The Holographic Nature of Reality

“Simplicity means simple concepts which unify, they bring together disparate ideas, disparate knowledge, make sense of them and simplify.” – Neil Turok.

For eon’s Ascended Masters of various kinds have referred to “reality” as an Illusion, or a dream.  Shamans and Psychonauts call it a Hallucination.  Today, many scientists are beginning to think our “reality” is a Simulation, most likely inside another computer mainframe, or server.  What is common about all of these idea’s is that they all exist in 3 Dimensions.  3 Dimensions is the minimum requirement to create a Hologram.

In One Dimension, you can only create a line out of points.  In Two Dimensions, you can create a plane out of lines.  But only in 3 Dimensions can you create a Field out of planes, and Holograms can only exist within the 3 Dimensions of a Field.  3 Dimensions is the simplest possible answer, and none further are required to explain anything in our “reality.”

Yes, there are quantum scientists out there who proclaim as many as 12 Dimensions, some even claim infinite dimensions.  But that’s all mathematical theory with no practical foundation in “reality.”

There is also another reason for 3 Dimensions, however.  The Trinity.  I will speak much of the Trinity later on.  Suffice it to say for now that Trinity is required to create Synergy within a state of Unity (i.e. a closed system can only create dynamism with 3 or more parts).  You’ll understand what I mean here a bit later.  For now, all you need to know is that Trinity, as a Natural Law, requires no more and no less than 3 Dimensions.

It is important to understand the Holographic Principle before moving on to the rest of this blog.  Little will make sense to you if you do not understand the Holographic Principle.  In short, the Holographic Principle is a Natural Law that states, “The Whole exists in every Part, and every Part represents the Whole.”

The way a Hologram works is extremely simple.  It can be a bit tough to wrap your head around as it’s kind of hard to visualize, but once you get it, you realize the simplicity.  Essentially, you can think of it like those old Disney Holographic Bookmarks (not even sure if they still exist, can’t even find a picture on google).  When you shine a flashlight on them, a Disney Character would appear above the bookmark in 3D (you had to hold the flashlight just right), but without the flashlight, all you saw was a shiny mesh of color (which looked kind of like what you see here).

The reason for the shiny mesh of color is because the Character was first printed once on the whole bookmark.  Then twice on each half.  Then four times on each quarter.  Then eight times on each eighth.  And so on and so on until they printed the Whole Character into every pixel.

By doing this, when you shine a flashlight on it, it reflects the light in such a way that the light itself interacts with itself above the bookmark allowing your eyes to perceive a 3D Hologram floating above the bookmark.

The above example used what is called Period Doubling as the “Fractal” design structure for the bookmark, but that is not the only possible structure to create a Fractal (Holographic) design.  There is also the Golden Ratio, also known as the Proportion PHI, and is symbolized with the Greek Character Φ.

Nature uses both the Golden Ratio and Period Doubling in its design structure.  But it also uses Sacred Geometry, which you will come to find is the natural result of natural vibrations in 3 Dimensions.  All of this will be covered in more detail as we go.

A Fractal is defined by Google Dictionary as: “a curve or geometric figure, each part of which has the same statistical character as the whole. Fractals are useful in modeling structures (such as eroded coastlines or snowflakes) in which similar patterns recur at progressively smaller scales, and in describing partly random or chaotic phenomena such as crystal growth, fluid turbulence, and galaxy formation.”

To simplify that, a Fractal is basically any pattern that can repeat itself at progressively, potentially infinite, smaller scales (the whole in every part creating the same repeating structure within the same repeating structure while allowing for infinite variation).  For example, a Galaxy is the same thing as the Universe.  A Galaxy is a Fractal of the Universe.  In like kind, Solar Systems also represent the same basic structure, as do planetary systems.

When you get down to the ecosystems and species layer of organization in the Universe, an awful lot more complexity arises, but nonetheless, the very same Natural Laws of Period Doubling – also known as the Law of Doubling or the Principle of Doubling – and the Golden Ratio; as well as Sacred Geometry are all at the heart of the design structure.

