The 3 Reasons to Invent a Religion

Are you religious? Do you know why your religion was created? Do you know why there are so many religions?

Every single religion can trace its roots back to Ancient Sumer. The polytheistic gods of Ancient Sumerian Religion is the first religion to exist in all of what’s left of human written history. Akkadia, otherwise known as Babylon, was a society co-created by human ingenuity absent of extra-terrestrial influence for the one and only time in all of human history, directly following the deluge.

According to the history recorded in the clay tablets – a history written in such deep metaphors it leads many to call it mythology – the Annunaki, from the planet Nibiru, created the human race as a hybrid between itself and Homo Erectus, for the sole purpose of being a slave to mine gold for them. But what is mythology if not history?

It took a couple thousand years to get to the point of Babylon after the Deluge, but humans were doing so well, all on their own without any guidance from the gods that the Head god, ENKI came up with the idea that, instead of ruling over us directly like they always had in the past, they would have us establish our own ruling systems and continue to appear as though we are ruling over ourselves to help us live under the illusion of freedom whilst enslaving ourselves to the system, with the Annunaki as the Shadow Government, secretly ruling from behind the scenes.

So, how do you go about establishing rulership systems amongst a people who are advanced in the ways of nature, understanding anarchistic equality, living in harmony with each other and nature to suddenly enter into slave based hierarchical models of thinking and acting without causing a revolt?

First, you confuse them. In most of the (his)stories this confusion comes about as a result of the changing of humanities one native tongue (presumably Akkadian) into many different languages. Without the ability to communicate, they could no longer share information. There was no more reason for them to stick around. They had to go their separate ways until they could even understand themselves again.

This was the first act of Divide and Conquer ever inflicted upon our peoples. The second, was the creation of Religion.

Having them now divided into less powerful, smaller groups, who are easier to influence or destroy, the Annunaki can then infiltrate these groups pretending to be different types of gods, or God, and begin “teaching” the people, in their own language, they they invented for them, the religion of this god, or God, and what to do obtain a better future, and the consequences of not doing it.

This was easy. The written language was only taught to a select few “chosen” people who would be called priests, or magi, or sorcerers, or whatever, who would thus be the first indoctrinated into the religion – the one that is taught to the common person, AND the one that is taught only to the select few (it helps boost the ego and make them feel as though they truly have the right to rule over others).

These priests would then indoctrinate the masses, who were at first, smaller groups of people, to weak and powerless to see through the deception, too desperate for hope. It was important, however, to make sure only the select few could read and write, because we had to make sure the masses never got to know the true religion that only the “chosen” ones were taught. The religion that gives them power and influence over others because it is based on true principles of Natural Law.

So, why create a religion?

One: Fear.

With a religion, you are speaking of the ethereal, that which is beyond the here and now, nothing is provable or disprovable by any means, whatsoever. In order to instill fear, you first need to instill faith.

Faith that despite the overwhelming lack of evidence, the fear of the consequence of not adhering the religion will come true.

Most peoples faith in their religion is based on this fear. Their only faith is that their fears will come true if they do not obey.

Fear is the only way to create an obedient population, large or small. So, this is the first reason to create a religion.

It’s easy to instill faith in a state of hope. But all hopes are based on fear. To create the hope, you must first create the despair. Don’t do as you’re told and you will go to hell, do as you’re told and you will go to heaven, but only if you have faith. Fear, despair, hope, faith. A very simple brainwashing tool. Once this process is done within a person it is nearly impossible to reverse/repair.

Two: Hierarchy.

Hierarchies don’t exist anywhere in nature. If you have never heard of the hierarchy before and have been observing nature intently for decades, you would never once describe anything you observe in nature to be “Hierarchical.” You would say, there are layers to the spiral nature of things.

But with a religion, you can teach people that there is a hierarchy of gods who oversee the forces of nature, or that there is a hierarchy of God and the Angels, and/or of the Demons. Again, things that can neither be proven, nor disproven, but must be taken with faith, for only by believing them can they be true.

This now establishes, the individual and collective mind of the population, such indoctrinated, to believe that hierarchy is natural. They will even begin to describe nature in a hierarchical fashion because that is now how they process information. Digitally, rather than organically.

With a hierarchy thus established in the peoples minds, it only makes sense now that the Church should ought to appoint a man, a King, a Leader, to Rule over us foolish peasants who couldn’t possibly know any better.

Three: Divide and Conquer – again.

With the people thus divided around the world, you teach these people that their own religion is the only right religion. There is no other way. Do not let yourselves be defiled by the other religions. Stay true to your gods, or God and His/their ways. If you do, you shall be good, and they shall remain evil spawns of Ba’al and Lilith.

But more than this, it is not enough that we should be content to know the truth and follow the truth ourselves, so we must go out into the world to spread the knowledge of our religion to “save” everyone else. And if they are not willing, then they are truly evil, pagan satan worshipers, and must be put to death for the betterment of the greater good of all.

You invent the concept of the Holy War, because you need war to keep soldiers and you need soldiers to keep your people in line. But you need the consent of the people to be at war, so you need your religion and the concept that anything other is “evil” to gain the consent of the people.

This is the only way to continuously have any reason to maintain the Hierarchical Pyramid Power System in society. This is how the people are kept under control. This is how the people are ruled over. It all started with Religion, the ultimate and the original Divide and Conquer tactic.

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