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The BIG Picture – A New Philosophy for a New Society

Chances are you look around the world and you wonder why it is the way it is.  Why is there so much division?  Why is there so much corruption?  Why is there so much war and violence?  Why are diseases increasing?  Why are natural disasters increasing?

Throughout this book you will find the answers to these questions and much more.  You will discover just how and why the world is the way it is, and how it got to be that way.  You will learn about the problems associated with the old paradigm for society, and you will learn a new philosophy, a new paradigm for a new way of doing society in the New Age of Enlightenment that we are rapidly evolving into.

The Millennial Handbook – Part 01 – How to: Life

The Millennial Handbook is a Guidebook for how the Millennials and younger generations will create a Society that is in Harmony with both Nature and Humanity, expressing our three greatest Principles: Freedom, Equality, and Sovereignty.

In this Part 01, we will cover nothing but the Philosophical Foundation for all of this.  Part 02 will cover a bit about the history of Society, Law and Money; as well as current systems.  We will discuss what we can adopt, and what we can change to create our own Society.  Then we will discuss many aspects of how that Society will be organized and run.

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