13 Sectors

The 13 Sectors of Administration

In the International Association of Metagaiaes, we will ultimately have 3 layers of Councils consisting of 13 Sectors. Each Sector is based upon the 11 physiological systems of the organism, the 1 Chakra System of the Mind and the 1 Nadi System of the Spirit. This was chosen due to the fact that nature is holographically organized as as a system of organisms within organisms, as all of reality is ultimately One Living Entity.

The 3 layers of the councils will consist of the Local, National and International layers of our Association/Society. The Local layers will be called Meta-Nations, while the National Layers will be called Bio-Regions. So, we will have what we call National Councils, Regional Councils and the International Council which is called the Council of Light. The terms Multiverse Council, Cosmological Council and Holoverse Council are also under consideration given the nature of the Metatocracy. Each council will consist of the 13 Sectors, and will administrate themselves according to the Metatocracy.

The 13 Sectors are as follows:

Circulatory System

The Circulatory System is the Central Processor of the Council. Just as the Circulatory System of the organism is governed by the Heart organ which is the central processor of the organisms nervous system, so the Circulatory System Sector acts as the Central Processor of the Council. This is the only Sector that does not consist of Unified Fractal Organisms (UFO’s), but instead consists of Core Ambassadors of each of the other 12 Sectors. This is what allows all of the other Sectors to remain in communication with each other and remain transparent with each other so that all the Sectors can continue to work together in unity and harmony.

Nervous System

The Nervous System is the brain Sector of the Council. This Sector acts in the capacity of Advisors, Strategy and Planning. As such, this Sector will consist of such UFO’s as Marketing Specialists, Business development specialists, Think Tanks, Public Relations Specialists, and so on.

Endocrine System

The Endocrine System is what regulates the overall health and wellness of the organism. It controls all the hormones and thus such things as our sleep/wake cycle, growth, and healing. As such, this Sector also relates to Health and Wellness and will consist of such UFO’s as Hospitals, Doctor’s Offices, Dentists, medical researchers, energy healers, gyms/physical therapy/yoga practitioners, and all other types of businesses related to healing, health and wellness.

Respiratory System

The Respiratory System is mainly responsible for energy production. Not only do we take in Oxygen which is energy for the body as we breath, we also literally take in electricity and prana through the breath which is our primary source of energy. The respiratory system is also involved in speech and communication. As such, the Respiratory System Sector relates to energy production and communications and will consist of such UFO’s as Power Plants, Telephone/Cellphone Communications Providers, Internet Providers, TV providers, News Networks, etc.

Digestive System

The Digestive System is responsible for the gathering and distribution of resources such as nutrients and minerals from the foods we eat to both supply us with energy as well as rebuild our organic infrastructure if you will. As such, this Sector relates to Resource Management and will consist of UFO’s like Holobank – our temporary Central Banking System – mining companies, shipping and distribution companies, dock ports, airports, etc.

Skeletal System

Speaking of infrastructure, the Skeletal System is what acts as the structure of the body. As such, this system consists of such UFO’s as Construction companies, Home improvement contractors and remodelers, electricians, plumbers, building code compliance inspectors, etc.

Renal System

The Renal System is what filters old materials and toxins out of the body. It is, essentially, the waste management system of the body. As such, this Sector consists of such UFO’s as Recycling companies, environmental protection companies, sustainability management companies or what I would prefer to call, Environmental Harmony companies. Notice how I did not mention garbage companies. That is because there is no such thing as waste in nature. Everything can be recycled to perpetuate our resources, as nature intended. Everyone’s trash is someone else’s resource.

Musculatory System

The Musculatory system, which also consists of the Fascia and tendons, is what holds the body together, protects it, and makes it work. As such, this Sector consists of UFO’s that deal with our local, national and international defense, such as Peace Keepers. Rather than having a police force and a Military we will have Peace Keepers – the name Guardian Alliance is under consideration. Our Peace Keepers will be trained in the art of Self Defense but will not be trained in weapons of mass destruction. Rather, they will be trained in technology of mass creation, such as Transcendental Meditation (TM) and other similar meditations – whichever best resonates with the person. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has done extensive research on the efficacy of TM and has proven hundreds of times that with only 1% of the population practicing TM, sickness goes down, violence goes down, wars can end, poverty can be eliminated, even hurricanes and earthquakes can be averted. We have no need to fight if we practice meditations that raise the state of the Collective Consciousness to higher frequencies. And doing so doesn’t only protect ourselves, it also helps everyone else.

Immune System

The immune system is what fights off infections from such things as bacteria and virus’s. Thinking of sickness and disease as injustices to the organism, we can think of the Immune System Sector as the Judicial/Legal Sector of the Councils. As such, UFO’s such as Courts and Lawyers offices will make up this Sector. This Sector will also be the one responsible for updating the legal codes of their jurisdictions as they are changed by the will of the people.

Integumetary System

As the surface of the body, skin not only protects us from outside forces, but is also radiates our beauty and uniqueness to the world. It is how we display ourselves. As such, it seems appropriate to relegate to this Sector the industries of Media, Arts and Entertainment. As such, Artists, Entertainers, Media Producers, and so on will make up this Sector.

Reproductive System

It is obvious what the reproductive system does, but it is also related to child rearing and development. As such, this Sector could relate to such things as Education. While we do not believe public indoctrination systems, we do believe in self-guided, mastery oriented education, and I, personally, would like to establish what I call Gardens – places of spiritual and practical growth teaching the Mystery School Teachings and other spiritual philosophies to people of all ages to help everyone achieve their highest potential. In this way, we can always ensure that we are reproducing our values, cultures, philosophies and systems to each successive generation as we continue to grow and evolve throughout the world.

Chakra System

The Chakra System is the Mind of the Body, it is what governs emotions and thoughts, rational, analytical, and otherwise. As such this Sector deals with Science, Technology, Space and other related forms of research and development.

Nadi System

The Nadi System is purely spiritual. It that within which resides the soul, the source energy that animates the body and mind with Consciousness. As such, this Sector relates directly to any and all forms of Spiritual Research and Development.

And there you have it. These are the 13 Sectors of each Council of the International Association of Metagaiaes. If you think we are missing anything, please let us know. While we won’t add more Sectors, we will figure out which Sector it may belong to.

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