An Interpretation of Maharishi’s Absolute Theory of Government

“Government is worthy of the name only if it has the ability to prevent problems. This new definition of government, provided by my Absolute Theory of Government, can be actualized by any government through the programmes that have substantiated the theory. Any government that does not have the ability to prevent problems is itself a problem for the nation and a football of situation and circumstances. Now the centuries-old struggling history of governments is destined to have a new sunshine of problem-free administration.“Every government in the world will enjoy the supreme status of a truly sovereign government.” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Before we begin this article, if you’re anything like me, you don’t like the word “government.”  Maharishi was attempting to appeal to the governments of the world in order to reform them into his ideal of what a government ought to be, hence his use of the term.  Here, I am interpreting his theory into a Social Administration for the future of our Global Alternative Society that is introduced in the book The New Age Order – Part 03 – The Solution.  In doing so, I am showing how our New Social Administration is the true quintessential ideal of Maharishi’s Absolute Theory of Government.

The very first paragraph of the very first chapter in Maharishi’s book on the Absolute Theory of Government states:

“My Philosophy of Government locates the Absolute Government, Supreme Government, at the unmanifest basis of creation, where the field of pure intelligence, the Absolute, fully awake in its pure singularity, ever remaining self-referral, administers itself through the Principles of Least Action.”

When anyone speaks of an Absolute Government, such a thing can only come from the natural, primordial organizational structure of Consciousness itself – the self-referral singularity of all that is – God, Allah, Brahma, the One Infinite Creator, whatever you wish to call it/him/her.  You cannot claim to have any semblance of an absolute theory if it doesn’t trace itself all the way back to the first steps of original creation.

Kings are said to obtain their authority from the will of God, and while this is a play on the fact that absolute authority can come only from God, authority simply does not work the way we have been using it for the past 6000 years, as a form of power that is to be wielded over others.  Authority is something we can only wield over ourselves, via the self-referral process of the Creator whereby we are the Creator creating itself.  Maharishi continues beyond this paragraph by saying:

“Absolute administration, perfect administration, is the phenomenon of self-interaction, where the Self administers itself.

“The state of least action is at the basis of perfect administration.  It is clear that absolute administration, perfect administration, is not the phenomenon of action, it is the phenomenon of least action.  If it is action, it is self-interaction–Self interacting with itself–Self administering itself.  Self-Rule is the reality of absolute administration; it is the ideal of administration.”

It is interesting to note that while Maharishi mentions “self-referral,” “Self-Rule,” and “self-interaction,” he never once mentions the word “Anarchism” in his book on the Absolute Theory of Government.  He mentions the beginnings of an organizational system with his 8 level “Hierarchy of Administration,” but it is loose and untethered.  More of a basic idea for a potential foundation than an organizational system.  However, he remains consistent about the need for both (1) an administrative body that works in harmony with Nature and Natural Law and (2) for individual Self-Rule.  Unfortunately, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi never mentions how to incorporate the two, presumably leaving that function to each government organization, only mentioning the importance of Transcendental Meditation as the Key.  However, the only way to incorporate Self-Rule, or Self-Management into any organizational system, means, by definition, to incorporate Anarchism.

In a footnote, Maharishi describes “Self-Rule” as:

“Self-Rule is total rule–Totality ruling itself–Unity ruling itself–WHOLENESS ruling itself–eternal Unity perpetuating itself through the phenomenon of Self-Rule.

“Superstring, the theory of the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature, refers to the nature of the Unified Field in terms of a self-referral loop providing a structure to the Unified Field.

“This self-referral loop defines the self-perpetuating system of Self-Rule within the Unified Field of Natural Law, which administers itself through the self-interacting dynamics – dynamics of three values within their own unified structure.

“The three-in-one structure of the Superstring and the self-interacting dynamics present within that unified structure define the mechanics of Self-Rule in terms of the unity of Hilbert space, Operators, and States.  This description of the Unified Field gives us the mechanics of eternal administration in the Unified Field, bringing to light the character of eternal administration lively within the structure of Unity, WHOLENESS, due to its three-in-one structure.

“This explains the mechanics of administration–the orderly interaction of the three values within the structure of the unity of the three.

“The three-in-one structure of the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature, according to modern science, corresponds with the description of the Ultimate Reality, the structure of the Veda–Samhita of Rishi, Devata, Chhandas–togetherness, or unified state, of the observer, process of observation, and the observed.

“Through the practice of my Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme one gains the ability to perform action from this self-referral field of consciousness.”

This obviously, is going a lot deeper than merely stating that Self-Rule is necessary for a Government to do its job properly.  It is stating that Self-Rule is how the entirety of Nature is set up to operate in our Reality and explains the Trinity of Unity of the Unified Field of Consciousness from which spawns this Holographic organizational structure of self-interacting loops (Fractal Self-Replications).  The three-in-one structure exists within every layer of the Totality of Consciousness because that is the minimum requirement for Free-Will.  Remember, in Chaos Theory, it is known that Newtonian Mathematics breaks down ONLY once a third element is introduced to a system; that means determinism doesn’t give way to Free-Will until a third element is introduced to a system.  This is proof that a minimum of 3 parts is necessary for any system to maintain Free-Will – the necessary prerequisite for Consciousness to achieve a state of self-referral, self-interaction, and Self-Rule.

Self-Rule is an absolute necessity in the governance of any complex system, because every individual self is a self-interacting loop, or a fractal self-replication of the One Infinite Creator.  Rulership can only, therefore, be harmonic when it is rulership of the self.  To exercise rulership over another is an inherent violation of Free-Will, and is also an act of Treason against any Sovereign.  We are all Sovereign due to the WHOLENESS of the Trinity of Unity in the structure of the Unified Field of Consciousness.  If this is, indeed, the truth, then you cannot have any kind of “proper” government without Anarchism, that is, without Self-Rulership being incorporated directly into the organizational structure itself.

At the quantum layer of the Superstring, we understand this three-in-one structure to consist of Hilbert Space, Operators and States; at the Macro layer, we know the Electromagnetic Field to consist of Space/Time, Dielectricity, and Magnetism;  in the organism, we know these qualities to consist of the Mind, the Body and the Spirit; in the Veda’s we know these to consist of the Rishi, Devata, and Chhandas; in Christianity we know these to consist of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit; in Consciousness it is the Love, the Light and Infinite Intelligence.  Essentially, these are the Process, the Processing, and the Processed; the Observer, the Act of Observing, and the Observed; the Administrator, the Administration, and the Administered; the Creator, the Act of Creating, and the Created.  Finally, in Society there is the People, Commerce, and the Government; and in the Government, there is the Ruler, the Ruling, and the Ruled.  In an Anarchist-based and Holographically Organized Administration, the Ruler, the Ruling and the Ruled are all the same person, and each person is all three-in-one, ruling over only themselves, while contributing to the collective rule of society where the People are the Collective Ruler, Commerce is the process of Ruling, and the Government, or the Administration is the Ruled.

Notice how what we have today is the opposite of this, where the Government is the Ruler and the People are the Ruled.  No wonder none of our civilizations have stood the test of time, save only for China and India, the two oldest complex civilizations still remaining on this planet.  The largest difference between the Eastern and Western cultures is that Eastern Cultures are far more in tune with Nature than Western Cultures – perhaps this is because they more regularly practice meditation.

The preceding variations of the three-in-one structure are all just different ways of looking at the same structure and how it applies to different things.  The structure is the same, the makeup of the structure is the same, the mathematics and geometries of the structures are the same, the only difference is in how that structure applies to a given system.  In physics it relates to the processes, operations and states of fields.  In the organism it relates to the physical and mental processes and states of Consciousness within and throughout the organism.  In a society it relates to the processes, operations and states of the relationships between humans and each other, humans and organizations, and humans and society itself.  What makes Maharishi’s Theory of Government Absolute, and what, therefore, makes the Metatocracy I’ve discovered as the Organizational System of Nature Absolute, is that it can be found within and throughout every scale of Reality and can be traced all the way back to the original act of Creation, at least theoretically, hence the reason these are called “theories.”

