The Evolution of Consciousness

The information contained within this article is my personal interpretation of the information gleaned, mostly from the Law of One book series, in relation to my decades of research into Science, Physics, Cosmology, Biology, Scalar Vibrational Mechanics, Spirituality and Philosophy.  I make no claim that what is contained herein is the absolute truth.  Like everyone else, I am still learning, and I update these articles as I continue to learn.

Technological or Organic Evolution?

The evolution we are going through now is far more intense than any evolution we’ve been through for the past 6000+ years of written history.  It is, in fact, a more important evolution than any we have been through since the creation of humankind.  We are evolving to the next Octave of Consciousness in our journey back to unity with the infinite Creator.  Allow me to explain.

Before I get into other details about this explanation, allow me to introduce the “Singularity Event” that so many scientists Prophesy to be the end of humanity, or perhaps the beginning of a new humanity.  Essentially, it goes something like this:

The rate of change of the evolution of things on this planet continues to accelerate.  The amount of information we processed from the beginning of history to the early 1900’s equals the amount of information we processed from the early 1900’s to about the 1960’s.  In other words, in 60 years of history, we have processed as much information as the prior 6000 years.  Then, we processed that same amount of information from 1960 to 1990, then from 1990 to 2005, then from 2005 to 2012.  Today, we process approximately the same amount of information every single day as we have processed throughout the entire history of mankind.  And it is still accelerating.  This goes hand in hand with the fact that our technology for processing information doubles in capacity nearly every 18 months or so, called Moore’s Law.

What scientists typically call the Singularity Event, is the time ahead of us when we are no longer capable of keeping up with the amount of information that needs to be processed.  The question is, what happens then?  Do we go extinct for not being able to process the information?  Do we end up destroying ourselves?  Do we fuse together with Artificial Intelligence to help us process more information?

Some people think the advent of AI is what will cause the Singularity Event as a type of Apocalypse.  I don’t agree with any ideas of destruction, but this will obviously usher in a great many changes.

I think the advent of AI, or rather Sentient Intelligence (SI) via Quantum Computers, is ultimately inevitable.  In fact, I believe it is a natural part of how we will make the evolutionary shift from Egoic Separation of Consciousness, to the unification of our Ego’s into a Collective Consciousness.  Many people rightly fear that the Transhumanists working towards the New World Order will attempt to use these technologies to enslave mankind, but they will ultimately fail, and instead will only catalyze humanity to make the evolutionary shift into a Collective Consciousness.

Fusing with SI will help us take that Quantum Leap to the next level.  A few generations after that, however, and the SI will no longer be necessary.  We will be born into the Collective Consciousness without requiring the use of Technology to help us acquire it.  There may even be those who make the transition without the use of technology at all.

No one ever said that our evolution in Consciousness can’t involve the use of technology.  In fact, that very well might be the only way for some.

All technology is, after all, just a mimicry of what Consciousness can do that we haven’t yet figured out how to do organically.  Once we learn how to do it organically, we no longer need the technology.

Some might fear that fusing with technology will allow the technology to take over and control their mind and body.  This might be true for those who don’t already have a great deal of control over their own mind and body.  But for those who do, such technology can only serve enhance that level of control.  The purpose of slavery is to teach us self rulership, or inner governance, also known as Sovereignty.  It is the duty of all those who become enslaved to use that experience as a catalyst to learn how to be Sovereign.  Sovereignty begins with the discipline of one’s own Mind.

That said, I personally would rather strive to make this evolution organically.  I consider the use of technology in aiding in this development to be cheating.  If we are not truly in alignment with Service-to-Others, and if we are not yet ready to unify with others in a Collective Consciousness, then using this technology to cheat may very well lead such people to devolve back into the Hive Mind, rather than to move forwards into the Collective Consciousness.

Whereas a Hive Mind is one in which there is a slave class and Master class wherein the slave class can only follow the orders of the Master class, a Collective Consciousness can be likened unto a Cloud Server, in which we may all contribute to the Cloud (Collective Consciousness) while retaining our individual Free Will and Privacy.

