Legally Avoid Income Taxes

According to Internal Revenue Code income tax is “voluntary, except for government employees and registered companies.” And yet, it seems impossible to avoid having the IRS steal our money without ever having earned it themselves.  Fortunately, there is a viable solution.

It’s called the Natural Law Trust (NLT).  A “Trust” is a Private Contract between Private Individuals where one person (the Grantor/Trustor) has another person (the Trustee) manage their assets for the benefit a third person (the Beneficiary), which could also be the same as the Trustor.  A Natural Law Trust is a Trust that operates solely in the jurisdiction of Natural Law, avoiding all man-made jurisdictions, including the Internal Revenue Code.

With a Natural Law Trust, you can have your assets held and managed for you without ever incurring any Income Tax.

Benefits of the Natural Law Trust include:

  • It not only is tax exempt, but has no tax FILING requirements.
  • Individuals can exit income tax filing by transferring all their commerce into the trust.
  • Has no attorney or state public registration requirements.
  • Has no annual fees and no professional maintenance expenses.
  • Allows one to immediately move all business, investment, and free discretionary income into exempt status.
  • Non-statutory, sovereign, irrevocable, pure, impenetrable.
  • The same bullet-proof kind that the Kennedys, Mellons, Carnegies, Rockefellers, Hunts, and other rich families use. Those of the LIGHT may use the same trusts the super rich use.
  • Yet avoids legalese and is written in plain simple high school English that anyone can understand.
  • Has had a 100% success rate since the 1980s — meaning never penetrated or invalidated.
  • Congresses and parliaments will not legislate against it because the elite themselves use it.
  • Works equally well in all countries worldwide.
  • International in effectiveness because it embraces the best of all the greatest forms of human law — Kingdom Law, Canon Law, common law, the Uniform Commercial Code, and domestic state law.
  • That is why it synthesizes them all into one: Natural Law.
  • Ideal for holding foreign currencies expected to exponentially revalue.
  • Can be a personal trust, family trust, holding company, foundation, spiritual organization, humanitarian project, charity, much more.
  • Fabulous flexibility allows for unlimited options for the noble fulfillment of peaceful and life-supporting purposes.
  • Creator has the choice as to whether to be settlor, beneficiary, and manager; or trustee.
  • The trust can hold accounts at banks, credit unions, securities brokerages, etc. — anywhere where money is transacted.
  • And more . . .

For more information: Click Here.  And make sure you download the eBook to learn all about how Natural Law Trusts work.

To learn more about how the IRS is a scam and that income tax is “Voluntary” see the blog article The IRS Scam.

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