“Perfect administration is the phenomenon of knowledge; it is the phenomenon of knowing; it is the phenomenon of knowingness; it is the phenomenon of least action, which is the phenomenon of the self-interacting dynamics of the self-referral state of consciousness.

“Absolute administration, perfect administration, is the phenomenon of the self-interacting dynamics of consciousness; it is the phenomenon of the self-interacting dynamics of intelligence, which is the structure of pure knowledge and its infinite organizing power, where the Self administers itself.”

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi defines “self-interacting dynamics” as: “Intelligence of the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature.”

“Immortal, eternal, perfect administration of Natural Law is the phenomenon of least action. Immortal, eternal, perfect administration is the phenomenon of knowledge, it is the phenomenon of knowing, it is the phenomenon of knowingness, it is the phenomenon of intelligence; it is the phenomenon within the structure of one unbounded ocean of consciousness, one unbounded ocean of intelligence, the intelligence of the Unified Field of Natural Law, eternally knows itself, and in the process of knowing, it assumes the qualities of knower, knowing, and known.  Here is the absolute element of administration, where the singularity of pure knowledge, through its infinite organizing power, administers the orderly evolution of all its diversified expressions in a perfectly integrated and balanced state.

“In this phenomenon of perfect administration, all the diversified expressions of singularity spontaneously maintain connectedness with their source.

“Here is the reality of perfect administration–maintenance of the evolution of diverse values on the basis of natural connectedness with their source in the self-referral, silent state of eternal Unity.

“All fields of creation are the diverse projections of self-referral consciousness, and as they always maintain connectedness with their source, the entire field of diversity is the field of consciousness.  That is why self-referral consciousness administering itself means the entire material universe is administered by consciousness.

“This secret of administration of the universe from the unmanifest field of consciousness is expressed in a common proverb in India:

Ram jharokhe baithake

Sabako mujaro leya

Jaki jaisi chakari

Tako taiso deya

“Ram, the ruling intelligence–Ram, the Cosmic Ruler–ever present at the point of creation (at the point of the manifestation of the unmanifest), sees all the activity of everyone and spontaneously bestows due results of everyone’s action.

“This is the eternal expression of absolute administration, all-time pure administration, all-time example of supreme quality of administration, supremely powerful administration, which in its self-sufficiency promotes the absolutely orderly functioning of the unbounded field of intelligence.

“This is the perfect administration of the Government of Nature, which administers its territory through its own nature–unified state of Natural Law and diversified state of Natural Law–and eternally holds together all diversified values–all the Laws of Nature always held together in their integrated state, creating and maintaining the infinitely orderly creation of the ever-expanding universe.”

Reality is nothing more and nothing less than the processing of information, whether it be the Ethereal and Mysterious Consciousness, the motion of Ether within a Field, the microchips and processors of computers, the neural network and chakra system of organisms, or the communication processes of an organization or society, the processing of information is always the beginning and the end of every action.  Knowledge is information that has purpose, Intelligence is knowledge that is organized and directed.  Whether reality came about through random means of cause and effect, or through the willed choice of a Conscious Creator makes little difference.  Once aware, the Totality of Consciousness can only function one way, according to one structure, because it is the only possible structure through which knowledge may be intelligently organized and directed towards the creation of any kind of reality.

The way in which nature works to process information is based upon the absolute simplicity of the principles of mathematics and geometry – where the Singularity begets the Polarity, whereby the two become the Trinity to create Unity throughout infinite diversity and complexity.  It is absolute because there is no other way by which information may be processed in Nature, or Consciousness itself.  It is absolute because there is no further simplification to the system.  It is as simple as it can possibly be, and necessarily must be due to the Principle of Least Action.

God, Ram, Logos, the Unified Field of Natural Law, does not lord over creation.  It does not forcibly control the actions and perturbations of its creations.  It allows Natural Law to be the underlying immutable rule of the cosmos, while also allowing every part of creation to rule itself according to their own understanding of Natural Law.  If there was a God that forcibly ruled over creation, then humanity would never have had the chance to make mistakes and use a far inferior form of government for so long.  We would have been ruled by God since the beginning, and there would be no need for organization or government.  But that is not how it works, we are given the Right, the Freedom and the Responsibility to rule over ourselves and to determine our own organizational system for government, as well as to write our own rules and laws.

Now that we know this, we can begin to go to work on writing laws that are in alignment with Natural Law, that is, by codifying Natural Law for use in Society; we can create the right kind of organizational system, one that is based on Nature itself; and we can begin incorporating the Anarchism of Free-Will that is absolutely necessary as is evident by the Administration of the Universe itself.

As Maharishi pointed out, “self-referral consciousness administering itself means the entire material universe is administered by consciousness.”  That is the only functional way in which Self-Rule can be applied to the Administration of Nature throughout the Universe.  When Consciousness administrates the Universe, it does so within and through each point of perspective it inhabits – that is, each star, galaxy, atom, etc. administrates itself via its own access to Consciousness just as each human administrates itself via its own access to Consciousness.  This is the only way in which Consciousness can administrate the infinitely diverse complexities of itself while enabling Free Will.

The proverb that comes after this is, essentially, the Principle of Karma, which is, itself, the foundation of Natural Law – Cause and Effect.  Such is the only way in which an Infinite Creator, or an Infinite Consciousness can maintain fairness in the Adminsitration of the Cosmos.  It may not always be immediate, but it always works to maintain the absolute balance of the Totality, and the Totality must always and necessarily be balanced.  So, as Maharishi finished up that last section, I shall do the same: “This is the perfect administration of the Government of Nature.”

“Administration is a phenomenon of knowing on the ground of knowingness.

“The unbounded sea of intelligence quietly scans its own structure, and maintaining its unified status, spontaneously recognizes its own nature to be a combination of three values–the observer, the process of observation, and the observed; or the administrator, the administered, and their relationship–and all the three together in their unified state–one singularity of pure intelligence, fully awake within itself, analyzing itself into three qualities, maintains them eternally in its unified state–Samhita of Rishi, Devata, Chhandas–Rk Veda, the Constitution of the Universe.”

Here, a footnote appears for “the three together in their unified state” which explains: “Pure knowledge is the togetherness of knower, process of knowing, and known.”  This level of intelligence is available in the structure of Rk Veda, which, in Vedic Terms, is called Samhita (togetherness) of Rishi (knower), Devata (dynamism in the process of knowing), and Chhandas (the known).”  Directly, this is the Unity of the Field, its central point, and the space (volume) between the two, where the Field represents Attention, or Love, and is the Rishi in Vedic terms (knower, observer, administrator), the Father in Christian terms, and Spirit in non-religious terms; the Point represents the object of Attention, and is the Chhandas in Vedic terms (known, observed, administered), the Son in Christian terms, the Body in non-religious terms; and the Space between the two represents the dynamic process of electricity, or Light, within and throughout the point and the field, which is the Devata in Vedic terms (process of knowing, observing, administering), the Holy Spirit in Christian terms, the Mind in non-religious terms.  Again, for a society, these three would exist within each and every individual where the self administers the self in a form of Self-Rulership, while the Collective People of Society are the Administrator/Ruler, Commerce is the Process of Administration/Rule, and Government is the Administered/Ruled.

“This three-in-one structure of pure knowledge is the absolute structure of perfect administration.  This simultaneous phenomenon of analysis and synthesis marks the perfection of administration.  It is this that holds together the spontaneous theme of diversification in a unified, integrated state.  This is the perfect theme of administration, where the singularity of the administrator and diversity of the administered are in such togetherness that one is the other.  The administration is in terms of mutual support–the administered is administering the administrator as much as the administrator is administering the administered.”

That is exactly the quality of Holographic Organization for Management or Government/Administration.  In a Holographic Organizational Structure, such as exists all throughout nature, there is infinite equality in the relationship between Creator/Created; Ruler/Ruled; Manager/Managed; Administrator/Administered.  Infinite equality always exists between the two, because both are modalities and functions of the same thing – Consciousness itself – and the relationship between these modalities is the dynamic process of Creation; Ruling; Managing; Administrating; etc.