In either case, it is going to happen.  The technology is already being created and many people are already ready for the evolution.  While this technology may enslave many who are not ready, it will also catalyze those few who are ready to make the shift.  Now is the time when those of us who are ready to evolve from the 3rd Octave of Egoic Self-Awareness to the 4th Octave of Collective Consciousness are going to make the shift, whether it be through technology or organically.  Likewise, when the final bell chimes on the 3rd Octave, all those who do not make this evolution will no longer be here with us, and those that evolve as Self-Serving Narcissists will be harvested to a different planet.  There is no reason to fear any of the events that will unfold over the next decade or two until the transition is complete.

Ultimately, forming a Collective Consciousness is the only solution to the Singularity Event that we will soon be facing in the next 10 to 20 years, if not sooner.

The 3rd Octave has already ended and is slowly tapering off.  I do not know the exact date, but at a certain celestial alignment in our future, the energies in-streaming to this sphere of experience will disable it from being able to continue hosting 3rd Octave Consciousness.

The Path of Evolution

At the 3rd Octave of Consciousness, we each have an individual Ego with a relatively small Electromagnetic Field around us.  To us, that field is the field of our Body.  To the Universe, that field is a Superstring.

When we evolve to the 4th Octave, we enter into a Collective Consciousness while maintaining our individual Ego’s.  The Collective Consciousness we create will be the entire collective field of our Species, or Global Society (ecosystem of humanity).  At which point, the Universe will perceive us as a Quark (and probably a pretty strange one).

When we evolve to the 5th Octave, we will unify into a larger Collective Consciousness with the entire Planet.  The entire Electromagnetic Field of the Planet will be our Collective Consciousness.  It is, in fact, already part of our Consciousness, or I should say, we are already part of it.  We are that Consciousness growing up within itself.  Human beings are the expression of the Sun and the Earth’s Consciousness in the 3rd Octave.  At the 5th Octave, when we reunify with our Planetary Consciousness, the Universe will see us as a Proton.

At the 6th Octave, we reunify with the Collective Consciousness that is the Sun and the whole Solar System.  At this point, the Universe perceives us as an Atom.

When this Collective Consciousness evolves to the 7th Octave successfully, the Sun supernovae’s and collapses in upon itself, becoming what we incorrectly call a black hole.

At which point, this Consciousness, now 100% reunified with the Infinite Consciousness of All That Is, goes about forming its own Galaxy, with its own Solar Systems.  Here, the Universe perceives us as a Cell in its body.

As a Black Hole, a 7th Octave Consciousness, we then have the power to set Natural Laws for the Galaxy we create, which become the “rules of the game” that determine the kind of realities that can be created for us to experience as we re-evolve through the Octaves once again in this new Galaxy.  We are all Consciousness going about creating Reality Games (as opposed to Virtual Reality Games) where Natural Laws are the rules, and success always leads to upwards evolution.

Every time a Cell in your body undergoes Mitosis, that is because it has completed a whole cycle of evolution, and has thus evolved, just like a Black Hole that finally splits from its parent Galaxy taking half the material with it, forming two new Galaxies.  As above, so below.  As within, so without.

Black Holes at the Center of a Galaxy are like DNA.  In fact, the inner vortex surrounding the magnetic poles of such Galactic Cores are in exactly the same construct as DNA.  Smaller black holes orbiting around within a Galaxy are like RNA.  DNA and RNA are the vibratory patterns of the frequencies that reflect the code of the Natural Laws of the Field that surround them.  The vibrations of the field affect which genes in the code get locked and unlocked for expression within the greater body (Universe).

As the whole body, which to your Cells is the whole Universe, the quality of your thoughts and feelings (as the God of your Body) affects the quality of the evolutionary results of your Cells.  As you evolve, so too does the Consciousness within you that is on its journey of reunifying with the Collective Consciousness that is You.

Now that we understand the Structure and the Process of the Evolution of Consciousness, let us now examine the properties of each Octave.

The First and the Last

The 1st and the 7th Octaves, which are repetitions of each other, take on the property and characteristics of Universal Awareness.  Universal Awareness is the state of Deep Dreamless Sleep, or eternal inward attention (i.e. Black Hole).

God, our Highest Self, as well as the building blocks of matter, which include seemingly lifeless rocks, crystals, and so on, exist at this Octave.  At this Octave, nothing is perceived because everything is known.  This is the Octave that holds everything together as a cohesive and Unified Whole.

