International Association of Metagaiaes – Society for the New Age of Enlightenment

A Society is “Networks of People.”  That’s it.  Pure and simple.  The Networks might be families, friendships, businesses, churches, clubs, government administrations, and so on, but they are all networks, and they are all made of People.  More importantly, Society is the Natural Ecosystem of humankind.  It is fundamentally a part of Nature, and we need to remember that.  We are not separate from Nature.  We are natural beings existing in nature.  Believing we are separate from Nature is one of the reasons we are so callously destroying the planet right now.

Metatocracy – The Holographic Mastermind

[Updated 12/4/2021] Before we begin this article we need to clear up some confusion between Socialist/Communist “Collectivism” and the Collective Unity of Holographic Administration as being described here. In Collectivism, the Collective is seen as more important than the Individual. …

Metatocracy – Nature’s Organizational Structure

For 6000 years or longer, mankind has suffered at the hands of a few under the Pyramid Power Structure. Hierarchies of authority cannot be found anywhere throughout nature. So, in order to indoctrinate the masses with the idea that Hierarchy…

Flower of Life

Origin of the Metatocracy

The Organizational Structure called the Metatocracy comes from Sacred Geometry. As such, it is the Organizational Structure of Nature itself. It all begins with the Flower of Life Pattern. The Flower of Life Pattern begets the Seed of Life, then the Egg of Life, then the Tree of Life, then the Flower of Life, and finally the Fruit of Life.

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