In a Holographic Organizational Structure, there is no difference between the Administrator and the Administered because in Nature there is no difference between the Creator and the Created.  The Administrator of Society – the Collective Will of the People – dictates the necessary responsibilities that need to be met by the individuals, who meet those needs through the processes within the organizations, which manifest the end product of those processes according to the Collective Will of the People.  In like kind, the People, as individuals, make proposals for necessary changes, that need to take place as a result of experiencing the end product of the processes, by using the dynamic processes of the Organizational Structure itself in order to evolve the Administrator, the Collective Will of the People.

In other words, the Collective Will of the People can only evolve through the Individual inputs of its constituent parts.  This is why it is so important to realize that the Individual and the Collective are equal unto each other – the Collective needs its unique Individuals as much as the unique Individuals need the Collective.  They can only thrive together when they work in harmony with each other as equals, not when one is subservient to the other.

“This is the ideal of Democracy at the unmanifest basis of creation, from where the infinite diversity of the universe is administered with perfect orderliness.

“This is not only the perfect ideal of Democracy, but being the perfect structure of administration, serves to be the source of all possible systems of administration whatever their name and whatever their nature.

“Wherever there is administration there is the ruler and ruled relationship. All possible relationships between the ruler and the ruled are found within this system of perfect administration, where the ruler rules from his self-referral consciousness, which is the same as the self-referral consciousness of the ruled.”

Unfortunately, “Democracy” is highly misunderstood term.  Democracy and Anarchism are diametrically opposed.  Whereas Democracy is a system of Representation, Anarchism is a system of Self-Rulership.  Whereas in a Democracy, the people vote for the Representative who then make decisions “for” the people, in Anarchism, the people vote on all decisions and the Administrators enact the decisions made “by” the people.  But remember, Maharishi is trying to speak to the currently existing Governments in his book, to reform them to be better at governing.  Whereas I am taking his insight and using it to create a whole new system that is entirely in alignment with Nature from the very beginning.

In our current organizational structures for Government, we like to believe that allowing the people to vote for Representatives to make decisions for us is the same as that Collective Will having a voice in the actual decisions that are being made.  This simply is not and cannot ever be the case.  The Collective Will of the People can only be known if they are allowed to voice their opinions, make proposals for changes, and vote on every major decision that directly affects them.  Representatives should not have the power to make decisions for the Collective Will of the People, they should only have the “responsibility” to enact the decisions made by the Collective Will of the People.  Only with a Holographic Organizational Structure, such as found all throughout nature, does this become possible.

“This absolute, eternal system of perfect administration at the unmanifest basis of creation is completely available on the level of self-referral pure consciousness, which is pure wakefulness, pure alertness.  Absolute administration is absolute alertness; perfect administration is perfect alertness.

“Now that the technology to enliven absolute administration on the individual and collective levels of consciousness is completely available through my Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme, it is possible to establish the perfect, ideal system of administration on every level–family, community, city, state, nation, and the whole world–and create administration on a par with the perfect administration of the universe.”

From what I can tell, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi seems to believe that the practice of Transcendental Meditation is the one singular ingredient that, if nothing else was done, would eventually and necessarily work towards the solution of absolute administration on its own, as the practice itself brings us more into alignment and harmony with Nature and Natural Law.  From what I have experienced in my life, I must attest that I also believe this to be true.  If not for the practice of many different types of meditations in my life, I don’t believe I ever would have realized, conceived of and contemplated the Holographic Organizational Structure of Nature in order to develop it into a model that can be used for the perfect administration of a human society.

However, I would also like to add that this relationship works both ways.  While I realized and conceived the Organizational Structure through meditation, and thus learned a lot about Natural Law, an individual operating within such a structure would also be caused to learn a lot about Natural Law because every action they take and decision they make is fundamentally based in Natural Law via the organizational structure they are operating within and through.  While the act of meditation is the necessary Subjective component to learning Natural Law, the Holographic Organizational Structure of Nature is the Objective component to learning Natural Law and maintaining harmony with Nature.  When both are incorporated together, we have the complete solution for the perfect and absolute administration of human society that maintains complete respect for the Freedom, Equality and Sovereignty of all People.

In other words, even if one never meditates, simply participating in such a society would be an educational experience teaching them about Natural Law and harmony with Nature.  Unfortunately, what we have now in our current governments is the exact opposite in every way and detail of Nature and Natural Law.  That is why it causes so much friction in society; that is why it causes so much chaos, violence, crime, hunger, poverty, war, natural disasters and global warming.  You cannot go against nature and not expect to encounter grave consequences.

“This absolute, eternal system of perfect administration is completely available in the mechanics of the structure of pure knowledge, the Veda and the Vedic Literature–impulses of intelligence expressed as Shruti (sounds) of the self-interacting dynamics of consciousness, which, fully awake in its organizing power, is the administering intelligence of the universe.”

Naturally, as Maharishi is a Hindu Vedic Scientist, he is going to use the Hindu Veda’s as a reference point for Natural Law.  However, the Veda’s are not the only scriptures that speak of such things as “sound” being the expression of creation, i.e. “the self-interacting dynamics of consciousness.”  As we have come to learn in Section 01, Electromagnetism, or Electricity, or Light, is the Sound of the Ether, and Ether is the substance of Consciousness.  This is the same as Maharishi’s use of the word “Shruti.”

“In the process of manifestation of sound, the self-interacting dynamics of consciousness administering itself (Self-Government), manifests as Unmanifest Sound and continues to expand into the structure of Rk Veda.”

There is a footnote here that describes “Unmanifest Sound” as: “In order to understand this level of reality from the perspective of modern science, the closest terminology would be ‘fluctuations of the vacuum state’.”  What mainstream scientists are really talking about when they speak of quantum vacuum fluctuations is the constant vibratory nature of quantum Ether Fields constantly Compressing and Decompressing within other larger Ether Fields.  Of course, this phenomenon is not found at only the quantum level, it is found throughout every layer of existence, at every scale of every field within every field.  The entire Totality of Ether/Consciousness is in a constant state of flux within itself.

Rk Veda, is again, the Samhita of Rishi, Devata and Chhandas, or the togetherness of the knower, the process of knowing and the known.  In other words, the self-interacting dynamics of consciousness administering itself, or the Self-Government of Nature/Consciousness, manifests as Unmanifest Light and continues to expand into the structure of the Unity of Trinity via the Polarity of the Singularity into the infinitely diverse complexity of the Singularity.

“Continuance of the process of evolution of consciousness transforms the self-referral frequencies of the Unmanifest Sound into audible frequencies of sound, and these frequencies (Tanmatras), in their process of evolution, create material particles, giving rise to the auditory system (sense of hearing, sight, etc.).

“In this way, the process of evolution continues from the self-referral level of administration, through the process of Self-Government on the level of Nature’s Administration through Natural Law–the eternally lively Constitution of the Universe within every particle of creation.”

Now, Maharishi speaks science from the mainstream perspective of particles, but that is inconsequential to his otherwise correctness.  In Nature, the process of evolution of consciousness transforms the self-referral frequencies of Infinite Intelligence into Love and Light – the Sound of Ether; the Voice of Consciousness – which create the entire Hologram of Reality within and around us; each part of that Hologram able to create within its own Sphere of Influence.  If it were a virtual reality, you could think of Language as thus writing a program that Fractally Self-Replicates itself insomuch that each thing created by the process of Fractal Self-Replication is programming that is capable of writing code and changing both itself and its immediate environment.  Kind of like the Simulation Theorists idea of a Simulation may be created by one single original human race, but then the human races within the simulation end up creating simulations within the simulation – i.e. programs writing programs.  Except this is what is always happening all throughout Consciousness, all throughout Nature.

Regardless of the metaphor we use to explain the Nature of Reality and Natural Law, the process always remains the same.  The Infinite Totality creates an infinite amount of self-interacting loops through the process of Fractal Self-Replication, which inherently creates an organizational structure within itself that allows the Infinite Totality of Consciousness to Create, Administer and Manage the WHOLE of Existence by allowing each part of the WHOLE to manage itself through its own access to Consciousness and within the boundaries of its own understanding of Natural Law.  At least to the point at which it has Free-Will.

