The Forces of Consciousness

“As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear headed science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about atoms this much: There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.” – Max Planck

Remember that the Forces of Nature are the Forces of Consciousness.  They are not meant to be understood in purely physical ways.  In fact, they are not meant to be understood in any physical way.  The Forces of Consciousness are not of the Physical Nature, but of the Spiritual Nature, which is the cause of the Mental Nature as effect, which is the cause of the Physical Nature as effect, which in turn, always serves to validate the will of Consciousness, thus perpetuating the cycle.

We call the forces of nature gravity, electromagnetism, strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force.  But these are really misunderstandings.  These are really the forces of Consciousness called Emotion and Thought, or Love and Light.  Namely, their scientific counterpart terms are Magnetism and Dielectricity.

What we think of as gravity is really dielectricity, which is really emotion, which is what Dewey B. Larson refers to as Dark Light.  It is Dark because we do not perceive it with our physical senses because it is inward flowing.  It is the positive charging polarity of Consciousness that only becomes visible if the Nucleus of the Field is condensed enough to be what we call “matter.”  What we think of as magnetism is really thought, which is what we call Light, or Sound as it is the outward flowing negative polarity that is expanding, radiating, and thus perceptible so long as the frequency is within the visible/audio spectrum.  The Strong and Weak Nuclear Forces are these same forces being repeated at smaller scales, which from our perspective, makes it seem as though they are working a bit differently, but proportionately, they are working the same.

Notice that Light and Sound are always a discharge, like magnetism.  Dielectricity is the Charge, just like Emotion is the Charge.  Emotion discharges as Thought.  Dielectricity discharges as Magnetism.  Emotions are Dielectric and Thoughts are Magnetic by nature.  These are the two Polar Forces of Light.

Love is polarized as the Field and it’s Nucleus.  The Field is the container of the Space, the Nucleus is the enfolded space at the center, or zero point of the field.  The Field is a field of awareness, the Nucleus is the focus of the awareness.  Where attention flows, energy goes.  Attention/awareness causes emotions which discharge as thoughts.  Love is the cause of Light.  Light in return causes Love.  The relationship between Love and Light is just the same as the relationship between the Field and the Nucleus, or Dielectricity and Magnetism – they are a close loop relationship, wherein only one can be the original cause, and thus the one that can change the cycle.

The Field of Attention/Awareness is the original cause of the Nucleus.  Dielectricity/Emotion is the original cause of Magnetism/Thought.  Love is the original cause of Light.  This may seem esoteric, and indeed it is, but it must be.  Physics is, in and of itself, a misnomer, for the Laws of Nature are not physical, but mental, or rather, more correctly, spiritual.  Consciousness is the singularity, and as such, is the original cause of all that is, including the polarity of Mind and Body, or respectively, Time and Space.

The Mind relates to Time in the same way the Body relates to Space.  Both are the polar opposite expressions of Consciousness, just as Love/Light are polar opposite expressions of Consciousness.

What we think of as Gravity, or Mass, is directly related to the capacity for Attention.  Attention is the gravitational force, if we can mistakenly describe it that way.  It is actually the negative polarity of Dielectricity seeking to find its balance upon the surface of the Nucleus.  The more Love, the more Emotion, the more Attention, the larger the field, the greater the mass, or gravity, or more correctly, Dielectric pressure.  Consequently, thus, the more Light.  Black holes, for example do shine a lot more light than Stars, it’s just not in what we know as the “visible” spectrum – the frequency is much higher than we are capable of “seeing.”

With this, science doesn’t need to invent things like “force carriers” and “dark energy/matter.”  The forces are the forces of Consciousness itself, the carrier is the Ether, which is the substance of Consciousness itself, which is what scientists like to call “Dark Energy,” or “the Quantum Vacuum,” or “the fabric of spacetime.”

Ether is a peculiar concept, and I use it markedly different from those who revered it in the past.  Brilliant minds such as Walter Russell and Dewey B. Larson have determined the Ether to be entirely useless in their concepts of physics.  And in a sense they are correct in their assumptions of Field Theory and Scalar Mechanics respectively.  Whereas Dewey B. Larsons Scalar Mechanics brings our attention to Scalar Motion, which is the “how,” Walter Russel’s Field Theory explains the “what.”

