Small Business Owners UNITE!

Take back your livelihoods by joining Metagaiaes, a Global Alternative Society where you do NOT have to Lockdown, wear masks, force vaccinations or even pay taxes!

In Metagaiaes, things are done quite a bit differently.  Metagaiaes was created based on the assumption that All People are Equal unto each other, that the Individual is Equal unto the Collective, and that the Collective is Equal unto the Individual.  That no person should wield more Power or Authority than any other person, regardless of how much Responsibility they have.  That no person should have more or less Freedom than any other person.  That All People should be functional Sovereign Members of Society and participate in its Social Administration.  That the Overwhelming Majority (61.8%) Will of the People should be how decisions are made, rather than those decisions being made by a handful of people at the top of the Pyramid.

As such, rather than organizing our Businesses and Social Administration according to the Pyramid Power Structure, we organize according the Metatocracy – A Holographically Organized System of Anarchism that requires the Self-Governance of every single Member.  The Pyramid Power Structure has been used since before written history, but that doesn’t make it right.  If you read the article The Origin of Law and Money you will come to find that the Pyramid Power Structure was invented to create and perpetuate slavery.  The Pyramid Power Structure is a Class Structure system based on the assumption that we are not equal.  The Metatocracy is the Organizational System of Nature itself and can be found all throughout Nature which assumes the automatic equality of all living things.

Furthermore, the Metatocracy takes the Mastermind at the top of the Pyramid and Holographically organizes it all throughout the entire structure creating a Holographic Mastermind.  Napoleon Hill, author of the book “Think and Grow Rich,” was the first to write about the Mastermind Principle, which is now beginning to be understood scientifically.  The Mastermind Principle means that when “Two or more minds work together in a spirit of harmony, an intangible collective mind is generated which becomes exponentially more creative and intelligent that the sum of the minds contributing according to the Law of Squares.”

For example, if one person generates an intelligence quotient of 1, then 7 people generate an intelligence quotient of 127.  And when seven groups of 7 people operate Holographically in a spirit of harmony, they produce well over 200 Trillion units of intelligence.  This literally means that the People, operating in a spirit of harmony, have the potential to be FAR more intelligent than any single person or small group of people at the top of a Tyrannical Pyramid.

There is much to learn before considering whether or not you would like to join Metagaiaes.  The Systems employed are so new and so different that, despite their ultimate simplicity, it will still take some time to wrap your head around.  We are used to thinking in 2 Dimensions, like the Pyramid.  The Metatocracy is Holographic, and therefore requires the ability to think in 3 Dimensions.  To begin your journey towards Equality, Freedom and Sovereignty for life, read my book The New Age Order – Part 03 – The Solution.

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