Free-Will cannot be successfully achieved until one gains Self-Awareness.  We wax and wane through Consciousness constantly evolving through Self-Aware objective experiences back to Universal Awareness of pure Subjective Experience, then back to Self-Awareness again, through the Octaves of Consciousness in each Universe.  “The first shall be last and the last shall be first.”  The Seventh Octave of this Universe is the First Octave of the next Universe.  That is, beings of the Seventh Octave of this Universe are also the Atoms, Molecules, Crystals, Viruses and Single Cell Organisms of the next Universe, and when they evolve beyond the Seventh Octave of this Universe – the First Octave of the next Universe – they become an insect or animal in the next Universe, attaining Group Consciousness at the loss of Universal Awareness, until they again evolve to the 3rd Octave of that Universe and become another Self-Aware Sentient Lifeform ready to experience another Dream.  A dream that we call “Awakened Reality.”

In other words, what we call Self-Awareness is the Dreaming State of Sleep for Consciousness, and what we call Universal Awareness is the Waking State of Self-Awareness for Consciousness.  But when a part of Consciousness becomes awake and Self-Aware of its own Infinite Totality, it becomes inherently incapable of being able to experience the plurality that comes with Dreams, and thus can only experience pure Subjective reality as the Singularity in perfect balance.  But Consciousness, itself, cannot remain in any one state forever.  Consciousness is, and must necessarily be, in constant flux, always changing, always evolving.  Infinite possibility is the only name of the game, and the perfect administration of nature, that is the Absolute and Perfect Self-Government of Nature, is the only form of administration/government that can provide Infinite Possibility within the simplest possible parameters, and under the guidance of Natural Law towards the end of Freedom, Equality and Sovereignty for ALL.

“The phenomenon of absolute administration is the phenomenon of absolute appreciation of one’s own self-referral consciousness.  Administration is the phenomenon of maintaining one’s own unbounded, self-referral state of consciousness in the midst of the changing expressions of consciousness.

“Absolute state of consciousness is the phenomenon of togetherness of two opposite values–singularity (unity) of diversity (observer, process of observation, and observed)–holding together singularity and diversity.

“Administration is the phenomenon of integrating opposite values.

“The reality of absolute administration is stability in its silent, dynamic structure.  It is silent, it is dynamic; it is unity, it is diversity; it is connectedness and at the same time disconnectedness.  In the process of expansion of the ever-expanding universe, it is unifying at the same time it is diversifying–it is obviously diversifying but basically unifying–maintaining diversity in a unified state.

“Holding together opposite values is the nature of absolute administration; holding together opposite values is the nature of perfect administration, ideal administration.  This is the ideal administration at the basis of all creation.

“This value of the infinite organizing power of Natural Law is completely available in the first book of creation, Rk Veda, and its allied Vedic Literature; and in this scientific age it has been glimpsed by modern science in the Unified Field Theories of Quantum Physics.”

Of course, the Rk Veda isn’t the only book of creation.  Genesis is another such book.  But the Rk Veda, despite being many thousands of years old, is also not the first book of creation.  The first book of creation that we have yet to uncover on this planet is the Enuma Elish found in the Sumerian Clay Tablets, which tells the same story as all the other books, only with a lot more detail.  There is no detail found within all the other books that is not also found in the Enuma Elish.  All the details that can be found in the other books can be found in the Enuma Elish.  However, every other book contains a far less detailed version, each one missing different parts of the original story.  The second most detailed, however, and perhaps more concerned with creation itself, rather than the creation of human beings, would be the Rk Veda.

The Native Indian Culture is almost as old as the Sumerian Empire, but not quite.  It might be the oldest living culture on this planet, but it does not trace its roots all the way back to the first civilizations of Mesopotamia.  Nonetheless, the Sumerian Empire had just as significant an impact on what would become India as they did just about every other culture to spawn over the next couple thousand years.  In any case, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is Indian, and a Vedic Scientists, so naturally, he is going to assume the Veda’s as his authority.  In reality, it doesn’t matter which set of scriptures you use, they all contain the same basic information, but express that information in different ways.

Either way, here, Maharishi explains the Trinity of Unity and Polarity – “the singularity of diversity;” “the unification of opposite values.”  An Organization or Society cannot integrate opposite values towards the satisfaction of its employees or citizens if the organizational system it uses is not also integrating opposite values.  For example, the Holographic Organizational System of Nature, the Metatocracy, integrates both the top-down and the bottom-up pyramid structures (Capitalism and Socialism) and values from both into one Holographic Structure.  By doing so, it can satisfy both the Capitalist values and the Socialist values simultaneously without offending either.  If it can do that, then it can integrate opposing values from a wide variety of other factors.

“Rk Veda is the functioning Constitution of Creation, which is ceaselessly governing the entire creation.  It illustrates how the self-referral state of pure intelligence evolves creation from within its unmanifest singularity; and how, systematically, it is organized from within itself so that the infinite diversity of the universe is sustained in a unified state of absolute order and harmony.

“The structure of Veda in pure knowledge, pure intelligence, pure consciousness–total potential of Natural Law–is the all-time, eternal Constitution of Creation.

“Rk Veda is the total potential of the structure of pure knowledge and its infinite organizing power.

“From its eternal, self-referral, unified state of pure intelligence, the total potential of Natural Law organizes the system of emergence of different Laws of Nature.

“Veda is the complete science and technology of administration.  Administration through Natural Law is the model of ideal administration where singularity–self-referral, fully awake intelligence–forms the supreme level of hierarchy of creation, evolution and administration.

“This is the Unified Field of Natural Law from where all the Laws of Nature emerge and govern the universe.  This is the absolute administration of Natural Law, which creates and nourishes everything and everyone, and maintains everything and everyone in the evolutionary direction.”

Maharishi now begins to talk more about the Veda’s, in particular the Rk Veda, and begins to really tow in the idea of the “Constitution of Creation,” or what he also calls the “Constitution of the Universe.”  The Rk Veda is, essentially, the creation book amongst all the Veda’s.  The Veda’s, themselves, are all different books written by different people who founded different schools of thought throughout the ages and taught different subjects concerning reality.  Maharishi believes that all the Veda’s need to be taken together for their full meaning to be bestowed upon the reader.  One day, I do plan to dive deep into these Veda’s myself, but for now, virtually everything I have learned from any Yogi, I have also learned from other sources.

Now, I’m not Hindu, so I don’t naturally believe that any or all of the Veda’s are the supreme authoritative book on the knowledge of Natural Law.  What I do understand is that Natural Law has always been the fundamental basis of the “Mystery School Teachings” which supposedly have been handed down since the times of Atlantis, and today, these “Mystery School Teachings” exist primarily in the form of various Religions, Traditions, Faiths, and, of course, in the history of science.  So, when Maharishi calls the Rk Veda, or the Bhagavad Gita, the “Constitution of creation,” that is the same as a famous Christian Scholar saying that the book of Genesis is the Constitution of creation, or an archeologist claiming that the Enuma Elish is the Constitution of Creation.  To me, they all have equal value.

When it really boils down to it, no written form of Natural Law is actually the Constitution of creation, but rather the entire totality of the unwritten Natural Laws throughout all of creation are the Constitution of creation, and I believe that is exactly what Maharishi is trying to say here.  However, there is some credence to the Veda’s that separates them from all other scriptures, and that is that they, unlike any other source of knowledge I currently know of, are always a discourse on interpretations of Natural Law, rather than stories of interpretations of that which can never be perceived.  Unlike religious scriptures, which were written to limit and control people’s beliefs, the Hindu Veda’s were written to help people understand nature and Natural Law, from many different perspectives.

Furthermore, Maharishi is trying to make the point crystal clear that creation itself is alive and Conscious, and has its own organizational structure for governing itself, all established by Natural Law.  Unfortunately, Maharishi mentions the term “hierarchy of creation” here.  In terms of organization, I suppose it still seems like a hierarchy, but there is no hierarchy of power and authority in a holographic organizational structure.  There are positions of more and less responsibility, but in a system of self-referral consciousness, or in a system of Self-Ruled Government, it simply doesn’t work if some people have more authority than others.  It’s one thing to have authority over a specific subject matter or skilled trade based on one’s ability and/or experience, but it’s a totally different matter to have authority over people.  In the Holographic Government of Nature, God, or the Unified Field of Consciousness, doesn’t wield authority over everything in creation.  Instead, it allows each part of itself to govern itself according to its own access to Consciousness.