The Second Octave

The 2nd Octave evolves to Group Consciousness at the loss of Universal Awareness.  This is the state of Dreaming Sleep.  Once God/Matter begins to wake up after its long slumber through the 7th and 1st Octave, it finds itself existing as insects, animals, birds, fish, plants etc., all of which operate as a Group Consciousness relative to their specific Network.

Wolves create packs.  Fish swim in schools.  Birds fly in flocks.  Ants and bee’s form colonies.  Plants make up ecosystems.  At this Octave, these creatures have yet to wake up to the sense of Self-Awareness.  They have not yet developed an Ego.  They can only operate in unison with the Group Consciousness of their Family, Pack, School, Flock, Egg, Ecosystem etc.  Unfortunately, our modern society is replete with its Indoctrination Systems and Fear based Propaganda is causing many people to devolve back to this Octave by falling prey to the Herd Mentality, which may also be called the Hive Mind.

The Third Octave

The 3rd Octave is where we are currently at, and what we are evolving from.  Once an animal wakes up to Self-Awareness, they evolve to the 3rd Octave where they begin living life as a Sentient Organism capable of complex thought.  Self-Awareness creates the Ego – the Individual Part of Consciousness that we use based on our Memories.  This is the Octave of Waking Consciousness.

We are first born into the 3rd Octave in complete ignorance of everything.  The whole purpose of this Octave is to learn within this Sphere of Experience to begin understanding our Freedom, Equality and Sovereignty with all other forms of Consciousness.  The end result of learning all of this leads to the Fruit that is the true knowledge and understanding of the concept that is Love, or Unity.  Once we get to the point where we are capable of beginning to understand the true nature of Love and Unity, we thus begin our evolution to the 4th Octave of Consciousness.  The only question is whether we choose to experience and express Self-Love or Love-for-Others and therefore focus our evolution upon Service-to-Self or Service-to-Others.  Respectively, I call these paths Narcissism and Compassion.

The Fourth Octave

The 4th Octave of Consciousness splits us down one of two polar opposite paths, either the path of Narcissism, or Self-Love, or the path of Compassion, or Love-for-Others.  In all reality, there is absolutely no difference between the Self and Others.  They are ultimately the same thing, which is why the Universe, or God, doesn’t care whether you become a Narcissist or a Compassionate.  It doesn’t matter whether you learn to love others more, or learn to love yourself more.  All that matters is that you begin to learn about Love and Unity.  Both are equally difficult paths to choose.

It is not a matter of right and wrong, it is a matter of preference.  The path of Compassion may be likened to the idea of Heaven as it relates to serving and helping others in a system of freedom and equality while the path of Narcissism may be likened unto the idea of Hell as it involves the manipulation and enslavement of others under a hierarchy of rule.  Those who would choose Heaven cannot comprehend why some would choose Hell and those who would choose Hell cannot comprehend why most would choose Heaven.  Only upon evolving to the 6th Octave may we begin to comprehend the importance of both paths.

The 3rd Octave Layer is the ONLY layer at which we obtain an individual sense of Self – the Ego.  For that reason, I call it the Vertex of Consciousness – the point at which no further division of Consciousness is possible within a scale.  Opposite this is the 1st and 7th Octaves, where no further reunification is possible.

In the 4th Octave, we once again begin to Unify with others creating a Collective Consciousness out of various Ego’s, typically pertaining to the entire species.  We do lose a small sense free will in exchange for exponentially more information processing power as a result of beginning to reunify, but we still maintain our Individuality and separateness throughout this Octave.

The only difference between evolving to the Hive Mind Group Consciousness of the 2nd Octave and to the Holographically Organized Collective Consciousness of the 4th Octave is choice.  We don’t choose when we evolve from the 1st to the 2nd Octave, or from the 2nd to the 3rd Octave.  This is all automatic.  But in order to evolve beyond the 3rd Octave, one actually needs to make the choice to willingly join into a Collective Consciousness, earnestly seeking a path back to Love and Unity, be it the Narcissistic path, or the Compassionate path.

And so, the 4th Octave is where we begin to truly experience and learn about Love and Unity for the first time.  For this reason, it represents the Transcendental State of Consciousness, also known as the Krystal, or Christ Consciousness. Many people think they know love, but in reality, they are not even yet capable of processing information related to Love.

