How To Speak To Yourself

How you speak to yourself is of utmost importance.  Words have power.  Words are vibratory constructs filled with meaning, and their usage, however subtle in difference, not only reflects ones emotions, but can dramatically affect them too.

Emotions are the creative power of Sentient Beings. Thoughts, real thoughts, are the discharge of Emotion.  But everything is a biofeedback loop in reality.  While emotions “effect” our thoughts, our thoughts can also “affect” our emotions.

Sometimes, therefore, the only way to change one’s emotions is to change one’s thoughts.  Not specifically, the thought itself doesn’t change, but rather, how it is said in the mind.

For example, when you say to yourself, “I really want to take a vacation this year,” what you are really saying is, “I don’t think I will be able to take a vacation this year.”  When you say, “I really hope my business plan will work out this year,” what you really saying is, “I don’t believe my business plan will work out this year.”

You need to change these thoughts to “I am taking a vacation this year,” and “This is the year my business takes off.”

You have to remember, now, you were speaking the way you were speaking before because that was your emotional reaction.  That emotional reaction was based on a subconscious mental program called a belief or a habit or some other attribute of what Bob Proctor calls your “inner paradigm.”

Another example is something I was once afflicted with.  I believed that I was not worthy of my ideal partner.  Once I realized this, I was able to recognize it when something I was thinking or saying was reacting to that emotion.  Every time I realized that I was having that emotion after that, I would say to myself, “I am worthy of having a partner that believes she is worthy of having me.”

I would repeat this as a positive affirmation every time I felt the emotion so as to reprogram that emotion over time to a feeling of worthiness.  I remember this example so well because it was the very first belief I intentionally reprogrammed.  It took me about 1 year.

I finished that sentence in a way that made sense to me at the time so as to affect myself to believe I am worthy.  You may have the finish that sentence differently.  Your beliefs are your beliefs.  Your experiences are your experiences.

What is going to work for you might not be the same as that which works for me.  You are the only one who can decide what specific approach will work best for you in each new program you discover within yourself that needs to be reprogrammed.

For those of you who have a dream but don’t necessarily care for money, stop being distracted by the need to have money to fulfill your dream.  Thoughts based on not having the money to do what is needed are thoughts saying, “I don’t really want to do it,” or “I believe it doesn’t matter how hard I try.”  This isn’t really what you feel, though.  Is it?

This is an indoctrinated program.

Our instincts tell us that nothing should hinder us from fulfilling our dreams, but our reality tells us that money is the biggest obstacle to fulfilling our dreams.

Rather than turning our desire over to money, because it is not really there, we should be turning our desire to what we really want.  Instead of using our imaginations to try and conjure money, or even a sense of desire for money, we should be using our imaginations to live our dream of the future in the present moment.

We don’t need to know how the dream will be paid for.  We don’t need to know how the dream will manifest itself into reality.  We don’t need to know what the plan is for the dream to manifest.

Consciousness takes care of all that.  Consciousness is infinite.  Let the infinite take care of the infinite details.

We only need to focus on the big picture.  The dream.  By doing so, we remain open to the signs and opportunities for helping it to manifest into reality.

That said, a little bit of education goes a long way.  The more one knows, the more aware one can be of the many opportunities available to them.  Never stop learning, especially about your passions.

For those of you that do care about money, I advise you to reconsider what it is you actually care about.  What you really care about is not the money, but what the money can buy.

You care about the food.  The houses.  The vacations.  The cars.  The luxury.  That material things in life.

There is nothing wrong with that.

But just admit it.

Because if you don’t, you can’t have it.

You have to be able to acknowledge your truth, or you can’t own it.

You will never be able to embody something that you know isn’t true.  That includes the masks you wear.

Once you accept what it is you really want, you can then begin to work on manifesting it into reality.

You can never manifest anything you don’t really want.  But you can keep yourself from manifesting what you do want.

Now keep in mind, the first time you do this for every new shift, it will not succeed at first.

What you are doing by creating these small shifts in language is reprograming your mind to respond with a different kind of emotion.  And you will never succeed the moment you start doing it.

Reprogramming your inner paradigm takes time.  It is a process.

You are still wanting.  You are still hoping.  You are still feeling desire and the basic overarching emotion called “care,” which is, itself, a form of Love.  This is how reality creates.  All begins with Love.

By caring, by wishing, by hoping, by desiring, and using that energy as motivation to use your mind towards the end of manifesting the thoughts and imaginations within those emotions into reality, you are – so to speak – charging a battery.

And after every possible failure, when you just can’t think of any other possible solutions, when you are just too damn exhausted to even care anymore, to hope anymore, to desire anymore… that’s when you flip the switch within yourself.  The battery stops charging because you stop caring, and so now the battery begins discharging into your reality.

Everything you have worked so long and so hard for all finally comes to pass now, seemingly effortlessly, all on its own now that you finally don’t care anymore.

This is because Consciousness can only reflect back to you what you are doing in the mind, and what you are doing in the mind is feeling emotion, and those emotions are creating your reality.

When you are desiring, wishing, hoping, and caring, you are saying, “I don’t have,” “I don’t believe,” “I don’t know.”

However, you cannot care to want what you already have.

It is only when you stop caring to want that you are ready to have.

But you cannot shortcut this process.  If you don’t fully charge the battery, it cannot properly discharge your truly desired reality.

It could take days.  It could take months.  It could take years.  It could take decades.  It all depends on what you are trying to manifest, as well as how well you understand, and how efficiently you use, the Process of Creation and the Law of Attraction.

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