Society in the New Age of Enlightenment

Ages come and ages go, but this current shifting of the ages is unlike any other in the history of mankind.  Whether you are counting Precessional Ages or Yuga Cycles, they have both closed their grand cycle. The 25,920 year grand cycle of the Precession of the Equinoxes either closed on 12/21/12, or is closing on 12/21/20, depending on calendar discrepancies.  The 4.32 Million Year Divya Yuga  also just finished it’s cycle.  We are now entering into a new Satya Yuga within a new Divya Yuga.  

People say we are heading towards 1000 years of peace.  In reality we are heading towards a few million years of peace and prosperity and it will take up to (as in no more than, but possibly less than) 1000 years to make the transition.  This transition began in the early 1900’s if not earlier, and thus has already been going on for at least 100 years.  Personally, I believe this transition began with Signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, marking the moment when mankind first began to realize its Self-Sovereignty.  If this is correct, then this transition has already been under way for almost 250 years already.  That should give you an idea of just how slow this process is from our perspective.

The transition is only picking up speed as more and more people are awakening to higher and higher vibrations of Consciousness every day.  Maharishi Mahesh Yogi formally declared that we are in the “Dawn of the Age of Enlightenment” in 1975 after discovering the Maharishi Effect.

In science there is something known as the 100th Monkey Effect, where it has been observed by scientists in Japan that when 1% of the Monkeys of a certain species on their islands learned a particular skill, the rest of the Monkeys automatically began using the same skill as if by instinct.  This rule applies to more than just Monkey’s, however.  In his book, Sovereignty Consciousness, Taansen Fairmont says the following:

“Wherever the percentage of people practicing Transcendental Meditation reaches about 1% or more of the local population, all the measurable statistics of quality of life in that community improve. Crime rates decrease, auto accidents decrease, hospital admissions decrease, business bankruptcies decrease, even weather improves.

“This one-percent effect fascinated them, because there seems to be a curious parallel in other sciences. If 1% of a bar of iron gets magnetized, the rest of the bar will also get magnetized. If 1% of a chemical solution gets crystallized, the rest of the solution also gets crystalized.  Less than 1% won’t do; just as water won’t boil below a certain exact temperature.

… … …

“When only the square root of 1% of a given community practice the more advanced TM-Sidhis techniques together, the same results appear, every time, like clockwork. Dozens of these studies and statistics have been published, and the phenomenon has gained a fair amount of publicity in recent years. The founder of Transcendental Meditation, His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, had predicted that this would happen, as long ago as 1960. Thus it came to be called “The Maharishi Effect”, and also the “superradiance effect”.

“For further reading on this subject, it is highly recommended to read the book entitled “The Maharishi Effect: The Astounding Power of Group Mind”, by Santa Cruz psychology professor Dr. Art Aron; the book “Creating Heaven on Earth: The Mechanics of the Impossible”, by author Robert Oates; or the Yale study itself, by MIU psychology professor Dr. David Orme-Johnson, published in the December 1988 issue of Journal of Conflict Resolution, Volume 32, #4.”

The same rules apply to the Awakening of Higher Consciousness on our planet.  As more people begin to awaken to higher vibrations of Consciousness, the process speeds up allowing for more people to more quickly awaken to higher levels of Consciousness.  At this point, well more than 1% of the human population has awakened to even the Highest levels of Consciousness we can possibly attain at this point in our Evolution.  That means we have already reached the point of no return.  Humanity will continue to evolve to higher and higher levels of Consciousness at an accelerating rate as we move forward.

Unfortunately, however, not every Human Being will be affected by the awakening of others and evolve by Harmonic Resonance.  Human Beings have 100% Free-Will.  Those among us who are not ready to evolve will be unable to vibrate at the higher frequencies no matter how many other people do.

But that doesn’t matter either, because part of the transition means that no more 3rd Octave souls are being born at this point, only 4th Octave souls.  Meaning that every 3rd Octave soul is now living their last life on this planet in the 3rd Octave.  When they die in this life, they will either evolve to the 4th Octave with this planet, or they will be recycled to another Sphere of Experience.

Even if we did nothing to help the process along there would be no stopping it anymore.  If we did nothing whatsoever, the process would take another 650 or so years for the 4th Octave souls to fully awaken to self-sovereignty and evolve their societies.  But if we cooperate to help this transition along, we can shorten the process to only another 100 or so years, or possibly even less!  Metagaiaes helps accelerate this transition by making society itself a training ground for 4th Octave Consciousness as the Metatocracy itself was designed to operate in the same way as a Higher Octave Collective Consciousness.  