“On the practical level it only amounts to introducing my Transcendental Meditation and my Vedic Science and Technology, the Science and Technology of Consciousness–the study of consciousness and research in consciousness–in all schools and colleges.

“Daily study of consciousness and research in consciousness in the field of education will train the whole population to spontaneously maintain that self-referral quality in individual consciousness which will infuse the self-referral quality in the collective consciousness of the nation and create the Maharishi Effect.

“As national consciousness is the prime mover of the government, when the self-referral quality is lively in national consciousness it will spontaneously render the functioning of the government on a par with the Government of Nature.”

Now, I’m not 100% in agreement with Maharishi on this.  What he is basically saying is that when enough people practice Transcendental Meditation, the Collective Consciousness of the Nation becomes so coherent that the Government is essentially forced by that Collective Consciousness to make decisions that are in harmony with that Collective Consciousness.  That may be true to an extent, but unless those governments spontaneously choose to reorganize into the Holographic Organizational Structure of Nature and include the People in their decision making processes, they will never operate on par with Nature.

Perhaps it is true that practicing Transcendental Meditation and researching Consciousness increases the coherency of Consciousness in both the individual and the collective, but that alone is not enough for a government to operate on par with Nature.  Such a thing is simply not possible until we are using the same Holographic Organizational Structure as nature.  Nonetheless, even when the proper Organizational Structure is being used, Transcendental Meditation and research in Consciousness will always continue to be extremely important to the continued evolution of the individual and the collective towards greater harmony with Nature.

Starting with one might be enough to create the closed loop system eventually, but as long the government is organized the opposite of nature, it can only act against nature, and that includes the Collective Consciousness of the nation.  It would, perhaps, be easier to create the closed loop system the other way around – by creating a new alternative social administration for a new Alternative Society – than it would to hope our governments will spontaneously change in reaction to more people practicing meditation.  China is a great example.  Almost everyone in China meditates, but they are all still slaves to their government more so than most other nations.

At this point in Maharishi’s book, he introduces his 8-level hierarchy of Administration throughout the Universe.  As we now know, nature doesn’t actually have a hierarchy because it is Holographic.  But there are still layers to the Organizational Structure of Nature called Octaves and are seen separately based on their Density (frequency octave) of Light.  In Maharishi’s Hierarchy of Administration, the first five levels reference Natural Law and last three levels reference man-made law.  Maharishi notes that in our current models for Society, the city draws its strength from the state which draws its strength from the Nation which draws its strength from the various levels of hierarchy in Nature’s Government.

The opposite is actually true.  The nation draws its strength from its States which draw their strength from its cities, which in turn draw their strength from their people.  But again, the governments would have you believe otherwise, for that is how they maintain control.

As explained in The Evolution of Consciousness, there are 7 Octaves of Organization to each Universe, each Octave also containing 7 Octaves (7 Notes within 7 Octaves), and our Organizational systems for society should be based on, rather than falling under, this same Organizational Structure.  Rather than continuing to use borders and boundaries to determine our Social Organization, we should use networks.  In other words, rather than having Cities within States within Nations, we should have groups of People (Masterminds) within Organizations (Holographic Masterminds) within Networks of Organizations (Holographic Administrations).  This is exactly the same way Nature operates and can be seen with crystal clarity in the organization of our Macro Universe. Three are networks of Satellites that orbit networks of Planets that orbit networks of Stars that orbit networks of Galaxies that orbit networks of Galaxy Clusters that orbit the Totality of the network that is this Universe, each layer bound by their respective Sphere’s of Influence (electromagnetic fields).

Along with using the same organizational structure found all throughout Nature, we should also focus on distilling our man-made laws to only that which can be interpreted by Natural Law.  In other words, if there isn’t a Natural Law equivalent to a man-made law that we create, then it shouldn’t be ratified.  The only laws that should exist in Society to help mankind govern itself, should be laws that have an equivalent in Natural Law, because if it isn’t provided by Nature, then it isn’t necessary for either immediate survival, or for thriving in abundance.

Nature always follows the Law of Least Action.  If we humans continue to overcomplicate our legal systems, then we will continue to corrupt our collective consciousness with incoherence and thus dissonance with Nature, which will only continue to breed fear, anxiety, depression and so on which will only end in more violence, unjustness, greed, and other forms of corruption.  Let us not forget that the word “Legal” is defined by Encyclopedia Britannica as “The undoing of God’s [Natural] Law.”  When we create too many laws, especially ones that are not backed up by Natural Law, the only eventual result is the undoing of Natural Law and the corruption of Society.

Maharishi continues by saying:

“In order for any administration to be perfect, it has to spontaneously maintain connectedness with the absolute administration of the universe; in order for the administration of every country to be perfect, it has to spontaneously maintain connectedness with the total potential of Natural Law, the administering intelligence of the universe–Purushottam; that means Purushottam has to be lively in national consciousness so that whatever impulse for action arises, whatever impulse of thought for action arises in national consciousness, it is spontaneously nourished by the supreme intelligence–Purushottam–the self-referral level of consciousness–the Atma level of initelligence–the Being level of existence.”

In order for any human administration to spontaneously maintain connectedness with the absolute administration of the universe, it must inherently be based on the administration of the universe – it must use the same organizational structure, and must use equivalents of Natural Law in its man-made laws.  That is the only way to maintain connectedness to the absolute administration of Nature’s Government.  Purushottam is a Vedic Term that simply means “The Supreme Governor of Nature,” or “the Absolute Administrator of the Universe.”

It is akin to a Christian using the name “Jesus” when referring to the Lord of all Creation.  In other words, for the Christian this means, individual and collective spontaneous maintenance of connectedness to God through Jesus is a prerequisite to the perfect administration of Government in human society; or basically and generally, (outside of religious Dogma), individual and collective spontaneous maintenance of connectedness to the Totality of Consciousness through our own self-referral point of consciousness is a prerequisite to the perfect administration of Government in a human society, which requires the constant study of Consciousness, the constant practice of Transcendental Meditation, and the use of Nature’s Organizational System and Natural Law.

“When action is motivated from this field of intelligence, it is initiated from the Unified Field of Natural Law; the whole course of action from its inception to its goal is upheld and promoted by the evolutionary power of Natural Law.”

In a footnote, here, Maharishi explains that, “The infinite organizing power of Natural Law becomes the charioteer of all action for those who are established in self-referral consciousness, fully awake consciousness, fully alert intelligence–Purushottam–the absolute administrator of the universe.”  In other words, when one evolves their individual consciousness from the 3rd Octave to the 4th Octave, they become so coherent, they harmonize so well with Nature and Natural Law, that every action they take is established in their connectedness with the Totality of Consciousness through their own self-referral point of consciousness.  In other words, they become truly Sovereign – that is, Self-Ruling – in accordance and harmony with Nature and Natural Law.

“The characteristics of activity according to Natural Law have been detailed by Manu, the Cosmic Mind, in Manu Smriti and other Smriti, which describe the process of evolution of action upheld by Natural Law.

“Action according to Smriti is action that is spontaneously upheld by Dharma (that which upholds the universe), by the Cosmic Creative Intelligence of Natural Law.

“Action according to Smriti is action that is spontaneously promoted by the infinite organizing power of Natural Law–Purushottam–the supreme administrator of the universe.  This means that the authenticity of action for being in accord with Natural Law is derived from the Smriti, which in turn derive their authenticity from the spontaneous, sequential, orderly, progression of Rk Veda.

“Absolute, eternal order, available in the sequential progression of Rk Veda (Shruti), is the absolute structure of pure intelligence, the lively dynamics of evolution–the ultimate source of all order in the universe.  This structuring dynamics of the intelligence of Rk Veda, portrayed by Smriti, is the guiding light of perfect action.

Okay, so now we have a whole slew of new terms to unravel and make sense of.  Smriti is essentially the relationship between the Totality of Consciousness, here referred to as the Cosmic Mind and other times referred to as the Unified Field, and the individual consciousness.  Dharma essentially means the Dogma of the Vedic Texts, except that they are not Dogma, they are Dharma – a discourse in Natural Law – what Maharishi sometimes calls the Constitution of the Universe.  You can think of the word Dharma as meaning “the totality of Natural Law” that upholds the integrity of the Universe as understood and interpreted by the Vedic Texts.

