The Social Organism

Can you think of any large and highly complex Society or Civilization that can or has existed without some type of Organizational System designed to help them manage, or administrate the ongoing affairs of all the Society’s inter-relations?

No.  Of course you can’t, because no such Society or Civilization has ever existed.

You cannot have a large and highly complex Society without having an Organizational System designed to help you manage and administrate such a Society any more than you can have any biological organism without a complex of Physiological Systems and various Organs designed to manage and regulate the inner workings of the organism.

What is Society if not an Organism?  You can think of Society as the Ecosystem of Human Beings on planet Earth.  But isn’t all of reality just a series of organisms within organisms?

We human beings are organisms that are made of smaller and smaller organisms, each having a mind of their own.  Among them, we are aware of bacteria as living organisms separate from ourselves, yet are functionally a part of our singular body, without which, we could not survive.

But every layer within us, the same as every layer outside of us, is an organism with a mind and self of its own.  Together, all minds and all selves make up the One Infinite Self, an infinite series of selves within selves, or organisms within organisms that I like to call the Holoverse – short for Holographically Organized Multiverse.

An “Organization” is the next layer outward from the individual Human Being, which is, itself, made up of various layers.  An Organization is an organism made up of individual Human Beings.  It has a will of its own, which, depending on the organizational systems used to manage and administrate the Organization, is either the Collective Will of the people making up the Organization, or is the Collective Will of the people at the Head of the Organization.

Just as well, the Organization is no more and no less than an “Organ” of Society, serving some physiological function within the greater organism that is Society.  Just as an Organization is made of various Departments, which are made of various groups of people, Society is made of various Organizations, Agencies and Councils.

The Earth, once again, is yet another organism within which various Societies interact.  Each Society having something different to contribute to the whole of the world.  Each having different resources to share, as well as resources they need to acquire from others.

And this, of course continues throughout the Solar System, the Galaxy, the Galaxy Cluster, and eventually the Whole Universe as a singular organism of which we are but a small part.

And likewise, this pattern repeats within us, where our individual body is made of Organs and systems, which are made of cells, which are made of atoms, which are made of protons and electrons, which are made of quarks, which are made of superstrings.

Each one of these layers inward, just as each one of these layers outward, is a whole and complete organism made of parts which are, themselves whole and complete organisms.  This is Holographic Organization.  This is the Organization of Nature.

Now, can you think of any large and highly complex Society or Civilization throughout history that has used any organizational system besides the Pyramid Power Structure?

No.  Of course you can’t.  Perhaps some small tribal societies, certainly some tiny Micro Nations or local Communes, but not any large and highly complex Civilizations.


Why do they all use the Pyramid Power Structure?  Why do they all assume that Hierarchy is the only way to organize?

Do you see hierarchy in nature?  Do you see hierarchy in the physiological systems of your body?  Do you see hierarchy in the orbit of the planets around stars, or in the orbit of solar systems around galaxies?  Do you see hierarchy in the electromagnetic relationship between protons and electrons or in the inter-relations between cells in your body?

No.  Of course you don’t, because it doesn’t exist.

How has humankind come to use an organizational system throughout our larger organizations and civilizations that has never existed in nature?  How did we discover it?  How did we learn it?  Why did we start using it?

Well, if you have read “The Problem” blog, then you already know the answer to those questions.  But most importantly, why have we never discovered and used any other systems, in particular the one that has been staring us in the face throughout our entire existence as it is apparent throughout all of nature?

Sit me down with any person that can effectively argue that the Hierarchical Pyramid Power Structure can be found throughout nature and I will show you a man who crumbles under the pressure of truth.  For every instance he can fathom that nature can be explained using the Hierarchy, I can show him how it actually expresses the inherent freedom and equality of all things.

Nature has its own organizational structure that is only recently being discovered by us human beings.  Holochain discovered this organizational structure and incorporated it into cryptographic technology in order to create a decentralized internet hosting platform with its own Cryptocurrency.  HoloMap discovered this organizational structure in the Noosphere of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity and decided to create a Social Media Platform to help us communicate in ways that are more natural to the way our minds already work.

I discovered this organizational structure trying to develop a design for a magnetic generator that runs itself without input once assembled.  Once I discovered the design, I immediately recognized that it could be used as an organizational system for Organizations and Society as a whole in replacement of the hierarchical Pyramid Power Structure.

I have come to call this organizational system the Metatocracy.  I once called it the Holocracy as it is based on “Holographic Organization.”  However, this was too close to the copywritten term “Holacracy,” and so I had to stop using the term or be sued for copywrite infringement.

I eventually decided upon “Metatocracy” for two reasons: 1) Metatron’s Cube is complete geometry of the completed Flower of Life Pattern in Sacred Geometry which comes as a direct result of generating the Fruit of Life Symbol.  The Metatocracy is a Holographic Flower of Life Pattern that constantly repeats within itself as a Holographic Fruit of Life Pattern.  2) Meta means “after, before, beyond.”

So, the Metatocracy is “Beyond Beaurocracy” and is organizationally based on the principle of Sphere’s of Influence holographically nested within Sphere’s of Influence, as is seen all throughout nature.

This organizational system allows for highly complex systems made of many individual parts, each with their own free will, to cooperate together with maximum harmony at the least effort to create overall coherence throughout the whole system without violating any individuals right to freedom, equality and sovereignty.

This is the organizational system that exists throughout all of nature and is used to regulate everything throughout all natural systems to achieve maximum coherence through chaos.  In political speak, that is to say, this is the organizational system we can use to achieve maximum harmony in society through anarchism.

Nature is Holographically Organized Anarchism, and the idea that we should be different because nature is wrong is ridiculous and insane.

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