Can you imagine what the future of Society might be like 1000 years from now?  Most people probably don’t care to contemplate such a thing.  In my case, whenever I plan for the future, I start 1000 years from now and work backwards.  Because if I can figure out what our world will be like in 1000 years, then I can figure out what steps we need to take to get there, and hopefully shorten the amount of time it takes to get there.  That is, in fact, how this book came about.

I first began imagining what the world would be like 1000 years from now back when I was 12 years old.  I meditated on it constantly, and everything I studied and learned has been geared towards my desire to do what I can now to help create it. 

1000 years from now we will not have vehicles because we will not need them.  Using our very own minds we will be able to float, fly and teleport with ease, realizing how to use our inner technology to do what we’ve been trying to accomplish with our outer technology.

1000 years from now all electricity will be wireless, and it will be Ionic, rather than Electromagnetic, using fiber optics and crystals, rather than metallic wires and coils.  As such, despite being far more technologically advanced, our technology will no longer cause cancer and other diseases.

1000 years from now, meditation will be the traditional and practical way of accomplishing anything, as we will innerstand by then that we manifest our reality from the inside out, rather than merely participating in a reality that is created for us moment by moment.

1000 years from now we will be a complete Collective Consciousness with the ability to communicate telepathically without violating anyone’s privacy.  Until then, AI will likely be used to help us achieve the same thing, but without augmenting it into our physical bodies like cyborgs, as we will discover better, healthier ways of producing energy and wirelessly communicating with our technology through brainwaves.

1000 years from now, there will be no such thing as money, nor even an economy.  The idea of Direct and Immediate Exchange as a form of Compensation will fade away into the past being replaced with the realization and innerstanding that we are always Indirectly Compensated for everything we give freely, and that only by doing so do we all create an infinite abundance for each other.

1000 years from now, the whole planet will be completely geo-engineered.  The land will be engineered to have hills, rivers, streams, lakes, forests, farms and cities beautifully integrated in spiraling, vortexing, flowering designs.  The result of this geo-engineering will create a highly stable climate around the world, with seasons only existing farther up north and farther down south, the temperatures everywhere else remaining more or less the same throughout the year in a spring/summer type of climate.  Carnivores and parasites will no longer exist as they came with the Belligerent Occupant and will leave with the Belligerent Occupant.  A new form of homeostasis will take over to control animal populations.

So, what are the steps we need to take to get to that point?  Well there are many, many small steps, but the basics are: First, we need to formerly co-create and ratify Metagaiaes into existence and begin to grow our Alternative Global Society.  Then, we need to institute our very own Central Banking System allowing us to implement our Service Based Free-Access Economy.  All along the way, we need to take Meditation more seriously – treat it as a way of life rather than just an occasional activity.  Somehow, we need to collectively figure out that improving our Spirituality is the only way to improve our Reality.  The rest will ultimately take care of itself.

Creating an Alternative Society based on Freedom, Equality and Sovereignty for ALL People will be the catalyst that ignites an entire timeline of possibility that can only take us farther and farther from slavery and closer and closer to true Freedom and Sovereignty for ALL.

From this moment forward, more and more people every day will begin contributing more and more towards the growth and development of our future for the good of all.  Especially after the co-creation of Metagaiaes.  With the Metatocracy and with the Central Banking System we create for this Alternative Society, it will become much easier for many people to finally begin doing what they really WANT to be doing without having to feel as though they are merely slaving away for the benefit of a few people.  People will be able to benefit the world without sacrificing themselves, and this will lead to a much more prosperous and abundant world for all.

The Alternative Society will welcome any and all advances in technology that are systematically squandered by other societies whose sole aim is to profit even if it comes at the expense of precious life.  The Alternative Society will become a safe haven for inventors and artisans of all types and kinds providing an avenue through which their works can finally be appreciated for the benefit they provide and become a reality, while protecting the inventors from the Agents of the other Nations via International Sovereignty and the TM-Siddhi program of the Peace Keepers.  If other Societies do not wish to partake of these technological advancements, they don’t need to.  But that will eventually only become a catalyst that causes yet more people to join our Alternative Society and further weaken the current societies.

Are you ready to help co-create Society for the New Age of Enlightenment?  Then just contact Kamiron Freeman.

If you liked what you read here, learn more in my new book The New Age Order – Part 03 – The Solution.

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