Global Meditation to Counter the Dark Agenda

Throughout history, the most common time for governments to enact their Red-Flag events and kick off the Hegelian Dialectic of “Problem, Reaction, Solution,” has always been Spring and Fall Equinoxes.  The perfect example is that COVID-19 was officially announced as a Pandemic on March 11th, 2020, little more than a week before the Equinox.  Prior to this, the Nuclear Power Plants at Fukushima, Japan were announced to be leaking toxic radiation on March 11th, 2011 following a Tsunami that was caused by a major earthquake under the Pacific Ocean.  And before this was the Twin Towers attack on September 11th, 2001, also a little over a week before the Equinox.

Some good things have also historically happened around these times, of course, for the sole reason that they represent the changing of the seasons from Winter to Spring and from Summer to Fall.  This is the changing from death to new life, and from life into death.  The Spring is meant to be a time of happiness and glad tidings where we focus our attention on what new things we wish to create.  The Fall is meant to be the time of somberness and peace as we let go of that which we no longer need.  Furthermore, these times usually tend to be very powerful astrologically which makes them prime times for magic rituals.  Lately, the Cult Leaders of the World have been using these times to bring the Collective Consciousness down into Darkness.  And they are upping the ante because we are getting ever closer to the time of Evolution in Consciousness that is meant to take us into a New Golden Age of Enlightenment.

Because of this, I believe the absolute GREATEST thing we can do to overcome these Red-Flag Events and potentially prevent them from happening in the future is to turn these dates into a Global Meditation Days, where we all meditate on things like World Peace and Prosperity for ALL and bringing LOVE and LIGHT into this world.

March 20th marks the date that the Sun exits Pisces and enters into Aries, making it a time when focus is shifting from the world of dreams to the world of reality.  This date marks the beginning of the Astrological New Year and is the time to begin focusing our attention on putting action towards our goals.  This is the perfect date to begin such a Global Meditation as astrology will help to maximize its power.

September 22 the Sun exits the hardworking phase of Virgo and enters Libra where we become more adaptable, kind, well balanced, with a love for order and harmony.  Yet another perfect time for a Global Meditation to bring the world into further harmony and order to counter the Dark Agenda.

This year will be a most interesting year as it is the year 2021 in the Gregorian Calendar, as well as the year 2012 in the Mayan Calendar.  Either way, these numbers add up to 5 which is the number that means “New Beginnings.”

The Cult Cabals that currently rule the world make up, at best, only 1% of the human race.  If we get even just 1.01% of the human race to meditate on these days, we can effectively energetically overtake their Dark Agenda and replace it with the Agenda of Light throughout the Collective Consciousness.  Let’s not forget, the Cult Cabals are very organized, and very knowledgeable of astrology and it’s power.  They use it to their advantage for all of their ceremonies, rituals and red-flag events.  So, it is imperative we not only be just as organized, but also just as knowledgeable of astrology so we can use it to our advantage.  This here represents a good start.

If you are not yet familiar with the extensive studies done on Transcendental Meditation by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, it has already been proven that when a minimum of 1% of a population practices Transcendental Meditation, the Superradiance caused by the Meditation causes the Collective Consciousness of the masses to uplift in to higher states of Coherence, which thereby causes crime rates, accident rates, death rates, etc. to all fall dramatically.

There are over 5000 pages of documented proof regarding this.  Unfortunately, it costs $900 to learn Transcendental Meditation as it MUST be taught by specialized practitioners.  But we do not necessarily need to be practicing Transcendental Meditation.  If you can, that would be preferred, but if you can’t, then simply focusing your attention and intentions upon World Peace and Prosperity for as long as you can stay focused will be more than good enough to contribute to the effect.

The Maharishi Effect, also known as the Superradiance Effect works to uplift the Collective Consciousness by making oneself more Coherent.  If you do not know how to practice Transcendental Meditation, then you can try something to the effect of repeating the following words in your mind like a mantra (the same technique as Transcendental Meditation).  Stand or lay in a comfortable position and repeat over and over: “I am Love.  I am Light.  I radiate Love and Light.”  As you do this, imagine you are like a Star radiating Loving, life-giving, Light in all directions.

Or, if you are Christian, Hebrew, Muslim, or Islam, you can pray.  Pray to your God that He intervene in Political Affairs for the Benefit of all.

Now, share this article.  Let it be known that March 20th and September 22nd are the most important days for Global Meditation so that we can begin to counter the Dark Agenda and replace it with the Agenda of Light.

God Bless all you Lightworkers.


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