The Law of One states that there is but one Infinite and Eternal Singularity.  That Singularity is the Ether, Spirit, Consciousness, God, whatever you want to call it.  The Trinity is how the Singularity operates, it is how the Singularity relates to itself in order to make and take actions. The Trinity is nothing more and nothing less than the Polarity of the Singularity, where the Polarity is the opposite forms of expression of the Singularity. 

For example, positive and negative are opposite expressions of Electricity.  But this is not Duality, it is Trinity – Two opposite expressions of One thing – 1+2=3. Trinity is Unity in Synergy.  Synergy is the Harmonic Relationship of a Holistic System.  A Holistic System is a Singular System, not made of separate parts, but of distinct aspects that function in unison.  Holistic Systems operate as Holographic Trinities.  Gluons, Quarks and Protons are are the prime example of a Holographic Trinity.

The primary opposite expressions of Consciousness are what we call Love and Light.  Love and Light are also Trinities in and of themselves. Love is the Attention of Consciousness, which creates a Field around a Nucleus, where the Field is the Attention, and the Nucleus is the object of Attention.  So, the Field and the Nucleus are the expressions of Love.

Light is the Intention of Consciousness, which is the Compression and Decompression of the Ether between the Field and Nucleus – also known as Dielectricity and Magnetism, respectively – which generates motion within the Ether within the Field around the Nucleus through Frequencies – called Electromagnetism – which generates geometries in the 3D field called Thoughts and Feelings, and generates smaller geometries around the Nucleal Membrane, called Matter, or Form. 

So, Dielectricity and Magnetism are the expressions of Light. Together, Love and Light thus create another Trinity – the Mind/Body/Spirit Complex, where the Intentions of Consciousness are experienced as the Mind in the Field, and are experienced as the Body in the Nucleus, where Spirit is the Singularity of Consciousness.

The Mind and the Body are thus opposite expressions of Consciousness.  Where one is the Field and consists of the Mind, it relates to Time – the Plane of Causes.  Where the other is the Nucleus and consists of the Body, it relates to Space – the Plane of Effects.

The Plane of Causes and the Plane of Effects are polar expressions of Consciousness, where the Mind becomes the Cause and Matter becomes the Effect.

The Mental polarity of Consciousness is what causes the effect of the Physical polarity of Consciousness.  That is, Physical Reality is manifested by the power of the Mind.

In turn, the Mind is manifested as an expression of Consciousness.  Both the Mind and Body are Polarities in themselves, where the Mind is the polarity of the Attention of Consciousness (the Field and its Nucleus) and the Body is the Polarity of the Intention of Consciousness (the physical manifest form of the geometries of Thought/Emotion within the field).

Consciousness may be the Original Cause of Creation, but the ongoing evolution of Creation is determined by the individual use of the Minds generated by Consciousness.

We are the Creator Creating Itself.

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