Garden of Truth Foundation

Ending Pedophilia and making the world a better place, one Orphanage at a time.

As part of the vision to creating an Alternative Society, Kamiron Freeman has started a Non-Profit Foundation for the purpose of buying Orphanages of all types and kinds to serve 3 fundamental purposes:

  1. Help End Child Trafficking
  2. Help Educate Orphans
  3. Help the world become a better place.

This last one involves the creation of the Peace Keeper Alliance, which the Orphans may choose to join if they feel called.

It is no secret, although it is not necessarily publicized information, that Orphanages are used as one of the primary vehicles for trafficking children, either for slavery, or worse, for sex slavery.

Orphanages are meant to be a temporary holding place for children where they can live in a loving and caring environment until a family chooses to adopt them.  Instead, however, most, if not all, Orphanages are used, often in conjunction with Foster Care, to traffic children for sexual exploitation and labor.  Generally speaking, love and care are the last thing they receive from these Orphanages.

It’s time to change that.  Legally, our hands our tied.  It has become apparent that there is little to nothing we can do from a legal standpoint.  The more a person or organization tries to take legal action against Elite Pedophiles and Child Trafficking, the more Elite Wealth is used to smear them, publicly humiliate them, or even frame them for crimes they never even thought of committing.

So, Kamiron has come up with the creative idea of simply buying the Orphanages from them.  This creates a win-win-win situation for everyone involved.  The Orphanage Director gets paid the money he or she wants, we obtain ownership and management over the Orphanage, and the children are thus protected from being trafficked and get to finally grow up in a loving and caring environment that also doubles as an educational foundation.

Rather than our focus being on selling the children to adopting parents (although that option may still exist after the parents have gone through a proper vetting system to ensure they are good people), our focus will be helping the children become a family of their own, and teaching them the life skills and knowledge they need to thrive in this world and reach their full potential as human beings.

Once they become of age, they may choose to either enter into the world with all the knowledge and skills they gained while in our Orphanage, or they may choose to stay at the Orphanage to remain a part of their Orphan Family, and to continue teaching their brothers and sisters as they were taught, or they may choose to join the Peace Keeper Alliance where they will practice Transcendental Meditation to help uphold and increase the vibration of the Collective Consciousness of humanity, as well as be sent on missions throughout the world to help those less fortunate than themselves.

To learn more, and to donate to the cause, or become a part of the vision, please visit

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