So here, Maharishi is saying that the relationship between our individual consciousness and the Totality of Consciousness, as well as the authenticity of the actions we take based on that relationship is “spontaneously promoted by the infinite organizing power of Natural Law.”  Furthermore, he states that the authenticity of this relationship is derived from Shruti – “the spontaneous, sequential, orderly, progression of Rk Veda.”  Rk Veda, is again, aside form being one of the Veda’s, is the Constitution of Creation, according to Maharishi – that is, the absolute structure of pure intelligence, or what I often refer to as “Infinite Intelligence.”

“Perfect action is spontaneous right action, which enjoys the full support of Natural Law.  This quality of action is based on the alignment of individual intelligence with supreme Cosmic Intelligence–Purushottam.

In other words, “right action” is any action that is enacted via the relationship between our individual consciousness and the Totality of Consciousness, and thus “enjoys the full support of Natural Law.”

“Throughout time, there have been reflections on human conduct on the basis of Natural Law or the “Will of God.”

“Different religious codes have been available at different times in the infinite of time, and people in different parts of the world made their choices to follow one of the other code of conduct, or code of action.

“It must be noted that the requirement for action to be fully in accord with Natural Law depends upon the level of consciousness from where every action is initiated.

“If the consciousness is self-referral, then the thought will emerge from the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature–Samhita of Rishi, Devata, Chhandas.

“Therefore daily practice of experiencing self-referral consciousness–Transcendental Consciousness–through Transcendental Meditation, and stabilizing it through the practice of the TM-Sidhi Programme, is the simplest and most effective way of ensuring action according to Natural Law.

“The proof of thought emerging from self-referral consciousness is that while practicing the Yogic Flying Sutra during the TM-Sidhi Programme, the body lifts up and moves forward in the air.

“When, during Yogic Flying, the individual psychology functions holistically under the influence of the unifying quality of intelligence, the quality of Purushottam is generated in the individual physiology, as documented by supreme mind-body co-ordination.

“When a group of individuals practice the TM-Sidhi Programme of Yogic Flying together in one place, they collectively create a powerful influence of coherence in the atmosphere; they create an abstract, indomitable influence of Purushottam, the ordering, administering intelligence of Nature.

“This is how the level of absolute administration, the highest level of hierarchy of absolute administration, becomes available to national administration; this is how the effect of power, precision, success, and the ability to satisfy everyone is enjoyed by the government.”

A magnet is magnetic because every atom within the magnet is harmonized to every other atom, they are all aligned in the same direction insomuch that every North and South Pole of every atom faces the same direction.  This takes the individual Dielectric Radial Plane of each individual atom and Holographically creates a new Dielectric Radial Plane within the entire magnet.  This is called “coherence,” and this is why magnets are magnetic.

When you practice Transcendental Meditation, this is exactly what you are doing, only you are not only doing it with your physical body, but also with your mind.  In fact, you are doing it with your whole Mind/Body/Spirit Complex.  The reason that Yogic Flying is thus the proof that you’ve attained coherence through TM is because when you become a strong enough magnet, you literally become capable of defying the so-called “gravity” field of the Earth (actually just the dielectric component of the Earth’s Electromagnetic Field), allowing you to actually lift up from the ground and move forward.  With enough training and enough practice, I theorize that it should be possible to literally fly around, just like we do in our dreams, once we have achieved a certain minimum standard of Coherence.

You see, your Mind/Body/Spirit Complex is not just a single Electromagnetic Field.  There are many, and when they all work in harmony with each other, when they are aligned and coherent, the Law of Squares allows your over-all Electromagnetic Field to become what is called a “Super-conductor,” or an “Anti-gravity Field.”  A Super-conducting field is really just a System of Electromagnetic Fields within Electromagnetic Fields working in harmony with each other that becomes so strong that it becomes a closed system unto itself, unaffected by the Electromagnetic Fields around it, such as the Earth.

Some experiments have proven this, such as John Searle’s Searle Effect Generator (SEG), which he has shown can be used as an engine for Flying Saucers that can accelerate and decelerate, or make sharp turns without feeling the effects of the Gravity (Dielectricity) that come from outside its own field.  Meaning, the driver of the Flying Saucer will always feel as though they are standing still regardless of what the craft is doing.  This is the same reason we don’t feel the motion of the Earth or the Solar System.  When we increase our Coherency through TM, we become capable of tethering to our own Electromagnetic Field allowing us to move freely within any other Field.

But practicing TM doesn’t just increase the coherency of your Mind/Body/Spirit Complex, it helps to increase the coherency of the Collective Consciousness of other people around you.  When practiced in large groups, it has the power to affect entire populations, bring everyone further into coherence with each other and with Nature.  This is the Maharishi Effect, and it is absolutely essential to living in harmony with each other and Nature.  There is, in fact, no other way.  The right organizational system without the meditation is not enough.

The meditation is the Key.  The use of Natural Law is the Door Knob, the Organizational System is the door.  You can have the knob and the door, but if you don’t have the Key, there is no getting through the door.  Likewise, if you have the Key and the Door Knob, but no Door, then there is no door to open.  And yes, I realize that if you have a Door with no knob or key, the door will still freely open, so that is where this metaphor breaks down.  Or does it?  Perhaps just having the right Organizational System will enable us to better understand Natural Law which will lead us to Meditation.

After all, it has been proven that human nature is programmable, meaning that people behave according to the systems they operate within.  Change the system, change the behavior.  It cannot happen the other way around.  That is why, after all, the systems we currently use in our societies have been developed.  To cause humanity to behave in a certain way that benefits only those at the top of the pyramid of society.

“Throughout the ages there has always been a search for some knowledge and programmes that can create an unfailing government with the ability to satisfy everyone. This supreme quality of government–Purushottam, supreme ruler, Cosmic Creative Intelligence with infinite organizing power, ruler of the ever-expanding universe; and Purusha, ruler of the parts of the universe, individual Creative Intelligence that rules individual values in the universe with limited organizing power–is exemplified in the rule of Ram as described in the ancient Vedic Literature in Ramayan, and as described in Rk Veda:

“Brahma bhavati sarathih

“and is now available to everyone as the practical application of my Absolute Theory of Government.”

So, here, Maharashi introduces Purusha, which in the Hindu language, is that same as “god,” as opposed to “God.”  In the terminologies I have used throughout this blog, Purusha are the Logos, what in the Hindu language are known as Ram.  What he is saying here is that his Absolute Theory of Government is based on the very relationship between the One Infinite Creator and its Logos, to which the human race belongs.  Anything that is not the Unified Infinite Whole, anything that is part of the Whole, is Ram – a Logos or a Sub-Logos, a Self-Ruling point of perspective within Consciousness, that Rules itself according to its own limited understanding of Natural Law and access to the Organizing Power of Consciousness.

Maharishi then continues to discuss more about Ram, or the Logos, saying “In Ramayan the ideal administration was inherited from the eternal rulership of the life-giving Sun over the vast expanse of the entire solar system.”  Just as in “The RA Material,” Maharishi notes the Sun as a Logos.  He does not go much beyond this, using this to state, eventually, that “From here comes the theme of administration; from here comes the natural tradition of the nourishing, parental role of the ruler, and natural dependence of the ruled.”  This is old paradigm thinking based in “Rulership over others,” as opposed to “Self-Rulership.”  In a system of Self-Rulership, Rulership does not take on a parental role.  The Parental Role is not offered by Nature, but rather our interpretations of God and Spirituality as based upon religious Dogma.

Nonetheless, Maharashi does accurately state the Sun as a Logos.  All stars are Logos, all Black Holes are Logos.  All planets, satellites and sentient organisms are Sub-Logos.  Essentially, every part of creation is some form of Logos or another, each having varying degrees of limitation in perspective and awareness.  But the Sun does not Rule over the Earth in a parental role.  The Earth rules over itself and the Sun rules over itself, while the Sun provides sustenance and life for the Earth, and the Earth, in turn, provides sustenance and life for the creatures living on her.