When you go past the Organism layer of organization, you again begin to see a similar pattern arise, where you have Physiological Systems and Organs that are like Galaxy Clusters, then you have Cells which are like Galaxies, then you have Atoms and Molecules, which are like Solar Systems, then you have Atomic Nuclei, or Protons, which are like Planets, then you have Quarks which are like Ecosystems, or Species, then you have Superstrings which are like Organisms.

The Superstring, the Organism and the Universe are all the same thing repeating every Seven layers, or scales in reality.  There is a reason for there being Seven Layers that you will soon discover.  For now, suffice it to say that you are a Superstring inside an Organism we call the Universe, and you are also a Universe within which exist other organisms that are all replications of yourself on a smaller scale that we call Superstrings.

As a Holographic Design Structure, our reality is designed insomuch that the whole literally replicates itself within every part an infinite amount of times deep and with infinite variation based on the simplest possible set of rules, called Natural Laws.

Each and every one of us Human Beings, as well as all the animals and any possible alien species, are all Fractal Self Replications of this Universe, which is a Sentient Organism inside another Universe, which is a Fractal Self Replication of that Universe, and so on unto infinity.

And the same is true looking within ourselves.  Every Superstring inside us is a Sentient Organism in the Universe that is our body, all of which are Fractal Self Replications of Our Self.  Each of them are also a Universe within which are more Fractal Self Replications of them, unto infinity.

A Fractal Self Replication is a scale within a scale of a repeating Holographic Structure, such as the Universe within the Universe; the Organism within the Organism; or anything in between.  These are all Fractal Self Replications of each other, with infinite variety in personality, experience, knowledge, sensory ability, expression, etc.

What we experience as “reality” is literally the inside of the Mind/Body complex of a Sentient Organism.  When that Organism Dreams, it experiences some of the lives going on inside itself for a bit.  The same is true when we dream.  Reality is the Dream outside yourself.  Dreams are the reality within yourself.

You can probably see the ramifications of this building up already.  That is why it is so important to learn this straight out of the gate before continuing on.  Eventually, all these Fractal Self Replications have to start somewhere.  Someone, or Something has to be the Original Creator that set the whole pattern in motion, from which everything took the image and likeness when Self Replicating.

Yes, that’s right!  At the beginning and the end of this infinitely long chain of Fractal Self Replications is God, the Alpha and the Omega, the One Infinite Creator, the Single Identity that is our Highest Self.

We are all Fractal Self Replications of God creating and recreating ourselves over and over again in an infinitely deep Holographic Structure based on the simplest possible parameters.

Self-Sovereignty begins with reconciling Oneself with God and recognizing Oneself as a Creator, thereby taking 100% responsibility for your life knowing it is entirely of your own creation.

We are equal with God.  In a way, we are God.  But we are also just a Fractal Self Replication of God.  Yet we have all the same power as God, if only we had the understanding to use it.

To all the creatures that exist within our Inner Universe, we are God.  To all of us, the Universe is God.  And yet, we are all Fractal Self Replications of God, containing the fullness of God within ourselves, albeit each having our own different memories and experiences to draw upon for knowledge.

If we are all equal with God, then we are all equal with each other.  There is no arguing that.  This, then, makes Equality itself a Natural Law.  One that has been broken in this world for more than 6000 years.  However, create a Religion in which God is now some mysterious power outside of yourself and you pave the road for inequality to thrive.

This problem is resolved in the Article Reconciling Science and Spirituality.   That said, there is nothing wrong with worshiping your Highest Self if you so choose, just so long as you understand the reconciliation between yourself and God, so that you don’t fall into the trap setup by “Religion” and end up making excuses for why you allow others to wield Authority over you, or why you wield Authority over others.

Unfortunately, they just don’t teach this stuff in school leaving most people sorely unprepared for the world.  But now, since you have access to this blog, you can learn everything that will never be taught in any public venue, in particular public school or university, helping you to be that much more prepared for the world as it truly is, and the world we will create together.

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