Networks, Not Borders

It has come to my attention that many people have a difficult time understanding how we can have a Global Nation without borders.  Someone even suggested that we start as a small commune and expand from there.  The problem with that is that people would actually have to move there to be able to participate in the Society.  In a world as technologically advanced as ours, with our ability to communicate all the way across the world in seconds, there is no reason we should all have to live in the same place to participate in the same Social Structure.

So, allow me to explain exactly how a Society based on Networks of people would actually work.

There are several currently existing jurisdictions of Law.  There are local, municipal and national jurisdictions of Public Statutory Law.  These jurisdictions, for example, are only enforceable within the borders they pertain to.  Then there is Common Law and Canon Law, both of which are much older than Public Statutory Law.  Canon Law is the law of the Biblical Canon and pertains strictly to the Vatican Church.  Common Law is the Law of the Land where, essentially, previous court cases are used to judge current and future court cases.  Then there are the International Jurisdictions, of which, there are two: Admiralty/Maritime Law, which is the Law of the Sea pertaining to Commercial Transactions, and in particular, the Military, which has its roots in Great Britain; and Private Equity Law which is the extension of Natural Law in human affairs.

Private Equity Law is the jurisdiction of the Sovereigns.  This is the law the Sovereigns follow in their Private Contracts and business arrangements.  It’s what the Sovereign’s use to own Private Property and to keep their assets where they cannot be taxed by any government or NGO.  Any property held in Trust using Private Equity Law is Private Property.  No Government has any jurisdiction over or authority on Private Property.  Even police officers can be said to be “trespassing” on Private Property if they show up unannounced.

Private Equity Law is the jurisdiction of law that we in Metagaiaes will be using to form our Networks of people.  Every business and organization that chooses to join Metagaiaes simply needs to use a Natural Law Trust to turn their business properties into Private Property where the town, state and nation have no jurisdiction.  Every family should also deeply consider putting their personal home into a Natural Law Trust to turn that into Private Property.

This makes the land of our Private Property Sovereign in its own Right.  Now, instead of having to move to a specific location for us to participate in our own Social Administration, we can simply Network together, using online communications to participate in our Social Administration.  In fact, I am working on getting people together to create a Holographic Crypto Blockchain based Social Media Network to act as the Communication Medium for our Social Administration.  This way, it will become all the easier to communicate.  The Social Media Network itself will be organized just like the Social Administration, making it even easier to communicate with those in our Networks.

If you do not currently own property for you personal home or family estate, eventually Holobank will become a reality giving us a Free Access Economy which you will be able to use to pay off your property so you can get the Deed and put it into a Natural Law Trust.

What is nice about this is the fact that if any country ever decided to try and squash Metagaiaes, they will have a very difficult time doing so.  If we had a small commune, or a series of small communes, they could easily affect large numbers of our people very easily by simply attacking one place.  But with all our people spread out throughout the world they would never be able to attack everyone all at once.  They would, in fact, have a difficult time even attacking one of us since they would be breaking not only their own laws in the process, but would be committing International War Crimes in doing so.

In the meantime, we will continue growing throughout the world from everywhere throughout the world.  More and more property would become Private Property leaving less and less room for their Statutory jurisdictions to work within, even within their own borders.  This is how we can peacefully change the world without requiring a single weapon.

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