Governments Are Corporations

As the title of this Article states, Governments are Corporations.  In the United States, the government goes by the legal name of UNITED STATES INC.  This is proof that the United States Government operates as an Incorporated business.  By comparison, the IRS is a private business that operates as an unincorporated Trust Estate, also known as an Unincorporated Business Organization, or UBO.

The United States Government, however, was not always an Incorporated Business.  Prior to 1871, the United States of America operated as a de jure Trust Estate called the “The Republic of the united states of America,” as opposed to the now “United States of America,” or “UNITED STATES INC.”  This change took place via the Act of 1871 when Congress changed the Constitution by just one word (for changed to of) thus creating the de facto US Corporation as the Government of Washington D.C.

Then, in the 1920’s, those that would become the owners of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the United Nations (UN) staged what’s known as a Red-Flag Event, or a False Flag Event, that became the Great Depression.  Just like today, it started with a Pandemic, the Spanish Flu.  As a result, they bankrupted the US Treasury coercing them under duress to re-instate the Federal Reserve and switch over to a Fiat Currency Fractional Reserve Banking System.

The same thing is now happening again, 5 generations later, in order to implement, among other things, the Central Bank Digital Cryptocurrency banking system throughout the world.

Do you see how easy it is to control others with money?  Do you see now how the banking system, the Trade Based Economy itself, is always doomed to failure?  They have to cause some sort of red-flag event every 100 years or so to blame the crash of the economy on, otherwise, the Trade Based Economy would have been replaced eons ago.  There is no such thing as Trade Based Economy that actually works in perpetuity.  They are ponzi schemes, doomed to failure from the very beginning.

Since the U.S. takeover by the Fed Reserve, this strategy has become their default approach to taking over virtually every other Sovereign Government.  This is how almost the entire world was brough under the Trinity of Globalist Control, and today, this is how the entire world is being brought under the New World Order.

So now, we are in the midst of World War III.  But this war is unlike any other war ever waged.  It is not being fought with guns and bombs, it is being fought with lies, propaganda and scare tactics in what are succinctly called Psy-ops, or Psychological Operations.  The goal is to use Medical Tyranny under the World Health Organization to get every Government in the world to participate in the UN’s Agenda 2030 Sustainability Acts.

These Acts, of course, are anything but sustainable.  The real goals are Population Reduction through vaccines; the genetic engineering of human beings, also through vaccines, to turn them into Genetically Modified Organisms so they can be owned; the ability to track the whereabouts of every person using nanomachines in the vaccines; the creation of “Human Habitation Zones” which are really just “Human Farms” so they can squeeze every bit of life possible out of their “Human Resources;” the separation of Humans from Nature by making it illegal for their Human Resources to venture outside of their Human Farms which will be megalithic cities; the list goes on.  “Sustainability” is just the buzzword to get the ignorant masses to vote for it.  The reality is nothing more and nothing less than the complete and total enslavement of the human body AND mind.

This is where the Corporations of the world are taking their people.  The question is, do you want this to be your future?  Because if you believe that your Governments, the UN, the WHO, and International Corporations all have your best interests in mind, this is exactly the future you can expect yourself to land in.

If this is not the future you see for yourself, then you are reading the right blog series.  But before you start thinking it’s a good idea to stage a Revolution and fight against the Powers That Be, consider these words from Einstein and Buckminster Fuller:

“You cannot solve a problem with the same line of thinking that causes the problem in the first place.” – Einstein

“You cannot change reality by fighting the existing system.  To change something, you must create a new system that renders the old one obsolete.” – Buckminster Fuller

A Revolution is Conquest.  The problem itself is Conquest.  We cannot solve that problem with more Conquest.  I have spent my entire life learning, and the past 5 years of my life developing, new systems for a new way of operating Society that allows and requires the Freedom, Equality and Sovereignty of all People.  You will learn about these new systems in The Solution Blog.

So, the question to be posited here is, what does it mean to be a government?  Who can operate as a government?  What is the difference between a government and a business, or an organization?

Fact of the matter is, every business and organization, whether it be non-profit or for-profit, operates with its own body of politics, hence the reason they have “policies.”  If a Government must be either an Incorporated Business or a non-profit organization to operate, then couldn’t a network of businesses and non-profit organizations form together to create their own government for their own alternative society in order to operate outside of the IMF/IRS establishment regardless of whatever borders they operate within?

That is exactly what is proposed in The Solution Blog.  Fact of the matter is, no society exists without Commerce, and Commerce doesn’t exist without businesses and non-profit organizations.  It is safe to say that businesses and non-profit organizations are the very make-up of society itself, including the governments that administrate such societies.  Governments are no more and no less than an organization whose business is the administration of society.

Therefore, it is entirely possible, and eventually inevitable, that businesses and non-profit organizations themselves work together to formulate the overall administrative government body of a society.  That is why I propose that the Alternative Society we create have, as its administrative body of government, Councils whose members are the very same members as the leaders of the businesses and organizations in our Society.

This isn’t really that much different from the currently existing model.  As it stands, businessmen and lawyers act as lobbyists donating vast sums of money to elected officials for the sake of having them do their bidding in the government.  All that we are doing here is cutting out the middlemen and the lawyers allowing the people working in the very businesses of society to operate as the officials of the government itself in a Holographically Organized Anarchism.

I hear you.  You’re all like, “but then we are just allowing the corrupt people to do corrupt things without any obstacles whatsoever!”  And no, we’re not.

First of all, the only Lobbyists that are capable of controlling the governments as they currently are, are the National and International Corporations who are capable of out-bidding the smaller businesses.  Secondly, these are exactly the same businesses and organizations that will not want to join our Alternative Society.  Why would they give up the level of control they have over their Government to participate in an Administration in which they have no Control?

Secondly, the new systems designed for our Alternative Society are incorruptible.  There is no room for corruption because the Administrators cannot arbitrarily make decisions themselves, nor amongst themselves.  All decisions require a vote of Overwhelming Majority by the People before they can be implemented.  No corrupt individual would wish to participate in such a system.  Only Compassionate people who believe that Freedom, Equality and Sovereignty are Natural Birthrights would wish to participate in such a society.

Corruption can only perpetuate itself in the current systems because they are designed for the very purpose of allowing corruption to rule.  They are designed for enslaving the masses, not freeing the masses.  When the masses are free and participate in all Administrative matters that affect them, corruption has no ground upon which to grow.

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