Scalar Motion is unlike Vector Motion.  Dewey often uses the example of the balloon to explain.  Imagine a balloon fully expanded.  Now imagine 3 points on that balloon.  When the center point moves from one point to the other, that is called vector motion, which is what science mainly deals with.  Now imagine the balloon expanding and contracting.  As it contracts, the 3 points move closer to each other at the same rate, as it expands the 3 points move farther from each other at the same rate, all the while, the proportions remain the same.  This is called Scalar Motion.

In Walter Russells Field Theory, the claim is made that the Ether is no longer necessary because everything can be explained as being contained within the Fields of Particles, which range in size anywhere from the planck unit to the whole universe.  Space is only contained within their respective fields, and the density of such space may differ from field to field, thus, the speed of light and therefore the speed of time, will also vary from field to field.  The space within each field moves with each field, and also moves within each field in a vortexing pattern, which is, itself, the flow of dielectricity and magnetism.  However, nowhere in this theory does it explain what the “substance” of space is, and space is, most certainly, a substance.

The substance of space is the same throughout all fields, and is why all fields differ in density.  This substance, which can be thought of itself as an infinitely continuous substance, undivided and unbroken throughout the infinite and eternal scope of reality, is what I call the Ether.  So the Ether is the infinite and eternal expanse of the substance of all that is, which I also call “Spirit” or “Consciousness.”  Space is that portion of the Ether which is contained within its respective Field.  As such, the terms Space and Ether are relatively interchangeable.  But it is important to note that the Nucleus is also made of Ether which enfolded upon itself insomuch that it creates many more fields all closely grouped together as we call “Matter.”

Furthermore, all Nuclei are hollow, containing a “void” in their center which is the area of maximum balance between the inward and outward flowing energies.  Walter Russell refers to this area as the “Shaft of stillness.”  Dewey Larson refers to it as “Still magnetic Light” or “Dark Light.”  It is the area of maximum stillness, where the heart of Consciousness lies.  This still point exists at the center of every field no matter what scale, and they all are gateway to the source of all creation – the One Infinite Creator itself.

To help, here are some new definitions for some old terms based on the existence of the Ether as a fact:

“Energy” is the pressure of the Ether upon itself, which exists as infinite potential in a neutral field, and as finite kinetic energy in a polarized field.

“Dielectricity” is the compression/charge of the Ether pressure within a field.  Gravity is commonly mistaken for Dielectricity.

“Magnetism” is the decompression/discharge of the Ether pressure within a field.

“Electromagnetism” is the nature of the relationship between dielectricity and magnetism within a field, which is the vibration between the compression/charge and decompression/discharge of the Ether within a field, which generates a geometric form based on the relationship between the Emotion/Dielectricity and Thought/Magnetism.  May also be called “Light.”

 “Field” is the space, or area, within the infinitely vast Ether that has finite boundaries dictated by the perimeter of the toroidal flow of the Ether, representing the attention of Consciousness upon a given point and may also be called “Love.”

“Space” therefore, only exists within a field of Etheric flow and “Time” therefore, is the rate (frequency) at which Light may propagate through the Ether as dictated by the density of the Ether in the field.

“Mass” then, is determined by the Density of the Ether within the Field which is directly related to the value of the Dielectric Charge.

“Void” is the central point within the Nucleus of a field around which (nucleus) the charge and discharge nature of the field are in perfect balance, and within which (Void) is the direct connection to the Source of Intelligent Infinity.

Finally, “Matter” is the electromagnetic relationship of the interactions of Electromagnetic Nuclei at the same scale.  While fields may take up the same space at the same time, Nuclei cannot, and thus we experience the effect of physical material as a result of these electromagnetic properties.

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  1. I’ve seen what I call blue see through people much like this in meditation, they were friendly, like a council and they had robes on. I was transported in front of them, I kind of felt naked, but wasn’t, and they were friendly and smiled and I quickly was like transported somewhere else. I’ve also seen Jesus in meditation.

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