what happens when people start doing the things they want to do without having to worry about how to afford it? All the problems we have begin to get solved.

Because that’s what people do. We see problems. We get passionate about them. We solve the problem to make our life, and others, better. That is real human nature when given the freedom it deserves. What fucks it up is money and the idea of Direct Exchange, which enslaves us. It ruins all our relationships because it ruins the root of human relationship, which is based on equality. It ruins this by taking us out of equality and making us all inherently unequal. It not only enslaves us to a system of debt, but it enslaves us to other people in a system of relationships built on ownership, rather than management. But that is a topic for another article.

I’m not saying that we don’t need basic processes and procedures for how our businesses operate, or how our councils operate. I’m saying we don’t need compliance codes and regulatory agencies to ensure that everyone is properly obeying the compliance codes. Given the proper freedom and abundance, human nature will self regulate to higher and higher standards of living on all its own.

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