The BIG Picture – A New Philosophy for a New Society

Chances are you look around the world and you wonder why it is the way it is.  Why is there so much division?  Why is there so much corruption?  Why is there so much war and violence?  Why are diseases increasing?  Why are natural disasters increasing?

Throughout this book you will find the answers to these questions and much more.  You will discover just how and why the world is the way it is, and how it got to be that way.  You will learn about the problems associated with the old paradigm for society, and you will learn a new philosophy, a new paradigm for a new way of doing society in the New Age of Enlightenment that we are rapidly evolving into.

The world has been operating based on a certain paradigm for the past 6000 years.  A paradigm that not only allows for, but intentionally creates slavery, albeit in changing forms throughout the millennia.

The paradigm the world has been operating on for so long was determined, in large part, due to our own philosophies and religions, based on what we have known throughout time.  And it is rich in a long history of changes and evolutions that led from one dictatorship to another, all of which calling themselves something else.

This book is a collection of information from all around the globe, compiled together to formulate a new philosophy – a new paradigm for a new society.  A society in which everyone will be Free, Equal and Sovereign.

This book also goes into the history of law, money, banking, trusts, businesses, governments, and so on, to compare the new paradigm with the old, and to show the foundation of what the changes are based on historically.

Finally, this book introduces the organizational system for this new society – an organizational system based on Nature, that provides equality, freedom and sovereignty to all.  Along with this, it introduces all the finer nuances of how our government and judicial systems would work, and takes a look at what the future of this society might be like.

As the Declaration of Independence so emphatically states, we have the natural birthright to establish our own government and nation if we are unhappy with our current one.  If you are unhappy with your current government, and you see that the system is failing, then join me on this journey, and consider helping to build a new society that does everything the right way, the Natural way.

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