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Tartaria or Something Else?

There’s a new Conspiracy floating around the net these days that’s gaining traction because there is a lot of evidence to support some of the claims. Unfortunately, there are other certain claims being made within this Conspiracy that simply do not add up when compared to other historical versions of history. Let’s examine these claims and our history to separate fact from fiction.

If you haven’t yet looked into the Tartaria Conspiracy, go ahead and take a look now, that way we can compare fact with fiction.

Assuming you have already studied up on Tartaria then, let’s get into it.

The first claim made in the Tartaria Conspiracy is that all the cities that are made of exquisite stone architecture were not built by us, but by a previous civilization that spanned the entire globe who understood, very well, the workings of nature, electromagnetism and astrology. This claim is based on:

1. Pictures from the 19th Century that depict these large cities in the 1860’s as being completely empty and void of life, then shortly thereafter pictures begin to emerge of the same cities bustling with life;

2. the fact that almost no one today knows how the gigantic and extremely detailed buildings could have actually been built even with modern day technology;

3. the fact that all of these cities have been buried under 20 ft of dirt covering the first floor of each building; and

4. the fact that the history regarding the construction of these buildings is largely unrealistic, where they make claims that these structures were built in lengths of time that would be far shorter than we would even be able to construct these buildings today with our modern technology, but they want us to believe these structures were built using nothing but ancient hand tools.

The evidence presented is quite compelling. I would presume this claim to be true. However, their next claim is that these buildings were built by a race of human beings who were subsequently wiped out in a cataclysmic event just before the 1860’s that they claim to be of alien origin. They claim we were invaded by a service to self extra terrestrial race who now rules over the world as our Shadow Government, and they gained this control, first by wiping out the vast majority of our population, and then creating all sorts of false history and filling in all the cities with about 20 feet of dirt to replace our history with, and then repopulating the cities.

This claim is close, but no cigar. While it is entirely possible that such a race could replace the modern books of the time, it does not account for books, murals, stone tablets, and other artifacts of written history that are clearly much older than the 1860’s. There is no way these ancient historical accounts could have been altered without there being evidence of the alterations, and this claim does not account for the plethora of history that has not been changed.

I think we can all agree that most of the history we are taught today, especially regarding the last few hundred years, is mostly false. And if our leaders today are so willing to create such false histories in order to create their own narrative and agenda for their people, then it stands to reason that most leaders of the past did the same thing. But it is still quantifiable that our ancient historical artifacts show no signs of alteration, and none of them speak of an ancient global civilization that existed before the 1860’s – except one.

The Sumerian Clay Tablets speak of a race of beings, called the Annunaki, who came here some 450,000 years ago to mine gold which they needed to restore the atmosphere on their planet. Having discovered that the gold was very difficult to mine, they opted to create a slave race. These tablets then go on to very intricately describe how they spent thousands of years figuring out how to create a hybrid race through genetic engineering using Homo Erectus Fathers and inseminating them into Annunaki Mothers. After many failures, they finally made the first Homo Sapiens which they called the ADAMU.

By this time, the Annunaki was already a global civilization. The buildings that we see all around us in our cities, the churches and citadels, the government buildings, the Colosseums, Mausoleums, Arks, Aqueducts, Fountains, and so on, which were all part of an electromagnetic free energy grid were constructed by these Annunaki, not using basic hand tools, but using highly advanced technology.

This would explain why the majority of the statues to be found engraved on all these structures, and the statues that make up many of their fountains and decorations are depicted as what we, today, call “angels.” This is what the Annunaki beings looked like. Think about it, we create statues of ourselves today, depicting ourselves in our own image. Would the Annunaki not do the same? If these cities were built by humans, then where does the idea come from to create statues that look like angels long before the invention of any religion in which angels exist?

These depictions of angels are what the Annunaki themselves actually looked like. Which is precisely why many ancient human cultures depict them as birds. It is likely that when these beings were interacting with these ancient cultures after the last deluge, they wore masks to hide their identity, but could not cover up their wings, so they took on the form of humanoid birds with their masks. However better to make a primitive race believe you to be a god?