At this juncture in his book, Maharishi points out a number of previous, and some modern, governments and administrations that have taken from these examples of Ram found throughout Nature to implement into their Government, saying “He Rules, and I administer,” as if to say that the Ruler of the Nation in question is passing on the buck, so to speak, relinquishing responsibility for his own actions.  That is exactly what many of our societies in the past have done, and not to our betterment, or the betterment of their people.  This is the kind of thinking that has kept us enslaved to a system of parental rulership where the People are seen as “wards of the State,” which is defined as “Infantile.  Incapable of making one’s own decisions.”  Hence, the reason the People are seen as dependent upon their parental government.  In a system like this, there is no Self-Rulership.  Everyone is subject to the rule of another.

Unfortunately, I have to seriously disagree with Maharishi here, that this is NOT Perfect or Absolute Government, nor is this the way Nature operates in any way, shape, or form.  This is old paradigm thinking based in fallacious religious dogma.  God is not our Father, God is who we ARE.  The Sun is not our Father, it is another version of ourselves.  To assume that the infinite totality of Consciousness takes on a parental role of Government over all else is to contradict everything else that Maharishi states within his book.

In his defense, Maharishi does note that, such as in the case of Bharat, holding Ram in one’s Consciousness helps one to rule from the awareness of Ram, which is “upheld by the eternal ruler Brahm.”  But I think what Maharishi is trying to say here is not necessarily that some “god” or another is ruling through the human administrator, but that focusing one’s attention upon the actual real and true structure of rulership throughout Creation helps one to rule in alignment with Natural Law.  It is not that the human administrator simply takes actions based upon a communication from a higher source of intelligence, but rather that the human administrator has the ability to make better decisions the more in alignment and harmony they become with Natural Law through the studying of Consciousness, Nature, and the structure of creation.  This can be understood where Maharishi says, “if he holds Ram in his awareness, the intelligence of Ram will dominate his awareness–the absolute ruler of the universe will dominate the ruler’s intelligence.”

This leads directly into Maharishi’s idea for “A group for a Government.”  That is, a group of Transcendental Meditators.  After all, Transcendental Meditation is the only way to “hold Ram in his awareness.”  Transcendental Meditation is the most efficient natural path towards bringing oneself into alignment and harmony with Nature and Natural Law.

“My formula of A GROUP FOR A GOVERNMENT will constantly maintain perfect alliance, an indomitable bond, an intimate relationship, between national consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness–between the national constitution and the Cosmic Constitution.

…natural asdfdfdasdfddfdfddddddd

“A Group for a Government–a coherence-creating group for a government, a group of Yogic Flyers for government–once created in the country, will always uphold the collective consciousness of the nation in full alliance with the collective consciousness of the whole universe. This group will enliven the infinite organizing power of Natural Law in the national consciousness of any country; it will enliven the evolutionary, nourishing power of Natural Law in national consciousness, and as the quality of national consciousness always has an indomitable influence on the government, the quality of infinite organizing power of Cosmic Intelligence, enlivened in national consciousness by the group of Yogic Flyers, will spontaneously be inherited by the government; the government will govern through the nourishing power of Natural Law; the government will govern through the supreme rulership of Cosmic Intelligence–Purushottam.

“The transformation of negativity into positivity should be the characteristic of a perfect government; government should sustain that influence of harmony and positivity in which no one can go wrong and everyone will always spontaneously be right.

“My Absolute Theory of Government has designed such perfection for every government in the world, and the practical formula is a group of Yogic Flyers, experts who are educated and trained to function from that level of intelligence which forms the common basis of all activity in the universe.”

Not for nothing, but this is very reminiscent of Plato’s Republic, where the most intelligent Philosophers should be ruling over society, only in this case, it is the Transcendental Meditators.  The problem with this line of thinking is that it is based on the Egoic notion that, in this case, only the “most enlightened” should participate in government.  That is a dangerous notion, and in truth, changes nothing about how the world currently operates and only leads to further enslavement of the human race.

That said, our Social Administrations should, absolutely, include Transcendental Meditation, not only by the Administrators of a Society, but also by as many of the people from the society as possible who would be willing to volunteer in such efforts.  And while it should be mandatory for the Administrators, it should be voluntary for the people.  But let’s not forget the importance of that Administration having the proper Organizational System, itself based on Nature and Natural Law.  Meditation alone is not enough.  It will still operate within the framework of the system it works within, and therefore it needs to right system to reach its full potential.

“On the practical level, every government can make its administration perfect by utilizing this skill of administration, by maintaining a group of Yogic Flyers, Vedic Scientists, who have this ability to function from the self-referral level of consciousness and thereby enliven the Unified Field of Natural Law and create the Maharishi Effect–coherence in national consciousness–which is an essential requirement of perfect administration.”

Although, it doesn’t necessarily need to be “Vedic Scientists.”  It can be any scientist, from any field of study, so long as they have a Spiritual aptitude founded in the study of Consciousness and Natural Law.

“Over and above maintaining this group of Yogic Flyers (a coherence-creating group in the country) to uphold the integrity of the nation as a whole, every government should develop the skill of perfect administration through proper education, through perfect health, and development of the creative intelligence of its people on the individual level.

“Government at every level of administration–from the transcendental level, the level of the Unified Field of Natural Law, to the level of the infinitely diversified fields of Natural Law administering the ever-expanding universe–is the same Government of Nature.”

Again, almost, but not quite.  After all, all human governments currently in existence have been intentionally organized to operate in opposition to Nature and Natural Law.  Natural Law and Transcendental Consciousness attained through Transcendental Meditation are only two of the Three-In-One WHOLENESS required for absolute perfect administration.  The Organizational Structure of Nature is also required.  Meaning, it is absolutely essential that we reorganize our Social Administrations according to Nature and Natural Law.  However, since no currently existing Government would be willing to do that, as that would inherently mean losing their long established control, the only thing we can do is create our own Alternative Society.

“The absolute Creative Intelligence (the Government of Nature) eternally established in its self-referral state, fully alert and awake, most spontaneously, most innocently administers the universe, and spontaneously, most naturally, from within everything and everyone, maintains the evolution of everything and everyone.”

Here is a perfect example of how the “parental” role of government contradicts what Maharishi otherwise claims.  A parental role is rulership from the outside-in, but clearly, as is seen here, rulership is from the inside-out: “from within everything and everyone.”  This is the only way to maintain absolute administration on par with nature.

“As every individual is the expression of Creative Intelligence (Natural Law), which is the absolute administrator of all life; and for the same reason, as every nation is the expression of Creative Intelligence, which is the absolute administrator of all life; and for the same reason, as the whole world is the expression of Creative Intelligence, which is the absolute administrator of all life–it is obvious that every administration in the world should be structured in the pattern of Nature’s Administration.”

Exactly!  But as mentioned previously, it is not.  All governments, and businesses in the world right now are currently structured the opposite of Nature’s Administration, as a top-down hierarchy control system where the top rules and the bottom follows.  Nature is Holographically Organized Anarchism with an in-out structure where the ins and outs are always counter-balancing each other.  In Nature, the Sun does not rule over the solar system, but rules with the solar system, and the earth does not rule over humanity, but rules with humanity.

Also as mentioned previously, most governments will never be willing to re-organize into this structure, or start a TM-Sidhi Programme, or reformulate their laws into Natural Law, because they rule from the top-down; they do not practice Self-Rulership, and they do not want to, because it goes against everything they have thought and believed for more than 6000 years.  Such deeply entrenched habits are very difficult to change, especially after being so intertwined with such complex systems of government.  As Buckminster Fuller says, “to change something, you have to create a new system that renders the old one obsolete.”

We have little hope of getting every, or even some, of the currently existing governments to implement such drastic changes.  They are not interested because such a thing will lead to the destruction of everything they hold dear to their operations – profitable crimes, slavery, debt, taxes, etc.  These things are only possible because they operate in the opposite manner as Nature.  These things are only possible because they operate in dissonance rather than harmony.  And as far as they are concerned, it is the only way to keep things stable and under “control.”