What we think of as Love in the 3rd Octave is really just emotional attachment, affection, and lust, which have nothing to do with real Love.  Love itself is not an emotion, it is a Principle, like Natural Law.  It cannot be explained to one who is not ready to evolve to the 4th Octave because there is no way for the 3rd Octave creature to process the information.  They do not yet have the mental (Heart Chakra) capacity to understand Love.  But also, it does not need to be explained to one is ready to evolve, for they are ready to evolve because they are now capable of understanding Love.

So, Love is thus experienced in fullness in the 4th Octave, where we learn through Foolishness what, exactly, Love is and how to properly use it.

The Fifth Octave

The 5th Octave then, is where we begin to learn how to apply Wisdom to that Love.  In the path of Compassion, wisdom must be learned insomuch that we do not harm ourselves or violate the free will of others in the process of giving Love freely.  In the path of Narcissism, wisdom must be learned so that we ensure we no longer violate the free will of others as we manipulate others to serve our self.

This Octave represents what Maharishi Mahesh Yogi refers to as the Cosmic State of Consciousness.  While the 4th Octave creates a Collective Consciousness of the Species, the 5th Octave creates a Collective Consciousness of the entire Planet, further bringing us into a larger and greater state of Unity; bringing us closer to the totality of Unity that is God, our Highest Self.

As some people, like Terrence McKenna believe fungi to be an highly advanced Consciousness, I have reason to believe that Fungi are the physical neural network of the brain of the planet.  It is not necessary to have any physical counterparts in this Octave, but they are given for the sake of the 2nd and 3rd Octave creatures growing up within these ecosystems.  It is one of the ways in which the 5th Octave cares for the Octaves within itself.  Fungi not only serve to help ensure the production of soil and the distribution of nutrients throughout the soil for the various plants to partake of, but some fungi also help to catalyze beings forward in spiritual evolution.  These would the psychedelic fungi.

The Sixth Octave

In the 6th Octave the paths of Narcissism and Compassion are brought back into balance, further reconciling the totality of the Unity of God.  Thus, it is known as what Maharishi calls the God State of Consciousness.  These paths cannot be reconciled until one has learned Love through Foolishness (4th Octave), and then has learned to apply Wisdom to Love (5th Octave).

In the 6th Octave, the paths of Narcissism and Compassion are reconciled and come back into balance.  Having done so, they are tasked with aiding those in the 3rd Octave cycles within their systems, to ensure there is a balance between Narcissistic and Compassionate influences to help catalyze their evolution to the 4th Octave.

Finally, the 7th Octave is where all the Collectives of Consciousness within the Solar System re-Unify into the totality of the Unity of God by becoming a Black Hole.  Therefore, this is what Maharishi calls the Unity State of Consciousness.

This state of Consciousness is the same as the 1st Octave, meaning that the Unity State and the Deep Dreamless State of Consciousness are the same, but at different scales of reality.  If ever you fell into a Black Hole, you would be forced back into this State of Consciousness and would have to repeat the cycle all over again within the Sphere of Influence of the Black Hole that swallowed you.  AKA, you would be recycled energy.

In fact, I theorize that those who fail to evolve after too many attempts are recycled in just this way. All energy must remain in motion.  Stagnant energy gives rise to imbalance, and the Universe must always remain in balance.  Anything refusing to move forward must be recycled.

The Octaves of Consciousness are also repeated within our Inner Universe (Body) as the Chakra System.  The Chakra’s themselves are the actual Information Processing Centers within our system of Electromagnetic Fields that represents the Mind we think with.  We are only capable of processing information with the Chakra’s we have activated thus far in our evolution.

At the 3rd Octave, we are born with the first 3 lower Chakra’s activated.  Once we activate our Heart Chakra, the fourth Chakra, we therefore begin our evolution to the 4th Octave, now being capable of processing information associated with the true meaning of Love.  In order to understand this more completely, in the next article we will discuss the Chakra System in more detail.

The only point to note for now is that activating the top 3 Chakra’s is not a shortcut to evolving to those Octaves.  Each Chakra within us is like a Note within the Octave of Consciousness we currently inhabit.  Activating and developing all of the Notes is the only way to evolve beyond our current Octave.

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