This explanation reconciles the construction of these buildings with the actual race of beings that created them along with their global civilization, which existed up until the deluge. It was not a previous global civilization of peace loving humans, but a global civilization of Extra Terrestrials. The very same ET’s who created the human race to be slaves, and yes, they still rule over us to this day as a Shadow Government.

But how do we explain the pictures of the 1860’s in which these cities are empty and filled with dirt? Well, after the deluge, human beings were scarce. According to the bible, there was only Noah and his Sons and Daughters in Law who then repopulated the planet. I’m sure there are other explanations as well, as I don’t necessarily consider the bible, especially in its current form, to be an authoritative historical document. But nonetheless, we can certainly conclude that the population of humans was drastically reduced around this time.

It was after the deluge that the Annunaki, having for the most part completed their goal in restoring their atmosphere, decided to have the humans rule over themselves, but not without the Annunaki remaining the Shadow Government behind them. They did this by inventing various religions, starting with the polytheistic religion of the Sumerians. Then the Egyptians, and then the Mayans and Aztecs, and at some point throughout this, the Hindu. This accounts for the tan races of humans. It doesn’t explain where the black and white people came from.

This is really an article for another time, but suffice it to say for now that the tan races are the hybrids between the Homo Erectus and the Annunaki, white people were seeded here from Mars after destroying the atmosphere on their planet and black people are the natural evolution of Home Erectus to Homo Sapiens. This information does not come from any particular historical document for there is no way anyone in our past history could have known this, not even the ancient white people. As far as they were concerned, they were just here. Rather, this information comes out of the book “The Law of One” in which a team of scientists and researchers managed to Channel the Collective Consciousness of RA, one of the beings who has been overseeing the evolution of mankind on earth since our inception.

Within this book, RA explains that Yahweh, another Collective Consciousness who is overseeing our evolution, visited what we today call the Hebrew (one of the original white races) in order to teach them the Law of One. However, a service to self being of the Collective Consciousness of Orion, around that same time, infiltrated our planetary sphere of experience due to the call of the Hebrew, causing them to receive mixed messages. Due to these mixed messages, they created a service to self religion/philosophy, but with only One Creator. This then, was the first monotheistic religion that would last for the long term. In this sense, it was a step forward, but in many other ways, it was multiple steps backwards. This information can be backed up by ancient gnostic texts detailing how they saw the Hebrew communicating, not with Yahweh, but with an entirely different being they called Yaldobaoth.

In order to try to remedy this situation, Yahweh then came down in physical form as the being we know as Jesus Christ, in order to, 1. teach mankind, in particular the Hebrew, about Love and Service to Others; and 2. through sexual encounters, create a superior race, which Yahweh hoped would overcome the service to self mentality having larger, stronger bodies and higher natural intelligence. Unfortunately, this too, backfired, and they became what we today, call the Aryan race. This particular race is the same race of beings that today considers themselves superior to all other humans and regards themselves as Royalty, having the right to rule over all others, and has been working on establishing the NWO with a global government ever since, under the influence of both the Annunaki and the Orion’s. They generally refer to themselves today as Zionists.

Eventually, as our populations grew, we would slowly begin to inherit more and more of these lost cities and repopulate them. The massive amount of dirt left behind in all of them was not from a recent cataclysmic event that happened just before the 1860’s. It was from the last deluge. The reason there are so many pictures of these cities being empty around the 1860’s is simply because they had not yet been repopulated by the growing human population.

However, it simply would beg too many questions to say these cities were already there, so false histories were invented to explain the construction of these cities. After all, we humans tend to become very curious whenever mysteries are presented to us that cause to go about digging for the truth, just as in the case of the Tartaria Conspiracy now that the evidence is coming to light.

To the best of my knowledge, the is the truth regarding the Tartaria Conspiracies. It reconciles all the evidence coming to light with actual documented history. But what do you think? Let me know in the comment section below.

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