The most efficient solution is to create an Alternative Society, so we can make it work and operate in accordance with Nature and Natural Law from the very beginning.  We don’t have to work so hard to make the necessary changes.  We can save a lot of time and a lot of energy by simply creating a new system for people to follow.  Then, over time, as more people see that it truly is superior to the currently existing systems, more people will join the Alternative Society, as well as create similar Alternative Societies, until the world is filled with an entire slew of new Societies that operate in accordance and harmony with Nature and Natural Law.

“The formula for every government is “A Group for A Government”–one coherence-creating group should be maintained by every government to maintain the liveliness of Cosmic Creative Intelligence in national consciousness. This group will bring the support of Natural Law to national law; it will bring the support of Nature’s Government to the national government.

“The principle of “A Group for A Government” is the most simple formula for creating a perfect government in any country. My Absolute Theory of Government offers this most simplified formula for a perfect Government.”

In my opinion, it’s a little oversimplified, which says a lot coming from me, because I truly believe that the simplest answer is always the best answer.  But in addition to “A Group for A Government” is the need for the proper organizational system.  I cannot stress this enough.  Meditation is the subjective element to self-improvement in Consciousness, the organizational system of Nature is the objective element.  Both are necessary, and both together, will help to make a nations laws into harmony with Natural Law.

“Every Yogic Flyer enlivens the Unified Field in his awareness. As every cell in the physiology has its own intelligence, and as every part of the body has its own intelligence, and as the body as a whole has its own intelligence, in the same way everything in the universe has its own intelligence, and the universe as a whole has its own holistic intelligence.

“All these different levels of intelligence have a specific range of influence over their own specific material expressions.”

This is because every level of intelligence exists at every scale of creation as the series of Fields within Fields within Fields.  Every electromagnetic field in existence maintains influence within its field, yet that influence does not penetrate the fields within itself, except via the process of Self-Referral.  That is, the same intelligence is thus repeated within the fields inside the field, which thereby is granted access to consciousness from its own limited point of perspective and its own memory.  In the same way, a society organized with the same system as Nature will exhibit the same qualities – where each individual person’s intelligence comes from the group of which they are a part, which comes from the organization of which they are a part, which comes from the network of which they are a part, which comes from the unified wholeness of the world of people.  Each of these are like the same Spheres of Influence as the Creative Intelligence of the Logos throughout creation.

“Administration is a spiritual practice.  In its essence it is the theme to promote enlightenment in all.”

I 100% agree with this, hence the importance in organizing it correctly.

“Lack of enlightenment, lack of functioning in accordance with Natural Law, in accordance with Nature’s Government, brings about and promotes a non-evolutionary quality in the collective consciousness of the nation.

“Non-evolutionary quality of national consciousness influences the national government and renders its policies and performance non-evolutionary.”

And likewise, the opposite is true, where non-evolutionary qualities in our governments renders the people evolutionarily inert.  It is a closed loop cycle.

“Government begins to display non-evolutionary tendencies–national life is thrown off balance–administration ceases to be a pious practice, it ceases to be a spiritual practice, it ceases to be an enlightening practice.  It ceases to serve its purpose.  It not only ceases to serve its purpose, but instead of promoting evolutionary and orderly progress, it promotes destruction and chaos.”

This is the way our current governments already behave.  They lost touch with spirituality a long time ago, and we have fallen further and further into darkness since then.  Only in the past few hundred years have we slowly begun to creep closer to the light.  In our preference for worshipping another as a “god” above and beyond ourselves, as having authority over us, we have taken that model and incorporated it into our government systems.  This is exactly the opposite of how Nature actually operates and is why our current government systems promote non-evolutionary tendencies rather than evolutionary tendencies.

“Government is the pure and innocent mirror of the nation, faithfully reflecting whatever is presented to it.”

This sentence should have a few words added to it, “Government is supposed to be the pure and innocent mirror of the nation…”  The way it is now, Government is NOT a mirror of the people of a nation.  Our Governments do NOT speak for the collective will of the People.  There is some credence to what Maharishi says here.  The Collective Will of the People is always what is in control, because that is how nature operates.  But our governments, in their backwards approach to administration, are always at odds with the Collective Will of the people, and so there is always a constant struggle between what the people want, and what the government does.

“No government can hide itself behind the truth that the government is an innocent mirror of the nation, because it is the responsibility of the government to educate people in the complete knowledge of Natural Law and save them from mistakes and suffering.”

This is a perspective of government having a parental role, which it does not, when done correctly.  It is NOT the responsibility of the government to educate its people, it is the people’s responsibility to educate themselves, as that is what education means in the first place – “To draw out from within.”  What is the government’s responsibility is to provide opportunities for the people to educate themselves, ESPECIALLY in Natural Law.

“Since national consciousness is the collective consciousness of all the individuals of the nation, it is ultimately the consciousness of the individual that is the prime mover of the nation and shapes its destiny.”

This is still true the way our governments currently operate, but again, the will of the government is always at odds with the will of the people.  However, when a government is organized and operating according to the same organizational structure as Nature, this becomes all the more true.  It cannot be escaped that every individual thought shapes the collective will of the people, which then will shape the will of the government in response to the people.  This is exactly why government CANNOT take on a parental role and hope to create an enlightened population.  People need to take responsibility for themselves, for their own thoughts, their own beliefs, and their own actions.  People need to be able to rule over themselves, and thereby collectively rule over society, not through representation such as Democracy, but through Holographically Organized Anarchism, because that is how the whole of Nature operates.

“The activity of government is the expression of national consciousness, fulfilling the national need.  The achievements of government are the achievements of national consciousness, and every individual in the nation shares in the credit for them.  Likewise, the failures of government are the failures of national consciousness, and every individual share the blame for them.”

This is an extremely important point to note, that both credit and blame are equally shared by all members of all society, but again, only when that society is functioning within the same organizational structure as nature, because only then do the people actually have the opportunity to provide their intelligence to the national consciousness and thus share the credit and the blame.  Until then, there will always be a perceived disconnect between the government and the people, and the government will always blame the people, and the people will always blame the government.  Only when the government and the people are one in the same will everyone see that the credit and blame are equally shared by everyone.

“The conclusion is that the ruler cannot rule with full justice, even if his own thinking is right and just, if national consciousness is not coherent and integrated.  Therefore, it is the prime duty of the ruler of the nation to maintain coherence in national consciousness, and this is easy to do by maintaining a coherence-creating group and by providing proper education, which will provide total knowledge and will thereby unfold the full creative genius of everyone.”

Now remember, as long as the governments are organized in opposition to nature, they are operating in opposition to the collective will of the people.  Maharishi’s statement here is only true when the Administration of Society is organized in the same manner as Nature.  He assumes they already are, as most people do.  But again, there is no hierarchy in Nature.  Nature is Holographically Organized.

“All problems of government result from the violation of Natural Law by the whole population, which leads to stress in the collective consciousness.  Accumulated stress inevitably erupts in problems and disorderly behavior in society.”

Well, we have to consider the fact, again, that human nature is programmable, and people behave according to the systems they operate within.  The governments as they exist now were established with the Hierarchy and Caste System more than 6000 years ago for the sole purpose of controlling the behavior of the people for the benefit of those at the top of the Hierarchy.  So, it is more accurate to state that “All the problems of” society “result from the violation of Natural Law by the” government.  This, in turn, results in the violation of Natural Law by the people, which thus perpetuates the cycle.

“When one percent of the individuals in a nation practice Transcendental Meditation, or the square root of one percent of the population practices the TM-Sidhi Programme collectively, the influence of orderliness and harmony they produce is sufficient to uplift the entire national consciousness, neutralizing negative trends and enhancing positivity throughout the nation.”

This is the minimum requirement to bring the collective consciousness of a population into harmony with Nature and Natural Law.  But one last final time before we end this article, Transcendental Meditation is only one of three elements.  Natural Law is the singularity here, while TM and the Organizational Structure are the polarity (Subjective and Objective elements of learning Natural Law).  TM is all that is necessary to bring the collective into harmony with Nature, which can help lower crime rates, accident rates, violence rates, and other negative factors of society, but the attainment of an Absolute and Perfect Administration depends on the Unity of the Trinity of these three factors.

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